Marcus Mariota looking forward to shaking the cobwebs out on Saturday


The Titans will play the Jets on Saturday night in their preseason opener and quarterback Marcus Mariota will be in the lineup.

It’s the first time that Mariota has appeared in a game since fracturing his fibula during a Christmas Eve matchup with the Jaguars last year and Mariota said Wednesday that he’s looking forward to a chance to “shake some of the cobwebs out” after recovering from that injury. The game may also present Mariota with his first chance to shake off a hit since that game against the Jags.

“I don’t even think about that to be honest with you,” Mariota said, via the team’s website. “It is part of the game, it is a contact sport, so at some point I’ll get hit and that’s part of it. But I am not worried about it. I’ll just go out there and prepare and get those guys going in the right direction.”

Coach Mike Mularkey hasn’t said how much Mariota will play against the Jets, but it probably won’t be an extended appearance. Assuming he emerges from his playing time in good health, it should be a beneficial one.

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  1. “Mariota: Another bust from a gimmick college offense that doesn’t translate to the pros,” said Thermalito about the NFL’s best red zone QB and the player who last season put up his franchise’s best passing totals since Warren Moon.

  2. …and can’t stay healthy
    …and completes 43% of his passes to TEs or RBs.
    …and averages 1.1 turnover per game
    …and plays in the worst division in the NFL by far yet without a playoff birth

    Mariota is captain checkdown. Looking forward to seeing him dust the cobwebs off by throwing screens and handing the ball off.

  3. quintorisjones says:

    August 9, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    …and completes 43% of his passes to TEs or RBs.
    You throw up this stat on all the Titan articles. So if 43% goes to TEs or RBs the other 57% of the completions go to WRs. How is that “captain checkdown???

  4. I’m sorry but did I watch the same player last year who was Captain check down? Last time I checked clipboard Jesus wasn’t on our team. If you watched Titans games last year then you saw a young, smart, game changer that didn’t have the weapons to stretch the field often but when he took shots he was extremely successful. Titans fans are excited about him as long as he stays healthy

  5. His YPA is 7.6. Not captain checkdown territory at all. Because he isn’t a checkdown QB.

    Think they ran the fewest 3-WR sets in the league last year, but when you have Murray and Henry at RB, it’s hard not to make them (and the very productive Delanie Walker) the cornerstone of the offense. WR just hasn’t been a position of strength, especially lack of a true outside threat — a problem that long pre-dates Mariota, though hopefully that is finally changing with their offseason adds.

    I started out with healthy skepticism about Mariota. Had to, coming off the Vince Young and Jake Locker years of wild inconsistency. But Mariota has absolutely turned me into a believer. He can play, no question. Durability is a legitimate concern — he’s just a naturally skinny dude. Those hits in the pocket add up, and that’s where the worst injuries have come. Other than that, though…just a whole lot to like about his game, and him as a person.

  6. One may think that Marcus plays for the Pats with the hatred spewed by some clowns. As Titans fan said, we are pleased to have such a professional on our team. Marcus is a first class leader and will continue to do great things for the Titans for many years to come.

  7. The Bucs did the Titans a HUGE favor passing on Mariota…. The Titans will be the better team because they got the better QB!
    19 td – 10 int. in 2015
    26 td – 9 int. in 2016

    Stats you WANT from a young QB

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