John Fox: Bears not changing depth chart after one game


As good as Mitchell Trubisky was, and as bad as Mike Glennon was, there’s no change to the Bears depth chart at quarterback.


Via Jeff Dickerson of, Bears coach John Fox said he wasn’t flipping the No. 2 overall pick and the free agent signing based on last night’s results against the Broncos.

Our depth chart is not going to change after one game,” Fox said. “That’s a really good defense our first unit went against, probably one of the top three defenses in the league. You have to look at a lot of different things. I can understand how you guys might think [we could make a change], but we’re not going to change a whole lot after one game.”

Of course, if anyone thought they might, it might have been because there wasn’t a slight difference between the two.

Trubisky came into the came just before halftime (after veteran Mark Sanchez had his turn) and was sharp, completing 18-of-25 passes for 166 yards, a touchdown and a quarterback rating of 103.1.

Glennon, who signed a three-year, $45 million contract before the Bears traded up to take Trubisky, was 2-for-8 for 20 yards with an interception (which was returned for a touchdown). His passer rating was a perfect 0.0.

This is actually the second time a Fox-coached quarterback has achieved the perfect rating, after Randy Fasani posted a Blutarsky against the Buccaneers (and almost won). But when that happened, Fasani was a rookie and easier to bury on the depth chart, following the veteran coach’s long-held bias against rookie quarterbacks. They spent a lot of money (and pride) on Glennon, so he’ll get a longer rope.

To his credit, the former Buccaneers backup is taking the long view.

“You kind of have to put it in perspective,” Glennon said. “Like I said, we’re exactly one month out [from the regular-season opener against the Falcons]. For me, it’s just good to get back out playing. I got to get used to coming out as a starter and playing and being that guy. A couple more preseason games to tune this up and I’m confident we’ll do that.”

If he doesn’t, and Trubisky puts up more performances like the one he did against the Broncos reserves, Fox will probably have to make a decision he doesn’t prefer.

22 responses to “John Fox: Bears not changing depth chart after one game

  1. It’s not like Glennon is the second coming of Joe Montana, folks. Trubisky is the future–but I’m not at all sure we can say that about John Fox at this point. The Bears looked awful for much of that game, and the team just isn’t making strides as everyone had hoped. If Trubisky can play better than Glennon (and it sure looks like he can), then let him play. Yes, he’s a rookie, but so what? So was Dak Prescott last year and he seemed to do okay.

  2. So how come the rookie ‘tuned it up’ right away, and Glennon himself admits he needs a couple more games to look competent?

  3. I don’t know what the Bears have ever seen in Glennon (or most of their QB’s, for that matter), but have to agree with soon-to-be-ex-Bears-coach John Fox. No need for change right now after watching MT play against their scrubs.

  4. You change it up to give MT some first team reps in preseason to see if he can duplicate the performance. I am unimpressed with Glennon at this point (obviously) but still want to see if MT can do it against the first team. That’s why we have preseason so that the depth chart can be manipulated and talent can be assessed. Bias against rookies might well have you sitting on the sidelines next year Fox.

  5. Bears see Glennon as the stop-gap to take the hits while Trub waits. It also, hopefully, gets Fox fired and the Beloved get a HC who knows a thing or two.

    A team with a great DE in Floyd, a young QB and RB, with a competent HC will do wonders for the faithful.

  6. Never get too high or too low during the pre season. That being said, Trubisky deserves more reps with the 2’s next. He came into a pressure situation, right off the bat, and excelled. I agree, no need to change the depth chart, but if the same scenario plays out next week in AZ, then it may be time to give it a second thought. Either way, I am excited about the future. Pace is building something here. Bullard flashed, Floyd flashed, Kwitkowski played nicely, Cohen, Jackson, Shaheen. We know who Jordan Howard is. Pace appears to be stacking draft classes, which is crucial to sustained success in the NFL. This is a young team on the rise, hopefully these players keep ascending! Bear Down!

  7. Maybe if Bears are lucky another team needs a QB before the season starts, and Bears can unload Glennon for a draft pick?

