Still no word on Ezekiel Elliott

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Two weeks ago today, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said a decision in the Ezekiel Elliott case is imminent. Either that word doesn’t mean what he thinks it means, or something has changed.

Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the a league spokesman said Thursday that there’s “no update” in the Elliott case.

Ordinarily, the lack of news isn’t news. But with so many quotes coming from folks like Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones regarding the slow pace of the investigation, and with Hall of Famer Cris Carter’s non-report report from Monday that a decision is coming in 48 hours, it’s noteworthy that, from the league’s perspective, nothing seems to be going on.

The clock continues to tick loudly, if the goal remains giving Elliott a fair chance to appeal the decision before Week One.

Here’s one potential explanation for the delay, which is complete and total speculation and not the result of any leak or tip or anything else and I’m not winking while I type this: If the Joneses have accepted the reality that a suspension is coming (given the league’s judge/jury/executioner/appeals court power over the Personal Conduct Policy), behind-the-scenes negotiations could be happening in order to allow the suspension to become effective at the time of the team’s choosing.

With season-opening games against the Giants and Broncos, and given that the Cowboys have a work-in-progress offensive line and a left tackle with a suddenly balky back, Jerry Jones naturally would be inclined to try to bargain with the league office for a timeline that has Elliott suspended later than sooner. With Giants, at Broncos, at Cardinals, Rams, and Packers over the first five weeks and a Week Six bye, what if the suspension were to commence in Week Seven, when the Cowboys have at 49ers, at Washington, Chiefs, and at Falcons on the docket?

While no suspension would be ideal for the Cowboys, a suspension coming after the team has had a chance to get the offensive line properly up to snuff and an opportunity to figure out how opponents will be defending against quarterback Dak Prescott will make it easier for the Cowboys to get through two, three, or four games without Elliott.

Of course, any such deal would be highly irregular, but let’s be realistic. With the league caught between placating Jones (who may react to a suspension that commences as of Week One in a very aggressive and unkind way) and advancing the P.R. interests that drive the in-house system of justice, the best solution would be a negotiated one.

Regardless of whether anything (or nothing) is going on, this case already has fallen into the “highly irregular” category. It feels like plenty more “irregular” will be happening until things become regular again.

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  1. Couldn’t Elliot achieve the same thing by appealing his suspension, then dropping it and accepting whatever punishment is given at the best time for the club?

  2. Imminent doesn’t mean something is about to happen. It actually means something can happen at any time, without impediment. Jerry had it right.

  3. Any compromise to when the suspension would take place would be a slap in the face to anyone serving week-1 suspensions. IMO, it would be more likely that they would bypass the suspension altogether rather than let them choose when to serve one. Lesser of two evils.

  4. Rog has been frantically looking for his post-it notes on his decision for weeks. That darn cleaning crew…

  5. To anyone claiming Cowboys/Zeke/black players are getting a raw deal from Fraudger, try to remember: because NFLPA tells players not to give their phones, Zeke’s phone logs were accepted by Fraudger, but when Brady offered his (saying they’d prove the NFL had all his texts with the Pats already) Fraudger refused and then had the fact sealed from the public while falsely claiming that Brady had destroyed his phone the day before Wells wanted it, and that this fact alone made Brady both suspicious and at least guilty of non-cooperation. Brady gave them all his private emails (again, not required by the CBA) which Fraudger leaked to embarrass Brady, and Fraudger also massively exaggerated PSI data (including rejecting referee Walt Anderson’s testimony as to which gauge was used). I could go on – 56 major lies were told by the NFL in Brady’s case, and Jerry Jones was only too happy about it. So how many lies or false smears have come out in Zeke’s case? Zero.

  6. cowboylover says:
    August 10, 2017 at 12:23 pm
    Imminent doesn’t mean something is about to happen. It actually means something can happen at any time, without impediment. Jerry had it right.

    about to happen.
    “they were in imminent danger of being swept away”

    [im-uh-nuh nt]
    Spell Syllables
    Synonyms Examples Word Origin
    See more synonyms on
    likely to occur at any moment; impending:

    The google machine is your friend. Use it.

  7. Article 46 gives the commish the power to do what he wants to whomever he wants with or without cause or reason. It also gives him the power to NOT do anything to someone even with evidence.

    Example: 2 teams played with non-conforming equipment in the same game. One team and one of it’s players were fined and suspended, the other got a pass. Let’s make it better. The team that was fined was judged by the league to have been unaware and not involved in any wrongdoing yet was still fined and had draft picks stolen.

    No guarantees in the NFL. Once inside you are subject to the whims of the Mad King.

  8. I don’t think he will be suspended. Maybe just a fine and having to complete a seminar on how to be a good family man.

    My prediction is no suspension.

  9. funny Cowboy fans were foaming over mouth last year that Brady needed to sit for a witch hunt. Now one of their own, they are crying foul. What comes around goes……

  10. I don’t think Goodell knows what to do. On one had he has to deal with Mara, on the other Jones. Maybe he should put them in a cage fight, and the winner get the suspend/no suspend decision.

    I would pay to watch that.

  11. If the NFL doesn’t have more information than what is publicly available, this should have been dropped by now. If they have more information than what is publicly available, it shouldn’t take this long to render a decision.

  12. I picture Goodell sitting on a pile of gold with Mara yelling “suspend” in one ear and Jones yelling “fine” in the other.

    Rich people problems

  13. This is a joke – and no, I’m not condoning any possible transgressions by Elliott, but the prosecutors decided there wasn’t anything to pursue in this case. Goodell has his head so far up Mara’s ass that the other owners need to fire him already. All Goodell does is give the Giants a competitive advantage whenever he can – Josh Brown, anybody?

  14. redlikethepig says:
    August 10, 2017 at 1:18 pm
    They’re trying so hard not to have to discipline this serial offender. Pathetic.
    Almost as pathetic as not letting facts get in the way of an uniformed opinion.

  15. So let me see if I have this right……John Mara owns the Giants… of his players beat his wife (on multiple occasions) and was arrested for it. The league suspends him for 6 games, then decides that was too much and drops it to 1 game.

    Trumaine Brock was arrested for felony domestic violence, his charges were dropped for lack of evidence, now he is free to sign wherever he wants….not ONE word from the league on an investigation….suspension….anything?

    Zeke Elliott…never charged, never arrested….police found no evidence that he did anything to the woman….a simple search of the internet you can find her texts to her witness asking her to lie to the police…you can find the witness’ affidavit attesting to the pressure to lie…..yet the league needs 14 months and will most like suspend him?

    This is shady……the commissioner will do what Mara says, just as he did a few years ago when he took $10 million in cap space from the Cowboys and Giants for violating a rule that wasnt even in place. RIGGED!

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