Brandon Beane: We aren’t throwing in towel on this season


The Bills made a pair of big trades on Friday when they sent wide receiver Sammy Watkins to the Rams and cornerback Ronald Darby to the Eagles.

They got cornerback E.J. Gaines and a 2018 second-round pick from the Rams and wide receiver Jordan Matthews and a 2018 third-round pick from the Eagles, which gives the Bills two picks in each of the first three rounds of next year’s draft. That suggests a look toward the future over the present, but General Manager Brandon Beane sees it differently.

In discussing the trade on Friday afternoon, Beane said “you could make arguments either way” about whether the team is better in the short term and was adamant that the team isn’t looking past this year.

“This is not a throw in the towel thing at all. … You don’t know me if you think I’m throwing in the towel,” Beane said, via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News.

It’s hard to miss the appeal of getting a bunch of early picks in the first draft that Beane will be running in Buffalo or to fault the Bills for getting something for Watkins when the organization was clearly reluctant to make a long-term commitment to him, but it’s also hard to see it as a move that leaves the team likelier to win in 2017. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The Bills weren’t exactly odds-on favorites to do big things this year and Beane and coach Sean McDermott can now shape the team as they see fit, which provides plenty of rationale for Friday’s moves even if you disagree with Beane’s take on towel throwing.

35 responses to “Brandon Beane: We aren’t throwing in towel on this season

  1. Bills roster for 2017 season has taken a hit. For this trade to work for the Bills, Beane and his college scouts have to do a great job in the 2018 draft.

  2. The second best team in the AFC was dolphins and they got crushed with early injuries.

    Now buffalo is sucking for their Luck.

    And the Jets.

    That’s an easy 6 wins for the patriots. Not their fault.

    I see a three-peat coming

  3. Bills got two starting caliber players and a 2nd and a 3rd. Mathews isn’t chopped liver and Gaines (like Darby) is a young CB with extensive starting experience. Watkins is a great talent, but the Bills weren’t giving a huge contract to a free agent to-be coming off two foot injuries. Nice trade.

  4. Totally agree with Taco, they now have 2 first, second and third round picks to trade up for one of the QBs. Plus still kept at least starter level players although lesser ceilings.

  5. Ok pats fans. Bills/jets. TEll me you aren’t starting 4-0 now.

    JOke of a division since the calendar turned to 2000. Must be nice

  6. Maybe not literally throwing in the towel, but his actions are just the same. My guess is he doesn’t realize what he’s doing, or he knows something about a Ron Darby injury that I don’t know.

  7. .
    A look at the AFC East

    Patriots – locked and loaded

    Dolphins – all in on Jay Cutler

    Buffalo – stick a fork in ’em

    NY Jets – expansion team roster

  8. magnumpimustache says:
    August 11, 2017 at 5:06 pm
    The second best team in the AFC was Dolphins and they got crushed with early injuries.

    But the Pats play them late this season not early. Just improving the coaching in Buffalo gets them to 8-8. Only the Jets should be a cake walk, Bills and Fish get up for Pats games, they will be hard fought.

  9. Didn’t you guys hear? The Patriots lost to the Jaguars last night. They might as well tank the season, too.

  10. Trading Darby was dumb.

    Like, punch your self in the face dumb.

    Flipping a Stud 1st round CB for a 3rd and a receiver in the final year of his contract is a terrible decision no matter how they try to spin it.

  11. Re: Trading Darby was dumb.

    Like, punch your self in the face dumb.

    Flipping a Stud 1st round CB

    Another ill informed comment, Darby was a second round pick, no.50, end of round two.

  12. Bills improved with these deals, short term and long term. They play this year with a #1 WR that has a chance to be on the field for all 16 games. The change in CB’s could be a wash. They gained valuable draft picks for the long term.

  13. The Bills weren’t a good team before this happened; they will not be a better team in 2017, but they will be one next year.

    I’d have done the same thing.

    I’d have also looked to find a real QB.

  14. mcjon22 says:
    August 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm
    Trading Darby was dumb.

    Like, punch your self in the face dumb.

    Flipping a Stud 1st round CB for a 3rd and a receiver in the final year of his contract is a terrible decision no matter how they try to spin it.
    Darby was a second round pick and I wouldn’t necessarily call him a stud. Good, not great. Regressed in his second year and had no INTs. Not a good fit in McDermott’s new scheme. Gaines is a zone cover guy and will do well if healthy.

  15. The Bills suck so bad that there’s no way to tell if they’re throwing in the towel or not.

    Just lose baby.

  16. “Punch yourself in the face dumb”, like calling the 2nd round pick a first round pick kind of dumb. Darby was TOAST last season. The deep ball killed this team, remember him being benched on MNF? Yeah, you probably don’t. I find it somehow strange that having Matthews of Watkins is a “downgrade”, same draft class, yet, Matthews leads in all statistical categories? This is just soooo strange!

  17. The Bills are doing the right thin. Building for the future. They’re not going to beat the Patriots for the division this year or next. But like the Jets, acquiring draft capitol for the future, when Brady and Belichick are done. Smart, I say.

  18. Ugh, I do t even know why he has to say that. Signing Q must have been throwing in the towel as well. They got capable players back, just maybe not the same tier(Darby just wasn’t a fit so they wanted a guy that did). The guys they got back aren’t scrubs, though and they may even find important niche roles. With no “Top Dog” WR it gives them some varied options in the passing games. However, this means Tyrod needs to go through his reads.

  19. That’s the problem…the Bills aren’t throwing in the towel, yet they still got worse. If you’re going to rebuild, then rebuild. Don’t make a half hearted attempt to not be terrible and hurt yourself by winning a lousy 6 games…

  20. Bills paid a fortune in picks to draft Watkins. Those kind of deals can cripple a team for years. It’s an “all-in” mentally that is hard for me to justify.

  21. This was a win all the way around… the bills are obviously building for the Sean McDermott era.. Gaines us a cover 2 kinda guy.. guess what a McDermott defense is.. darby is a man guy. Jordan Matthews isn’t bad isn’t great.. but he’s healthy. Nvm they added a 2nd and 3rd. The eagles got much needed cb help in a system he will play better in under Scwartz. And the rams got much need receiver help (if he can stay healthy). So the rams probably got fleeced if anyone

  22. Good move for Buffalo mainly because Brady doesn’t look like he’s slowing up and as long as he’s looks good that team will be in reload build. Teams like Buffalo are smart to see two years down the road. It may hurt, it may suck but it’s smart. The trade for Mathews sounds like a win for the Bills, from what I have read about Darby from some of the responses here.

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