Report: Ryan Tannehill to have knee surgery


It looks like Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has reached a decision about how to deal with his latest knee injury.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Tannehill will have reconstructive surgery on his left knee and spend the entire 2017 season on injured reserve. Tannehill hurt the knee a little over a week ago in practice, prompting the Dolphins to sign Jay Cutler as a free agent.

Tannehill suffered a partially torn ACL in the same knee late last season, but did not have surgery and received full clearance to return to action this offseason. There was talk about taking a similar approach after he hurt the knee again last week, but Cutler’s arrival was a pretty clear sign that the Dolphins expected Tannehill would be getting his ACL repaired this time around.

Tannehill is signed through 2020 and has a salary of $17.475 million for the 2018 season with $5.25 million becoming fully guaranteed in March.

21 responses to “Report: Ryan Tannehill to have knee surgery

  1. The day of reckoning will eventually arrive for Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins; he’s going to have to either produce, take a pay cut or move on. If Cutler plays well this season, Tannehill could potentially be traded next offseason.

  2. When Cutler’s deal was disclosed as only being for one year the writing was on the wall that the plan called for holding in place There was an out in Tannehill’s contract after this season but…

  3. What a news flash after they signed, ‘ I’m a QB, I don’t need to be in shape’, Cutler. Heads should roll on the fins medical staff

  4. Bottom dwellers once again in the AFC East. Not sure who will do worse, fish or jests?

  5. “Patriots division till further notice…carry on”

    Good job. We’re all very impressed.

  6. Much like the Vikings last year when they traded for Bradford after Bridgewater got hurt, the Dolphins upgraded their QB position when they signed Cutler after Tannehill got hurt.
    Cutler is a better QB than Tannehill. Neither one of them will ever win a Super Bowl, but Cutler is better, in my opinion.

  7. Just as well it’s now rather than struggle through a couple games then have surgery later anyway. Start the healing asap, try again next year. Good luck kid.

  8. Being on a year long sick leave with umpteen millions of dollars in your bank account isn’t the worst situation in the world.

  9. Not sure why he didn’t do this at the end of last season. If he had, he may have been able to play at least some of this season.

  10. I feel bad for Fins fans. First time in years they were shaping up to have a strong competitive team and they lose their QB. I just don’t see Cutler having the same success that Tannehill would have had.

  11. I hope the surgery is successful and he can come back stronger than ever. Ryan Tannehill has way more to show the NFL. I hope Miami keeps him because NE would love him. Belichick would make him a superstar.

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