Malachi Dupre leaves on stretcher but has movement and feeling in extremities

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The Packers had a scary moment late in their game against the Eagles as Malachi Dupre left on a stretcher after a hard hit. Dupre had movement and feeling in all his extremities, the team announced.

The receiver was transported to an area hospital for further evaluation.

Dupre was injured on a hard hit by Eagles safety Tre Sullivan after an 8-yard catch. Packers coach Mike McCarthy went onto the field as medical staff strapped him to a backboard, and players from both teams took a knee in a sign of concern.

Dupre, though, was talking to head athletic trainer Bryan Engel and team doctors and gave a thumbs up to the crowd as he left the field on a stretcher, according to Jason Wilde of ESPN.

The Packers selected Dupre in the seventh round after he caught 98 passes for 1,609 yards and 14 touchdowns in three seasons at LSU.

6 responses to “Malachi Dupre leaves on stretcher but has movement and feeling in extremities

  1. Scary. Just got home from the game, he was out, lifeless for a bit. Very glad he was able to give the thumbs up when leaving on the stretcher. High hopes for him, I hope he’s okay.

  2. Can’t believe this guy lasted into the 7th round and a team with already good WR’s like Green Bay was able to pick him. If LSU had any serviceable QB the past few seasons this kid would have never fell that far in the draft.

    That being said. I’m Hoping everything is ok health wise for him.

  3. I just watched the play. Defender flew in helmet first, hit Dupre right in the head with his helmet…likely knocked him out for a moment as he fumbled the ball….

    Its a freaking pre-season game. And a helmet to helmet hit. The nfl is doomed if it can’t find a way to get defenders to wrap up on a simple tackle rather than try to lay someone out using their helmet as a weapon…….

  4. Hamnlet423, I disagree that it was helmet to helmet. The DB hit him in the upper chest shoulder, yes close proximity to the head and the DB helmet ended up glancing off our WR helmet, but I view that as incidental contact and not a direct blow. In watching the game and replays, I feel it was a clean hit. Agreed hard hit, but clean. I would be the first to complain about leading with the helmet, but what I don’t understand is as a tackler, where are you supposed to put your head when tackling someone. I think that is the case here. I will be shocked if anyone from the team claims otherwise. I will say this, that the same DB should have been flagged previously for hitting a defenseless player as (I think it was McCaffery) had been over thrown and the same DB came in two steps late and decked the receiver. No flag.

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