Damarious Randall leaves on a cart to be checked for concussion

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Packers cornerback Damarious Randall left for the locker room on a cart to be checked for a concussion, according to the team.

Randall appeared to take a shot to the head on a block.

He walked walk off without assistance after being attended to by Packers’ medical staff.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPN, Dr. John Gray, a team physician, rode on the cart with Randall, indicating it was a head injury.

Randall, a first-round pick in 2015, did not perform as the Packers expected last season after Sam Shields‘ season ended with a concussion in the season opener. Randall underwent groin surgery midway through the season, missing six games, and Ladarius Gunter, an undrafted free agent from the same draft class, became the team’s No. 1 cornerback down the stretch.

23 responses to “Damarious Randall leaves on a cart to be checked for concussion

  1. Yeah, if Ted Thompson could just draft and develop like Rick Spielman the Packers could also live in the bottom half of the division and maybe win a playoff game every ten years or so. Of course, that still wouldn’t do you purples any good; it would just be the Lions or the Bears owning your Lavender Low-bellies instead of the Packers.

  2. There is a preponderance of overcautiousness regarding concussions. I hope that he is okay. I hope that the process does not get in the way of his being able to practice if he is not feeling any effects because that can lead to further injury problems. I also hope that he gets outfitted with the best helmet available now that he has hit head hard.

  3. Notice how on the Trey Wayne’s story just below this one there are no packer fans in it talking smack about an injured guy. Maybe you classless trolls should take a cue.

  4. Something about basketball players and concussions dont mix.

    Great job drafting him Ted
    Really, this makes sense to you? You should switch over to the ariani handle if you’re going to post stuff this stupid.

  5. ah, jeez. here we go again. I dont cheer any packer injury, and actually like this kids potential

  6. contra74 says:
    August 10, 2017 at 9:18 pm
    Something about basketball players and concussions dont mix.

    Great job drafting him Ted.

    He wasn’t the basketball player, Rollins was. They were drafted in the same year, so your trolling memory is failing.

    The vikings trolls perform their jobs about as well as their teams offensive line!

  7. Something about basketball players and concussions dont mix.

    Great job drafting him Ted.

    Goodson was the basketball player.. Randall was the converted safety.

    If you’re going to put someone on blast, have your facts in order at least!

  8. Okay, so we’ve established that Randall wasn’t the basketball player, he was the safety that they’re playing at cornerback. So was the basketball player Rollins or Goodson? Or both? It’s so hard to keep track of the players on the Packers roster that aren’t actually football players.

  9. Just looked it up and both Rollins and Goodson were basketball players, and they were both pretty good. It’s too bad football didn’t work out for them, but maybe they can get back into basketball if the Packers ever find someone better than them to play CB.

  10. Phantom,

    Who says football didn’t work out for them?? Rollins had a great rookie season then got hurt last year. This year should tell how it will play out. You should worry more about the vikings offensive line which showed no signs of improvement as of yet.

  11. Randall was a corner all along. When one of the starting Safeties got hurt in his senior year, their “next man up” wasn’t big enough/strong enough to play Safety so Randall moved over to the less glorified Safety position in order to help his team… unlike certain “vaunted” corners that do as they please.

  12. Regardless, the Packers are still better than the Vikings. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

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