St. Patrick’s Day parade mentioned in Elliott disciplinary letter

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Although multiple allegations of domestic violence occurring in July 2016 served as the primary basis for the six-game Ezekiel Elliott suspension, the letter advising Elliott of the suspension mentions a separate incident on which there was widespread reporting and discussion.

The letter from NFL special counsel for conduct B. Todd Jones to Elliott refers to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, during which Elliott “pulled down the shirt of a young woman, exposing and touching her breast.”

The letter explains that the behavior falls within the boundaries of the Personal Conduct Policy. However, the letter also explains that Elliott’s behavior “will not be considered separately as a basis for additional discipline.”

“You should understand, however, that your behavior during this event was inappropriate and disturbing, and reflected a lack of respect for women,” Jones writes. “When viewed together with the July incidents, it suggests a pattern of poor judgment and behavior for which effective intervention is necessary for you personal and professional welfare.”

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  1. Because the guy settled out of court for money does not make beating a lady ok Cowboy fans. He still committed domestic violence. Obviously the NFL has pretty good evidence that does not need to be public since this is a private corporation. The NFL would not want to suspend one of its moneymaker players if not solid evidence in hand. Applaud Goodell for doing what is right.

  2. very good player but also clearly one of the dumbest in the league. sad that cowboys fans can’t separate the two and insist on his innocence just because an obviously corrupt police department failed to charge him.

  3. Settled out of court? I’m pretty sure there’s at least four witnesses exonerating Elliot of any wrong doing during the alleged incident. It’s not as if the woman disappeared al a Greg Hardy case. She’s still clamoring for attention. It’s that the Police and American judicial system do not see enough conclusive evidence to even bring the guy to trial.
    Before you climb to the peak of your high horse, remember that you’re no different than anyone else. If our society continues to allow injustices to persist, you may find yourself one day paying a penalty for your innocence.

  4. We keep reading about this incident, but where’s the footage? Some of us amateur sleuths are trying to conduct our own investigation. Yeah, that’s it.

  5. At least the suspension is more than the 4 Brady got, even though Wells admitted in court there was no direct evidence linking Brady to deflated footballs. Having said that, is 6 games enough for multiple allegations of domestic violence?

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