Patrick Mahomes throws touchdown in solid debut


Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ biggest play from his first preseason game doesn’t show up in the box score.

Mahomes came into the game late in the second quarter and hit wide receiver Demarcus Robinson for a 40-yard gain on his first snap, but the play wound up being called back because of a holding penalty on tackle Isaiah Battle. While it didn’t count, the pass showed off the arm strength that helped make Mahomes a top prospect in this year’s draft.

The biggest highlight that counted for Mahomes came in the third quarter when he rolled right and gave wideout Marcus Kemp time to get open in the end zone for a one-yard touchdown.The rookie went 7-of-9 for 49 yards overall before turning the offense over to Joel Stave in the fourth quarter and looked comfortable while running most plays out of shotgun formations.

Tyler Bray followed starter Alex Smith and went 5-of-8 for 63 yards and an interception while getting pressured by a group of 49ers that included third overall pick Solomon Thomas. It wasn’t a bad outing, but it also wasn’t one that would make you think he’s sure to stay ahead of Mahomes in the rotation in the weeks to come.

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  1. From a lifetime Chiefs fan, I say nice ‘slant’ there Alper… now the facts:

    Bray threw an 83 yard td pass on his first play, offset by an questionable call (even KC’s announcers agreed that it was)… Bray did this while playing vs SF’s #1 defense – yet you didn’t even mention it in your ‘recap’, such as it was. Mahomes, playing against # 3’s and # 4’s and gifted with a short field due to special teams, had a gift-wrapped td… 1 yard.
    Upshot – Smith is still head and shoulders better than Bray, and Bray is still better than Mahomes, which is why Smith remains the #1 QB, Bray the #2 and Mahomes the #3.

  2. Wow 49 whole yards, that’s something to get excited about……..if you’re a Chiefs fan.

  3. You need to watch the game. The 40-yard completion that was called back was woefully underthrown. It should have been a TD.

  4. Josh Alper must like Patric Mahomes. Judge him against a 1st team defense and a team that wont have the first pick in next years draft.

  5. Whatever plans the Chiefs and Bears had about how they’re going to groom Mahomes and Trubisky, they might as well just get those guys on the field right now. It’s obvious to everyone who the best QB on the team is. Look at what Dak Prescott did last year with hardly any practice under his belt. Just get these kids on the field. The fans aren’t going to be happy watching an inferior QB take the field on Sunday. The cat’s out of the bag. It’s too late to try to stuff him back in.

  6. Mahomes first pass was underthrown, but it was still completed. Most importantly, it was his first pass in the NFL.

    I also wouldn’t say he was gifted anything. That TD pass wasn’t an easy throw.

  7. Had Battle not held on that play, Mahomes is sacked, and the premise for this reporter’s story goes up in smoke.

  8. Supposed to be a weak QB class this year. Hopefully all the experts are wrong. Trubisky, Kizer, Watson, and Mahomes all had better starts than the group last year. Only one preseason games but still a ray of hope for these QB needy teams.

  9. joetoronto says:
    August 12, 2017 at 6:56 am
    Wow 49 whole yards, that’s something to get excited about……..if you’re a Chiefs fan.
    We get it Joe. You’re worried, and you should be, your Raiders can’t beat the Chiefs with Alex Smith under center, imagine what will happen to them once Mahomes takes over.

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