Adrian Peterson’s not playing tonight, but might in the preseason


Saints running back Adrian Peterson isn’t playing tonight. But unlike years past, he is considering playing in the preseason.

Via Mike Triplett of, the veteran running back has suggested he has some interest in playing in August for a change.

During his days with the Vikings, that didn’t happen. He hasn’t appeared in a preseason game since 2013, and hasn’t carried the ball in one since 2011. But playing in a new offense may have sparked something like curiosity.

“In a sense, I do [find myself more eager to play]. Maybe I’m itching a little more this offseason,” he said. “It’s more mentally, fully understanding the offense. Because Drew Brees — he’s a general back there and he talks so fast when he calls plays. So that’s more so what I mean, just locking that in. And that’s the norm coming into a new system.”

The 32-year-old has been an active participant throughout the offseason, another change from his days with the Vikings. And while there’s a limited utility in putting Peterson out there, the fact he wants to play could easily be translated as a good sign for the Saints.