Emmitt Smith on Ezekiel Elliott: I’m really concerned about his future

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Emmitt Smith worries about the future for Ezekiel Elliott after the league suspended the star running back for six games. Elliott has made several headlines — for the wrong reasons — since he entered the league as the fourth overall pick in 2016.

That includes a St. Patrick’s Day parade in March when Elliott pulled down the shirt of a woman to expose her breast, an incident noted by NFL special counsel for conduct B. Todd Jones in a letter to Elliott informing him of the suspension.

What I’m really concerned about is his future,” Smith said on the Rich Eisen Show. “This is a tremendous opportunity for a lot of athletes to be able to do something that you absolutely love and get compensated for it and be able to have an impact in another person’s life.

“But this is temporary. We have a shelf life in this sport. This doesn’t last long, so we have to take advantage of every moment and missing six games right now is not affording you the opportunity to take advantage of every moment.

“This is a time to reflect and ask fundamental questions of one’s self. Do I want a real long career in this National Football League, which I can have? Or do I just want to play it year by year and just live for the now? This is about his future.”

Elliott had 20-1 odds to win league MVP honors in June. He led the league in rushing last season, as a rookie, and received six MVP votes. Now he has little chance to accomplish either, although Tom Brady made a run at MVP honors after serving a four-game suspension last season.

“For Zeke, it’s going to be tormenting to watching someone else taking the reps that he should be getting,” said Smith, who missed two games in 1993 in a contract holdout. “It’s going to be tormenting. So I want to be a sounding board for him. I want to see him become very, very successful.”

The league’s all-time leading rusher said he is willing to counsel Elliott if Elliott wants his help.

“What do we do from here?” Smith said he would tell Elliott. “Let’s devise a game plan for the next six to seven, maybe eight weeks. How can we become accountability partners?”

19 responses to “Emmitt Smith on Ezekiel Elliott: I’m really concerned about his future

  1. Nice to see a player tell the truth and put the caliber of Elliott for all to see. Elliott action have been covered by two police departments in Columbus and Dallas, time he is held accountable.

  2. meanwhile the rest of the nfc east is grinning ear to ear. how will dak prescott do when he is possibly missing his stud RB for 6 gms ? probably not too well. he is good but not that good. so again the nfc east will have a different champ, as it has every year since eagles 03-04.

    jump on the wentz wagon while you can. it will get very crowded after the wk 1 W at wash. and then will be closed due to capacity after wk 2 W at kc.

  3. The allegations were covered up or there wasn’t enough evidence to bring charges? I guess everyone chooses their own reality to believe. Nonetheless, Emmitt is one of my favorite Cowboys of all time and he is right in one sense, Zeke has to grow up from this experience and learn that he will be held to much higher scrutiny than more than 99% of other nfl players and thus, should act accordingly. In no way should he (nor will he) accept this ridiculous conclusion that the nfl has reached on his behalf.

  4. I’m more concerned for the women who Elliott meets in the future. They’re the ones who will be in peril.

  5. after goodell protected ray rice and now tries to make
    amends, and after hardy was allowed back in the league, i just
    shake my head

    worst commissioner ever

    the media has never asked why he protected the ravens and ray rice
    and why he is punishing elliott without as much as a video or evidence
    of any kind

  6. Obviously, the NFL’s etiquette class isn’t thorough enough. Should have NFL players who’ve had a spotless record speak at these classes…trying to think of a player who would qualify…I got nothing at the moment..

    At any rate, RB’s seem to have anger management issues. Obviously, putting in years of head bashing does make one prone to going awry. CTE candidate already…shame.
    And Dallas will suffer mightily. Dak will have to be ‘the’ guy. While they have an impressive O-line, Dak will be a target.

    Also think Elliot will appeal and will get it reduced to 4 games or something.

  7. Kid is an embarrassment to himself, his parents, the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL, and to fans of all… Heading down the road of self destruction.

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