Ezekiel Elliott “strongly disagrees” with NFL’s decision

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Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott tweeted a statement that he was “surprised and disappointed” by the NFL’s six-game suspension and “strongly disagrees” with it.

His statement reads:

“I am both surprised and disappointed by the NFL’s decision today, and I strong disagree with the League’s findings.

“I recognize the distraction and disruption that all of this has caused my family, friends, teammates, the Dallas Cowboys organization as well as my fans — for that I am sincerely sorry.

“I admit that I am far from perfect, but I plan to continue to work very hard, on and off the field, to mature and earn the great opportunity that I have been given.”

59 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott “strongly disagrees” with NFL’s decision

  1. The knucklehead/talent matrix is similar to the crazy/hot matrix and Zeke is drifting away from being worth the hassle. Wouldn’t be the first talented player to wash out because he’s not worth all the trouble. He needs to grow up, quick.

    – Cowboys fan

  2. Too bad for him. He has shown he is classless in his dealings with women. The NFL took their time and for once, investigated this incident thoroughly before making a decision.
    He knows he’s guilty and so does everyone else.

  3. There in lies the problem, he just doesn’t “get it”. He has his handlers and a posse telling him he got screwed so this will happen again because he still hasn’t learned what it means to be a professional athlete. The reality is he got away with a bunch of stuff in college, and up until now the pros. That’s over but Zeke doesn’t see it and that makes him destined to implode.

  4. I think the young lady in the parade disagrees strongly with you pulling her top down in public for all to see.

  5. Don’t worry elliott. If I know my roger goodells, and I think I do, his suspension lasts 2 games at most. Think of the violent felons that roger has gone out of his way to let slide. Far worse than what elliott is accused of.

  6. Maybe Zeke should punch Goodells face in, or rip his shirt off. Seems hes good at that sort of thing. Animals belong in cages, not on NFL fields.

    So much for the “culture” in Dallas that Garrett was skating off about last week when he cut an innocent man for his non transgressions. Lets see CarrotTop rationalize and justify keeping this punk.

    Oh thats right, he can ball so anything goes.

  7. Work hard? After you knew you were under investigation you pulled a girls titty out and played with it during a parade and were involved with a DJ getting his nose smashed in. You arent working hard at dealing with this kind of stuff. And if thats what you wanna do thats totally fine, but dont act like you are some kind of mistreated person. You earned it.

  8. Just disagreeing probably wouldn’t be enough but since he feels strongly about it Roger will probably reconsider the whole thing.

  9. The NFL should have slapped him for two more games for pulling that chick’s top down in front of the public parade before all those kids. That was so wrong.

  10. Zeke is a POS and deserves everything he gets. He has to learn that he isn’t above all.

  11. I’m a Cowboys fan, and a Zeke Elliott fan. I’m not upset with the decision because the CBA gives the NFL the power to do this sort of thing, wether or not it is right.

    Hopefully, the Player’s Association will actually think about the balance of power when the next CBA is negotiated.

    Anyway, I hope that Elliott learns that his conduct will be scrutinized and that he needs to be more careful in the future.

  12. Ezekiel should have thought of the consequences before pulling a woman’s shirt down…stripper or not or getting into a little bar fight. He has to realize he is a big bulls-eye now. Basically a walking, talking bank withdrawal slip for anyone looking for a quick payday.

  13. Rog – We have a judicial system to figure this stuff out. Why would the NFL get involved? Let it work itself out?

    Oh yeah…Rodger wants to make sure we’re all aware of his 2″ ginger wien. Suppress talent cause his talent was suppressed

    Still small champ.

    -Bears fan

  14. Elliott will be alright. How could he go wrong with a mentor and role-model like Michael Irvin?

    Elliott can also enjoy his off-time by bar-hopping with Johnny Manziel and sucker-punching more strangers.

  15. “Ezekiel Elliott “strongly disagrees” with NFL’s decision”

    He also “disagreed” with his girlfriend multiple times over a 6 day period.

    Is he gonna beat the league up too?

  16. Why should you be surprised? All you have to do is review deflategate to know you were going to be suspended. Don’t bother appealing because like Brady your appeal will go through the same guy that suspended you in the first place. That’s what you guys gave to Goodell. Sit out the games and don’t complain. You will be fresh in October.

  17. Don’t worry, it’ll get whittled down to 2 games–Jones won’t allow it any other way. Some judge who is a Cowboy season ticket holder will make that happen.

    I come from a HUGE relation of cousins and large family – 9 siblings, 5 sisters. Been married 27 years to the same woman. 3 sisters-in-law, 9 nieces, 6 great-nieces. A good number of girlfriends past – mine and my brothers…

    I’ve never personally seen a woman with bruises caused by a male. Know why? My father and uncles would have kicked the living crap out of any of their male children who would leave marks like that on a woman…regardless of the circumstance.

    What if the woman is the abuser/agressor? We were smart enough to get the heck away from her – permanently.

  18. Mr. Elliott, seriously, you need to spend part of the free time you’re about to serve learning how responsible people behave in society and not all of that time doing what you did to earn that free time.

  19. I have no problem if the NFL disciplines players that hit woman and I have no problem if that player is not convicted of a crime. In this case he should take his medicine and move on or risk being reinvestigated and charged with a crime. The sad fact prosecutors must factor in the “Golden Rule” and since players have almost unlimited gold they obtain star attorneys that the prosecutors don’t want to face. That is why them with the gold rule.

  20. Zeke will have plenty of time on his hands to go to bars and spend time with women. Let’s see if he can stay out of trouble during that six-week suspension.

  21. It’s been a Witch Hunt all along, NFL “Cherry Picked” what they wanted out of report, NFL is trying to save Face after the Josh Brown and Ray Rice incidents, I have a feeling this is going to get rather nasty in the coming weeks

  22. Stop saying Elliot is innocent. His accuser stopped cooperating with police out of the blue, so they were forced to drop the case. It is fairly obvious she was paid off by Jerrah or Zeke himself. That’s why the commish has broader powers. I’m not saying he’s always right but just relying on the legal system doesn’t prevent against payoffs…

  23. I’m starting to see why this country is in the state it’s in today. You people are easily bought and sold, the league left out most of Zeke’s corroborating testimony and evidence. No one asks why? And no problem with Gronk motorboatING but Zeke pulls a shirt down and this is the reaction? Credibility is earned and neither the league, Goodell nor Ms Thompson has earned that, in fact, the opposite they have been proven to be liars and manipulators.

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