Ryan Tannehill’s future most likely includes Miami

This year was the latest year in which quarterback Ryan Tannehill was supposed to have a breakout year. Next year will now be the next year when people will be anticipating that to happen.

The first question is whether Tannehill will even be in Miami in 2018. His salary is $17.475 million, a total that as new deals get done will be inching closer and closer to middle of the pack. Of that amount, $5.25 million becomes fully guaranteed in March. Cutting him before the partial guarantee vests would result in $4.6 million in dead money, due to the remaining installments of his signing bonus.

It’s hard to imagine the Dolphins cutting or trading him. Before that would even be a consideration, newcomer Jay Cutler would have to put together the kind of year that had been expected from Tannehill — and the Dolphins would need to be willing to pay Cutler what he’d want to return for another year.

Much of that would depend on whether another team would offer Cutler starting-level money. No team was willing to do that this year, which resulted in his retirement.

It could be that the Dolphins move forward with Tannehill in 2018, with Cutler once again on speed dial (if speed dial is still a thing) in the event that Tannehill can’t get it done. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine coach Adam Gase turning his back on Tannehill until it becomes obvious that Tannehill isn’t able to play. Future Gase quarterbacks will know how he treated Tannehill, and there’s no reason to think Gase will suddenly turn his back on a guy who was on board with the calculated, big-picture decision to choose an impaired ACL over a repaired one.

Once the ACL is repaired (and it still feels like a matter of time before that happens), Tannehill will be no different than any other quarterback with a previously torn ACL. One of them has continued over the past eight years and counting to build a resume that makes him the best quarterback of all time.

14 responses to “Ryan Tannehill’s future most likely includes Miami

  1. Of course his future likely includes Miami, no other team is going to touch him with his knee.

    The only way he ends up in say, New Orleans, is if Miami dumps him and he signs for the league minimum.

    His current status as a China Doll makes him untouchable.

  2. This is the peril of an NFL contract. It looks fantastic on the front side but… if your performance dips or you get injured you really run the risk of being replaced. If Cutler plays well Ryan will be looking for a job next year.

  3. These people are presuming quite a lot about Cutler and Gase combination. I mean, what have they won? Why are people not more focused on getting to and winning the SB? No wonder the Patriots don’t have much competition. This is an example of when the good IS THE ENEMY OF THE BEST!!! You are hitching your wagon back up to the good!!!! When will these teams learn?

  4. Thetruthis says:
    August 9, 2017 at 3:37 pm
    This is an example of when the good IS THE ENEMY OF THE BEST!!! You are hitching your wagon back up to the good!!!! When will these teams learn?

    To be fair when the Phins were looking into getting Cutler I felt that way. Once it was announced they only committed to a one year deal I felt better about it.

  5. Unless Cutler balls out (which I’m not anticipating), Wouldn’t the dolphins throw their hat into the race for Kirk Cousins?

  6. It amazes me how many so called football fans criticize Tannehill here for things that simply are not true. He is no china doll, he has missed very few games despite leading the league in sacks for 5 years. He has a very strong arm. He is not without faults but know what they are before you criticize them.

  7. Well said phyrumun,
    The last three games of the year were the first three games he has ever missed. He had started all 77 games of his career to that point without getting injured, despite being by far the most sacked quarterback over that span. He is no China Doll. Also from a throwing standpoint, it’s his accuracy that leaves something to be desired, not his arm strength. People love to criticize the guy while not actually knowing anything about him.

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