TMZ releases photos of Ezekiel Elliott’s accuser showing bruises

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TMZ posted eight photos showing bruises on Ezekiel Elliott‘s ex girlfriend.

Tiffany Thompson, the woman who accused Elliott of multiple acts of misconduct, took several photos of bruising on her arms, hands, neck and legs that she claims came at the hands of the star running back. The photos were part of the evidence the league collected in its year-long investigation, with medical experts confirming the photos contained images consistent with abuse resulting in injuries.

Elliott told police investigators the woman was injured in a bar fight with someone other than him.

TMZ also a copy of a 911 call made by the accuser, where she claims Elliott attacked her multiple times.

UPDATE 7:18 p.m. ET: An NFL source notes that the photos are not new or exclusive. They have been in the Columbus City Attorney press release website since September.

30 responses to “TMZ releases photos of Ezekiel Elliott’s accuser showing bruises

  1. Zeke? – the guy who got his driving license taken away, then drove while suspended and crashed into another car injuring it’s driver? The guy who had anger management issues against his own college team on national tv? The guy seen openly buying drugs in Seattle just before his NFL preseasoner there last year? The guy who pulled open a woman’s top in public? The guy who broke some dude’s nose in a bar fight? No, I can’t believe he’d hit a girl. Just not possible, is it?

  2. I thought he was only being suspended because Roger is a bad commish? There’s no way something happened because people don’t like Roger, not because Zeke didn’t do it (lets ignore the sexual assault at the parade which is enough to get him 6 games on its own).

  3. Yeah these pics were on tmz website for a while now. Not consistent with a 220 lb back hitting a 100 lb girl, more like she got into a tussle with a girl at a bar–notice the most obvious bruising is on her knuckles, like when she made contact hitting someone with a closed fist (although the nfl will tell you that the girls were just pulling each others hair and no punches were thrown–absolutely ridiculous). I can’t make this up–the advisor in the press call stated that she got into a fight with some other female but that it had nothing to do with her bruises because they were just pulling each others hair–really? Have you seen two girls fighting? Those bruises could absolutely be from that.

  4. So why wasn’t Zeke criminally prosecuted?

    I love the Cowboys, but I love the respectful treatment of women and all human beings even more. If Zeke is guilty, let him do the time.

    I think this commissioner sucks. He is so inconsistent in these matters that it’s embarrassing for the league.

    And Randy Gregory and Martavis Bryant lose a year of their working life for smoking pot. Effing ridiculous.

    Fire Roger!

  5. Jerry Jones said that he looked into it and there was no evidence whatsoever, and that domestic violence was not even a question. So who are you going to believe, Jerry, or your lyin’ eyes?

  6. The NFL was considering 4 games but added two more for blatantly lying to them and the public.

  7. Those photos looks like someone who was in a fight ? Oh, yeah, apparently the alleged victim was involved in a fight with another woman. So, how do you determine if the bruises were caused by Elliott or by the fight she had ? The bruises on the hand are really telling of someone that was in a fight, yet with who ? If this happened, why isn’t she pursuing a lawsuit and further why did the DA not pursue charges? This really does not prove anything and the alleged victim has no credibility.

  8. Streetyson, are you just making stuff up at this point? He went into a shop in Seattle but didn’t buy anything. Nobody every said he broke some dudes nose in a bar fight. Now they are saying he was just there, at the bar, not even in the altercation. The girl at the bar pulls her own top down a few seconds after he did but you didn’t actually see that part because the tape is edited. At lease try to be credible.

    I’m not saying the guy is a saint. Maybe the 6 games, if he actually serves them, will help straighten him out but come on, try to be honest at least with yourself.

  9. She must be the one in the Redskins helmet. Clearly the other person in Elliot. Great picture, it really cleared things up for this article.

  10. “Nobody every said he broke some dudes nose in a bar fight. ”

    Actually he was accused of exactly that a few weeks ago. Look it up you’ll find articles about it online.

  11. Looks to me like she was in a street fight and had some one on the ground and she missed and hit the asphalt or concrete a few times while swinging and trying to drop elbows on them. Whoever was on the ground had her by the throat.if zeke wanted to grab this woman by the throat I guarantee it would have ended up and looked WAY worse than this. And if he wanted to drag her around she would have road rash all on top of her knees and sides of her shoulders. The police obviously didn’t see 1 thing that looked like she was a victim of DV. And most people know that man or woman in these cases you are not even allowed to push each other or the police take you straight to jail. And for the people bringing up the bar incident he was just in attendance at the place that’s all that’s known, that doesn’t make him guilty. And he never bought anything from the pot shop last year he just went to look around. After all he is only 23 and marijuana is legal there and in many other states. The only thing he should be punished for if anything is for pulling that womans top down, in which the woman said she didn’t give a damn and they were partying and having a good time, she was pulling her own top down as well. Now if he had been caught in the act or witnessed or takin to jail for any of this then I would agree take his ass to jail and suspend him, putting your hand on a woman is never ok. But I just don’t see anything in these pictures that adds up to a man of zekes size and power trying to hurt this woman. They don’t have any legit evidence besides the st Patrick’s day thing that he’s guilty of any of this. That’s my opinion on this. The NFL and Goodell are a joke when it comes to league punishment.

  12. If any of those bruises are from the fight, his defense would be able to put reasonable doubt into any jury to throw out a court conviction.
    But if any of those bruises are from him, even 1, then he committed domestic violence, unless he claimed self defense, which I don’t believe he has.
    If any 1 of those bruises are from him, he deserves every minute of this suspension.
    With the photos & 911 call, I am betting that at least 1 of those bruises in the pics were from him, even if some of the marks/bruises are from her fight.
    Also, the bruises on her knuckles very well could have been from a bar fight, or they could have been from her reacting in self defense.
    Too much grey area for the courts. Too much “Bad Optics” for the NFL to let these guys slide any longer.

  13. His defense to prove reasonable doubt to a jury ? He didnt have too, he was never even put in cuffs by the officers, they obviously knew she was full of bs on the scene. Funny how she never continued to pursue charges and didnt keep trying to take him to real american court and get him put in prison for this “horrible violence”. But she did keep trying to help the people with all the money, the NFL. I’m just saying if I was a woman and I knew I had been physically abused by a man I would get my own lawyer and continue to get that man in court and put in prison. She didn’t continue to pursue that and she can careless if he’s suspended some football games, this woman wants money, that’s why she’s only in contact with the NFL and no other kind of law enforcement or lawyers outside of the NFL investigation.

  14. This isn’t court. This is the NFL, which has a reputation to protect. Someday you’ll actually understand that instead of trying to use it as an excuse.

  15. These bruises are very minor. Ezekiel Elliot is a big man and if he actually assaulted this woman her injuries would be much worse. Furthermore there is bruising on her knuckles which is very hard to come from self defense. Most likely, Zeke is right. His chick got in a fight with another girl at a bar. He was drunk and thought it was funny and didn’t break it up quick enough. Then the girl decides Zeke is a punk and tries to accuse him of domestic violence to get payback.

  16. He was suspended under the personal conduct rules…not necessarily for being guilty of anything(yet)

    What he IS guilty of, without defense, is embarrassing himself and the NFL, and it’s been multiple times. He needs to straighten up.

    Maybe this will be the wake up call this guy CLEALY needs.

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