Carson Palmer shakes off the rust in preseason debut


In the Hall of Fame Game, the Cardinals sidelined their starters. Tonight against the Raiders, coach Bruce Arians decided to get his first-string offense on the field.

The results were largely positive, as quarterback Carson Palmer led the offense on a long drive that took nearly seven minutes off the clock and ended with a 12-yard touchdown pass to Brittan Golden.

Cardinals running back David Johnson picked up 16 yards on three carries, while Chris Johnson couldn’t get anything going, gaining just two yards on three carries on the opening drive.

One possession of a preseason game isn’t much to go on, but it was a positive first possession for Palmer and the Cardinals.

12 responses to “Carson Palmer shakes off the rust in preseason debut

  1. Carson Palmer is what, 1-3 in the postseason? Technically, you could argue 1-2 as his first playoff game with Cincinnati lasted all of one play. So I feel compelled to ask, why do so many consider him a playoff choker? 3 games is a very small sample size. Sure he struggled against Carolina a couple of years ago but the entire team struggled in that game. Carson was the easy scapegoat because he’s the QB.

    Keep in mind, Carson is not 0-7 in the postseason like his former team is.

  2. Carson is the weak link on this team…His play de-railed their season last year. Check out his arm “muscles” in the picture….My grandpa has identical guns. No offense, Gramps!!!

  3. When Arizona decided to roll with Carson another year you could hear the excitement from the fans.

  4. Remember ahead of wk1 last year, when the Cards were 101% confident of going deep into the postseason and Carson himself even did a little trash talking at Brady and the Pats over deflategate, just before JimmyG quarterbacked a Pats team that was also without a few other starters to a victory in Arizona? The loss that Arians recently said broke the Cards’ entire season. Good times, but I don’t think the Cards will do as well this year.

  5. He looked great in his opener, and they easily scored a TD. Cards will return to the top of the division with a top 5 offense and a top 10 defense.

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