Buccaneers admit mistake, boot Aguayo


In the NFL, it’s always better to admit a mistake than to compound it.

For the Buccaneers, the decision to burn a 2016 second-round pick on kicker Robert Aguayo has proven to be a mistake. The Buccaneers made the definitive admission of their error on Saturday, cutting Aguayo.

He exits with $428,000 in fully-guaranteed salary for 2017. If he kicks for someone else this year (and based on his performances to date there’s hardly a guarantee he will), the Bucs will get a dollar-for-dollar credit.

They get no credit for drafting Aguayo, but plenty of credit for realizing he’s not the guy. The first clear sense that maybe they’d screwed up came when veteran Nick Folk arrived with $750,000 in guaranteed pay. The last straw came last night, with a missed 47-yard field goal and a shanked extra point prompting the team to cut ties with Aguayo.

For Folk, it’s now his job to lose. And he already has done enough during camp to prompt speculation that maybe he will.

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  1. I really don’t see him getting a second chance in the NFL. He showed no improvement and you can’t have a kicker with a bad mindset.

  2. And the moral of the story… don’t draft a &@^*#&* kicker in the second round. Even if his natural talent is amazing, you just added a ton of pressure to the poor kid based on the draft pick.

  3. He should contact haushka from the Seahawks he had similar problems in the beginning of his career. He might be able to offer sound advice.

  4. While this was a reach and a horrible pick I will give Jason Licht a pass on this one. That is only because outside of this his draft record has been very strong.

  5. Pats will pick him up….. Work with him & see if it’s a mental issue or technique…..probably turn him into the next great kicker

  6. Bucs are going to be a heck of a lot better this year, but the PK could be their downfall. Glad they admitted their mistake. A few years ago, they let Michael Bennett sign with Seattle because they didn’t want to afmit the mistake of 2nd round pick D’Quan Bowers.

  7. No defense of aguayo, he’s not a good NFL kicker, but it’s largely a thankless job. Everyone seems to expect their kicker to make very one, and that’s just not realistic.

  8. I still can’t believe a team traded draft picks to select a kicker in the 2nd round. We’re the Buccaneers convinced somebody else was going to select Aguayo in the 2nd round or something?

  9. That 2nd round pick made me wince… wish him well but you gotta play well or hit the bricks.

  10. It’s almost like he was set-up to fail. It’s like a deer in headlights. He caught a nasty case of the yips and could never kick it. I actually hope he can regroup and make it somewhere else.

  11. Equivalent to picking a Kicker in the second round of a fantasy draft. Maybe even worse.

  12. Seen a lot of him at FSU. Defended pick as I thought he would have a 15-year career as a top five NFL kicker. Wrong on all accounts.

  13. Sebass going 18 years strong in Oakland after being taken in the 1st round. Aguyo just doesn’t have th mental toughness to back up his draft position. Had he’d been taken at his appropriate spot he wouldn’t have had as much pressure on him and succeeded. Essentially the Bucs ruined his career taking him that high, he will never recover.

  14. The only thing the Lions have done consistently right over the past 3 decades is the kickers brought in. Murray, Hanson and Prater have been the equivalent of a trifecta.

  15. Aguyo did this to himself. The Bucs gave him the chance of a lifetime picking him in the second round and he couldn’t make it in the NFL. At least the Bucs knew when it was time to cut the cord and didn’t keep him around to justify the high draft choice.

    And for those that blame the Bucs for ruining Aguyo, grow up and educate yourself. This guy wasn’t picked out of the stands even though he often played like he did. Aguyo was a highly touted college kicker that busted in the NFL and that falls on him and him alone.

  16. I still don’t understand how kickers are allowed to wear real uniforms like the rest of the team. Give them some Umbros, a bright shirt with a lot of advertisements on it, and those shin pads and be done with it already.

  17. Everyone is given the guy credit for cutting him early but where’s the bashing on the GM for picking him in the first place clearly it was horrible scouting

  18. The first sign that they made a mistake drafting him in the second round was when you looked at the K beside his position

  19. They should have waited. Cleveland probably would have offered Osweiler and a second round draft pick for him.

  20. Jason Licht is a horrible evaluator. Always has been! Who picks a kicker in the 2nd that you could get as a FA or maybe in the 6th or 7th? #Reaching #InoverHisHead

  21. orangedestroyer says:
    August 12, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Typical of a dysfunctional team.
    Culverhouse and now the Glazers are clueless.
    They will be lucky if they go 9&7


    They went 9-7 with Aguayo and a worst roster. So how would they be “lucky” to repeat it? They would’ve be 10-6 if they literally had anyone else at kicker.

  22. “For Folk, it’s now his job to LOSE. And he already has done enough during camp to prompt speculation that MAYBE HE WILL.”

    I think you shanked that last paragraph. What are you trying to say, that Folk will lose the kicker spot? Maybe you’d care to elaborate because that’s what those two sentences imply. If you’re trying to say that Folk has done enough to earn the spot, then write that!

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