Mitchell Trubisky stars in preseason debut

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If Mitchell Trubisky had pulled out a victory on the game’s final play, Chicago might have scheduled a parade down Michigan Avenue Friday.

Bears fans will wake up feeling good about their team’s future nonetheless after what they saw Thursday night. The rookie completed 18 of 25 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown for a 103.1 passer rating.

“He’s balling right now,” tight end Dion Sims said in quotes distributed by the team. “He’s making plays and doing a great job.”

Mike Glennon produced a 0.0 passer rating and threw a pick-six in four series to start the game, and Mark Sanchez was equally ineffective in two second-quarter series. Trubisky entered with 1:55 remaining in the first half and promptly led the Bears to a touchdown, throwing a 2-yard score to Victor Cruz.

Trubisky completed his first 10 passes for 83 yards and a touchdown, blowing up Twitter.

He led the Bears to two touchdowns and a field goal on his first three drives. Chicago stalled on Trubisky’s fourth series and had to punt, but the No. 2 overall pick nearly pulled off the comeback.

Down 24-17 with 1:49 to play, Trubisky led the Bears from their own 25 to the Denver 22 but his final attempt into the end zone was incomplete as Chicago also had an ineligible player downfield.

Bears players were buzzing about Trubisky as much as everyone else.

“I’ve never had a rookie quarterback,” defensive lineman Akiem Hicks said. “I’ve had Drew Brees and Tom Brady, so it’s new for me. But I tell you what, the stuff he’s doing on the field right now is something that you hopefully look forward to seeing in the regular season and against better competition. He looks really good right now. He’s out here ready to play. He’s an athlete, and I look forward to seeing him compete further.”


15 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky stars in preseason debut

  1. Yay Mitch! So great to see the Bears fortunes looking up!

    … from a lifelong Packers fan respectful of the great rivalry.

  2. He looked really darn good! I was extremely skeptical, but the kid sure looked like the real deal tonight. Hopefully we can see him against a first time at some point in preseason.

  3. The Truth! So glad to see Trubisky perform. I was skeptical when he was drafted, but I will be happy to be put in my place.

  4. “… from a lifelong Packers fan respectful of the great rivalry.”

    Um, no. You should be rooting for his arm to burst into flames and fall off his body.

  5. Packers fan here. Mitch looked really good. He has a lot of zip on his passes, and was accurate whether in the pocket or rolling out. He also showed good running ability. So far it’s looking like a good pick.

  6. The polish players never falter in sports… Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Romanoski, Chuck Bednarik, Klecko, Janikowski, and list goes on and on…

    Keep it up Trubisky, ya balling now.

  7. I won’t crown the dude yet, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well those three drives went. It fizzled in the 4th quarter a bit, but we can’t expect a score on every rookie-led drive.

    If next week goes the same, the coaches will have to seriously consider a shuffling of the depth chart. Glennon looked awful. Sanchez, to his credit, did not get to throw enough to find a rhythm.

  8. Trubisky looked awesome. Keep in mind a few of his incompletions were spikes to stop the clock, another pass was dropped, and another one could have been caught. He was elusive in the pocket and ran for a few first downs. He was accurate and fast and made good decisions.

  9. Mike Glennon looked even worse than normal in pre-season. We do know with a 0.0 you can’t look any worse than he did last night, so things are looking up for the Bears. So glad the Bucs dumped him. They offered him $8M a year long term to back up Winston, and he wanted to start. Well, he did. The QB controversy in Chicago starts………NOW! Sorry Bears fans. Now what? Does the GM change his mind?

  10. Mitch looked better than those numbers indicate for anyone who didn’t see it. Decisive, accurate, strong arm and mobile.

    That said he was playing against scrubs and often his first/only read was available.

  11. August 11, 2017 at 1:48 am
    The polish players never falter in sports… Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Romanoski, Chuck Bednarik, Klecko, Janikowski, and list goes on and on…

    Keep it up Trubisky, ya balling now.
    when did Brady become a Polish surname? Brady is the Anglo version of a Gaelic surname. Brady is Irish.

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