Jared Goff plays briefly, Rams score a flukey touchdown


Given how poorly the Rams’ offense played last season with Jared Goff running the show, they’ll take any touchdown, no matter how flukey.

And a flukey touchdown was what the Rams got during Goff’s brief appearance with the first-string offense tonight against the Cowboys.

Goff came out for the opening possession and the Rams went three-and-out, but the Cowboys muffed the punt and the Rams recovered, so Goff and the offense went right back on the field. From there, Goff hit receiver Robert Woods deep in Cowboys territory, Woods fumbled into the end zone, and Rams receiver Cooper Kupp jumped on the loose ball in the end zone for a touchdown.

That was the entirety of Goff’s night. His final stat line was 3-for-4 for 29 yards, and the Rams took an early 7-0 lead before Goff took the rest of the night off and was replaced by backup quarterback Sean Mannion.

16 responses to “Jared Goff plays briefly, Rams score a flukey touchdown

  1. Pulling Goof after 2 series LMAO!!! You better give that overrated bum all the reps you can because I may not be a NFL coach, GM, or scout but I can tell you this: HE HAS BUST WRITTEN ALL OVER HIM

  2. Amazing how much more media attention the Rams are already getting than when they played in St.Louis. And it’s not like they’re any better these days. If they were smart, they’d sign Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. Wouldn’t mean more wins, but at least it would bring out the USC fans.

  3. I need an explanation as to why Goff played so little? Is it because he’s already so good and so valuable the Rams don’t want to risk him getting hurt?

  4. I don’t like or dislike the Rams but I agree with the above, Goff has got bust written all over him. So does their 12 year old “en vogue” head coach.

  5. I’m hear to help out all you beginner fans who posted above.

    First of all, I was surprised they took out Goff after one series. However, the reason was obvious. You can’t leave him out there unless you’re willing to leave Whitworth out there, and Whitworth doesn’t need to stay out there for very long in game 1 of the preseason.

    Another reason – you just signed a potential #1 wide receiver that can’t play until next week.

    And to the guy who said Goff almost got Woods killed – was that a joke? Were you even watching? That’s a play every team in the league runs. However, they don’t always execute it as well as Goff did – with a pinpoint pass on his receiver’s hands.

    And for those of you who have already determined Goff is a bust, just bookmark this page and come back at the end of the year to remind yourself what a pitiful, sad football fan you are.

    Additional info for all of you: it appears the Rams hit it big time in the draft with Kupp, Everett, Smart, and Prince. But no one wants to talk about that, so lets move on to some more incredibly stupid negative comments. Who’s up?

  6. Fearsome 4 you nailed it bud. Lol nothing but haters,.wont give an ounce of credit yet will magnify any mistake. Mouthing their own clueless opinions . That’s alright they WILL be eating their words .

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