Ben McAdoo utilizing “cross-coaching” with Giants


Meetings with position coaches are a regular part of life for NFL players, but there was something different about a recent round of them at Giants camp.

Instead of meeting with defensive line coach Patrick Graham, the team’s defensive linemen met with offensive line coach Mike Solari while Solari’s charges met with Graham. Defensive backs made a similar swap with receivers and quarterbacks in what head coach Ben McAdoo dubbed “cross-coaching.”

“Having one side of the ball be able to understand what the other side of the ball is going through and what they’re being coached to do,” McAdoo said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “It also helps players get in a room and hear how the other side of the ball breaks them down fundamentally, the fundamentals that they’re being taught across the ball and then how they’re game-planning to beat the individual on the other side of the ball. It helps to hear how opponents are going to try to coach and beat you as a man, it helps you work on your weaknesses.”

Defensive tackle Jay Bromley confessed to thinking it was a waste of time at first, but wound up learning more than expected during the meeting with Solari. Quarterback Eli Manning also gained new insight into going against press coverage and McAdoo said players generally “really got into” the chance to learn how the other side lives.

The Giants will get a chance to show off what they’ve learned against the Steelers on Friday night.