Key & Peele paid Von Miller’s three-pump fine

Getty Images

NFL players must pay their own fines. But that doesn’t stop people from giving them money separately.

When Broncos linebacker Von Miller drew a fine in 2015 for post-sack pelvic thrusting, comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele made an equivalent contribution to Miller’s foundation.

Key explained that the payment was made during a Thursday in-studio appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, out of respect for the homage to their popular Hingle McCringleberry “three pumps” sketch.

The precise amount of the fine was $11,567, and it’s possible that Key & Peele will be removing more bills from their bankroll to make similar contributions in the future. Despite the relaxation of the celebration rules, pelvic thrust remain prohibited.

Key, by the way, was promoting his new Netflix series Friends from College. Which I personally recommend, along with Last Chance U. Which I now recommend even more strongly because Stats now hates it without ever having even watched it, because he’s afraid to admit that it may be better than Hard Knocks.