Karlos Dansby hopeful to cement Hall of Fame credentials with Cardinals

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Linebacker Karlos Dansby is getting set to enter his 14th season in the NFL and eighth season with the Arizona Cardinals this year.

Dansby has been a highly successful player through his career, posting seven seasons of at least 100 tackles with 42 career sacks and 19 interceptions. However, Dansby has never been named to the Pro Bowl despite taking home second-team All-Pro Honors in 2013 after racking up 122 tackles, four interceptions, 6.5 sacks and 19 passes defended with the Cardinals.

But participating in the Hall of Fame game last week has Dansby hoping his resume will eventually bring him back to Canton.

That’s my expectation, is to be there,” Dansby said, via Jose Romero of the Associated Press. “It’s been my expectation since Day 1, before I even got on the field. To have that admiration and to be that ambitious, and to be there Thursday night knowing these guys being inducted are guys I played with and to congratulate them, they want to see me get there, too.”

In making the case for Dansby, he’s currently the leading active tackler in the NFL with 1,317 career tackles. One more interception would leave him with 40 sacks and 20 interceptions for his career, a threshold accomplished by just four other players in history. Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher are two of the four to do so and both of them could be named to the Hall of Fame on their first ballot next year.

The lack of Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections could be a difficult hurdle to overcome in garnering attention from the Hall of Fame committee, but Dansby’s had an impressive career regardless. And it’s not over just yet either.

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  1. Stats aside, nothing about Karlos Dansby stands out. Like Frank Gore, he has had the good fortune of being mostly healthy and playing longer than most guys do at their positions. To me, that’s not really a HOF resume. Urlacher and Lewis were the premiere players at their position. Their presence could make or break their team’s season. I would not put Dansby in that category.

  2. One all pro season in 14 years isn’t really a HOF type of career.
    He’s really good, but really good is not what gets you into the HOF .

  3. Dansby might be the most underrated player in the last 10-15 years. The guy was a true pro and model of consistency for my Browns a few years back even though he was past his prime and playing on a bad team

  4. Maybe if he stayed in Arizona his whole career. He plays at an elite level in the Cardinals defense. But he always chased the money. Left AZ for a big money deal with miami, played decent. Came back to AZ for one year and crushed it. Left again for big money with the browns. Guy always chose money over the team and HOF chances.

  5. He was an excellent player for a couple years on my Fins. But, no.

    More with baseball than football, but it can apply to all sports: why is it always stats driven? Joe Namath is the epitome of Fame, yet he was merely a good QB. If you had a good career but maybe excelled in the playoffs and won championships, that Fame may do it.

    It’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Comparable Numbers.

    Karlos Dansby should be proud of the career he has had. But he’s not HOF material…

  6. Just open the doors and let everybody in, it’s just a matter of time until the left gets their way again anyway.

    They won’t be happy until everyone gets treated the same and scores don’t matter.

  7. Karlos is kind of like Vinny Testaverde. Both played a long time and were good players. Someone in the future would look at their career stats and think they were among the greats.

    But if you watched them play year after year, you’d know they were often very good — but not great.

    A former linebacker like Clay Matthews II would get in before Karlos Dansby. Clay made four pro bowls and played at a high level for 16 years with the Browns, and 3 with the Falcons.

  8. Most underrated player of the last 10-15 is a huge stretch, sorry. He obviously has no real clue in regards to basic HOF criteria as it’s inconceivable he could be a serious candidate without multiple Pro Bowl appearances. A reminder of just how out of touch with reality some people are.

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