  8. Fox doesn’t just hate rookie quarterbacks, he’s biased against all rookies. I suppose there’s something to say for making them earn it, but he’d rather lose than play the young guy.

  9. I’m not a Bear fan but I really want them to return to prominence. With that in mind, I hope Trubisky doesn’t become the starter unless and until there is ZERO doubt that he’s ready for it. I’m of the belief that the current QB shortage in the NFL is due in large part to teams throwing rookie QBs to the wolves too early and just killing their confidence.

    For every Dak Prescott, there are at least a dozen “flame outs.”

  10. So the kid who couldn’t excel in the ACC has a decent half of football against guys who won’t even be in the league a month from now. Yeah, lets make him the starter against pro-level talent. Rookies aren’t ready. Period. An exception like Dak Prescott doesn’t disprove the general rule of thumb. Let the kid learn.

  11. John Fox is a “dead man walkin'” coach this year. Anything less than an 8-8 record and Fox will be shown the door next off-season and rightfully so, he has done the job he was asked to do…instill a positive attitude and assemble a respectable coaching staff. He was never hired to take the Bears to the promise land, he was hired to coach them through the arduous process of a rebuild. Mission accomplished! Now Ryan Pace can go out next year and hire the Bears coach for the future (paging Mr. Matt Patricia…you have an HC job opening in Chicago waiting for you). I agree to a point that Trubisky shouldn’t be the starter…yet. Look, Glennon looked AWFUL but most of us Bears fans expected that as he hasn’t done anything in this league to suggest he’s anything more than a backup QB, expecting him to be an average to decent starting QB is just folly. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the praise of Trubisky either, yes he looked good last night but let’s not forget that was against Denver’s 3rd stringer defense. Is he the best, most athletic and talented QB the Bears have…absolutely but the kid will have growing pains too. There will be games where us fans will flop back to the sentiment that Pace was fleeced on draft day. The Bears offense is not going to be that great this year, let Glennon be the negativity sponge that he was brought in to be while Trubisky learns the NFL so he’s put in the best position to succeed. What I don’t agree with is Fox burying Trubisky down as the #3 QB…that’s just lunacy, Trubisky is the future for the Bears, John Fox is not! Trubisky should be the 2nd string QB and get almost as many reps as Glennon in practice. Sanchez is the veteran emergency 3rd string starter because you have to have somebody play QB. Every snap Sanchez takes in practice or pre-season is robbing Trubisky of some valuable experience and that blame lies squarely on John Fox’s shoulders and Ryan Pace can’t let Fox’s lack of vision jeopardize the development of the QB that he bet his career on!!!

  12. larryboodry says:
    August 11, 2017 at 6:10 am
    So how come the rookie ‘tuned it up’ right away, and Glennon himself admits he needs a couple more games to look competent?

    Maybe because most of the Broncos he was playing against will be selling used cars a month from now?

  13. Cleanosaur says:
    August 11, 2017 at 9:00 am
    Glennons throwing motion looks like an octopuss arms eating a ship

    I have been searching for the proper comparison and I think you nailed it. Thanks!

  14. As a mass native living in Chicago, I streamed my pats and watched my wife’s bears game on TV. Hang on bears fans. My guess is sanchez is starting by game 6. If that’s the case, Cary and horward will be running every down so that idiot doesn’t throw INT’s. I still have no expectations for Kevin white at this point. As my wife say “go hawks”

  15. It’s one game guys.slow it down will yah. Glennon looked really bad but really is anyone surprised? personally, I hope da Bears bring up the kid slowly even if it means a 2 win season. Having said that, if Trubisky plays the remainder of the preseason the way he played last night it will be almost impossible to not start him.

  16. The Bears 1st-string offense was brutal, as was pretty much everyone who played on defense the 2nd half. The TEs also, which I had presumed would be one of the team’s stronger units this year, disappointed across the board. None of them appear to be able to catch the ball. Otherwise I saw some marginal improvement but anyone expecting more than 5 wins out of this crew is setting themselves up for disappointment.

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