Josh McCown strengthens his grip on the Jets’ quarterback job


Josh McCown started the preseason opener for the Jets, and the way he played in his only series will improve his chances of starting at quarterback when the regular season begins.

McCown drove the Jets down the field with a 53-yard completion to Robby Anderson, a 15-yard completion to Jalin Marshall and a four-yard touchdown pass to Charone Peake. His only incomplete pass was dropped. It was an impressive opening drive to give the Jets a 7-0 lead over the Titans, and it had to be exactly what the Jets’ coaches were hoping to see from McCown.

After that impressive opening series, McCown left the game and was replaced by Christian Hackenberg, who delivered some accurate passes but generally tried to play it safe and throw short. Hackenberg led the Jets on five first-half possessions, and the Jets didn’t score on any of them.

The Titans’ offense couldn’t get much of anything going, although Marcus Mariota only played one series and DeMarco Murray didn’t play at all. The Titans’ offense tonight didn’t look like what the Titans’ offense will be in the regular season.

As for the Jets’ offense, it appears to be McCown who will lead them when the season starts.

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  1. I feel so bad for the Jets.

    Its funny the shift in feelings NE has experience toward the Jets over the past decade or so. Once they actually worried about them, then just hated, then laughed, now its just overwhelming pity. Probably more pity from the longer standing Patriots fans that have been there and know how it feels.

    Good luck with that guys. See you around again sometime.

  2. canth256 says:
    August 12, 2017 at 9:03 pm
    Man, the Jets running game is not going to be helping the qb out much either. 15 rushes for 23 yards? Yikes.

    First, Matt Forte and Bilal Powell, their top 2 running backs, didn’t play – that makes it hard to judge the run game.

    In general, I get it’s easy to destroy the Jets. They are going to be bad this year, for sure. As a Jet fan (and as with most Jet fans, I would guess), there is an understanding of what they are doing. They have been caught in a vortex of awful for The past 30 years that I’ve been watching them. 2 years of success and 4 years (at a minimum) of utter failure in a continuous loop. I believe they have no choice but to tear it down and start from scratch. Hopefully this will lead to better days. They’ve done everything else, from overspending on vets to missing on draft picks embarrassingly so. I’m looking forward to seeing the young guys play.

  3. 2 of the last 3 seasons McCown was the starter for a team, that got the #1 pick the following season.

    Bucs in 2014 got Winston at #1 in 2015 draft.
    Browns in 2016 got #1 pick in 2017 draft.

    Nice work Jets. You’re on your way to the #1 pick.

  4. Josh McCown is a gamer, hard worker and a great teammate. He wants to go into coaching, and no doubt will be a good coach. Unfortunately, he gets hurt an awful lot, misses a lot of games,and in his last 22 starts he is 2-20.

  5. Josh McCown’s injuries have been flukey like sliding on concrete in his cleats after going out of bounds. There are videos of him playing basketball and dunking. He’s an outstanding athlete.

  6. He stood in there for the Browns when there was nothing…and got destroyed. It seems that may be his same fate here, but I hope not. Guys make millions in the NFL and whine. He took it like a man. Hope he gets some recognition.

  7. The Jets never should have drafted Hackenberg…if they would have left him alone,Bill O’Brien would have drafted him and his career would have actually had a chance…it’s no coincidence that after Hackenberg played under O’Brien at PSU that he was being mentioned as a potential number one overall pick and has regressed ever since…he has all the tools, unfortunately the Jets isn’t the situation he needed to start his career…maybe if he can get to a team where they can groom him behind a starter for a year or two he’ll be able to get on track…I hope he does….

  8. McCown has already been annointed by the Jets to be the sacrificial lamb – well, mutton – upon whom the poor season will be blamed so that GM, coach and the other QBs don’t take all the hate. And though I’d hope he confounds them all and drags the team to one or two more wins than last year’s 5-11, we all know when they’re 3-7 he’ll get jettisoned for the sake of trying out the backups, or for the draft race – if Colts haven’t already won that.

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