Mexico seeks to extend deal with NFL to host games

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Mexico seeks to extend its relationship with the NFL beyond the original three-year deal to host a regular-season annually.

The Raiders played the Texans in the first-regular season game in Mexico since 2005, and the Raiders return this season to play the Patriots in Azteca on Nov. 19.

“We need to keep working hard to be as successful as last year in order to have a chance to continue with this project and that the game is here to stay,” Arturo Olive, the NFL Mexico office director, said, via The Canadian Press.

A league study estimated that the 2016 game generated $45 million for Mexico City’s economy as it drew 76,473, including 9,500 international tourists. An estimated crowd of 205,000 attended the NFL Fan Fest during the weekend.

“We are giving everything, Olive said. “We set the bar high for last year’s game, and we were successful, but we’re trying to do even better this year.”

During the 2016 game, then-Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler complained of a laser light interfering with his vision, and paper planes sailed onto the field. Some fans also participated in a homophobic chant during kickoff.

Olive said Mexico would love to go beyond annually hosting a game to having a team hold training camp there. The summer heat is an obvious problem, though.

“We have not been able yet to find a way to make it comfortable for them to leave the places where they usually do it,” he said. “In the meantime we are happy that the league trusted us with three games and we hope to keep this going for the years to come.”

11 responses to “Mexico seeks to extend deal with NFL to host games

  1. If the Cowboys go to Mexico, then we’re sending our bad hombres across the boarder.

  2. The NFL’s deal with Mexico is a bad, bad deal.

    Mexico is ripping us off, horribly. We have stupid people, making stupid deals with Mexico, and they are laughing at us. They’re laughing at us.

    What we need is smart people. Very, very smart people, to start making smart deals with Mexico and they will respect us. Believe me. Believe me.

  3. why cant games out of country be a road game for both teams? its 2017 we arnt smart enough to figure out how to make this happen?

  4. Mexico is a beautiful country with some terrific people. Sure, it has its problems, but smart people can avoid those problems. It’s great to see games in Mexico City, and the avid fans there.

    California did used to be Mexico, and yes we have a lot of Mexicans here. They are part of what makes the Golden State so great, as our GDP is akin to a medium-sized nation. Californians love football, and that’s why owners are willing to leave red states like Missouri to come here.

    I know I did! I could be scraping by in that red state, but it’s more fun to be wealthy and be able to afford Mexican beach vacations instead.

  5. Raiders may end up there. They have yet to purchase property for the new Vegas stadium let alone break ground. They are hopelessly behind on their move in date. GOOOO RAIDERS!

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