Jay Cutler happy Ndamukong Suh’s on his side

Getty Images

When Jay Cutler was with the Bears, he had several matchups with Lions teams that featured defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in a leading role.

Those matchups didn’t always go so well for Cutler. Suh was fined $15,000 for 2010 shot to Cutler, left a 2012 game for a period after a cleaner hit by Suh and was sacked by Suh six times overall, which Cutler referenced when he met the media after his first practice with the team on Tuesday.

“I’m happy he’s on my team,” Cutler said, via the Miami Herald.

Suh said he thinks Cutler is a “great quarterback” and a “good dude.”

“I don’t like any quarterbacks, but he was one guy that definitely I had a respect for because he took hits and never cried, never complained and just got up and went and played the next play,” Suh said. “He’s definitely a tough guy. He always makes sure he wants to be out there the next week.”

The Dolphins hope Cutler’s able to both hold up physically and play well. Having Suh on his side is one way to help make sure the former comes to fruition.