NFL investigation regarding most recent Ezekiel Elliott incident is closed


With the NFL suspending Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott six games for conduct occurring in July 2016 and in light of ominous boilerplate in the suspension letter vowing further suspension or “potential banishment” from the league in the event of additional violations of the Personal Conduct Policy, a more recent incident from July 2017 could be problematic for Elliott.

The good news (if there is any) for Elliott is that the league has closed the investigation arising from reports that Elliott had allegedly broken the nose of a DJ at a Dallas nightclub on the evening of July 16. League spokesman Brian McCarthy, in communicating the status of the investigation to PFT, added that “as with any matter, we would review new evidence if presented.”

Local authorities closed the investigation not long after the incident happened, because the alleged victim could not be located. The NFL possibly, if not probably, encountered the same difficulty, making it impossible to come to any conclusions about what did or didn’t happen.

Still, it’s amazing that no video evidence has emerged, either from surveillance cameras or from the numerous cell phone devices in the vicinity of whatever happened. If any of that ever comes to light, Elliott could find himself in a new predicament.

23 responses to “NFL investigation regarding most recent Ezekiel Elliott incident is closed

  1. Uh, yes there was a video of it, but read that it was someone right behind Elliott who threw the punch, not Elliott. However, regarding the investigation apparently the NFL doesn’t need much to be judge, jury, and executioner considering how unfair their other investigation was.

  2. If the DJ can’t be found it’s mo$t likely becau$e for $ome $trange rea$on he doe$n’t want to be.

  3. To all of you people claiming paid off/cover up by Jones or the Dallas PD, have you ever looked into what the punishment for committing such an act would be if found guilty? There’s no way a billionaire nor a PD would ever even consider such an act over a football player.. the risk is nowhere worth the reward. Keep floating atrocious ideas like that and you keep giving the horrible phrase “fake news” more and more credence.

  4. How did the victim get bruises on her knuckles? Self-inflicted wounds people. No police charges ever filed. Elliot is just being used as an example for NFL punishment for previous soft punishment on previous domestic cases.

  5. What I don’t understand is if the victim who broke his nose went to the emergency room, wouldn’t the hospital have his information? (or is that protected by Hippa laws)

  6. Did the league ever look into Zeke being seen openly buying drugs in Seattle just a few hours before his Cowboys preseasoner there last year?

  7. So I’m tired of these pro NFL sided articles now instead of saying Ezekiel Elliott had nothing to do with it you say there is no video of Ezekiel Elliott do it or not doing it but there was video but they chose not to share video of Ezekiel Elliott and it’s TMZ they chose to shared the aftermath video to sell their story they don’t tell you there WAS A ARREST OF A 35 YEAR OLD MAN not Ezekiel Elliott but at the end of the article the under cut line is he is fortunate for now but if video ever comes out HE WOULD BE IN TROUBLE that is dirty journalism leading the public on a opinion or guess. We need to get rid of click bait journalism and social media judge and jury work it’s dangerous and not done with any professionalism

  8. The evidence is eye witnesses who were working there don’t lead people with lies that they can’t get in touch with NOBODY THAT WAS THERE. THAT’S A ABSOLUTE LIE they report only what they want you to believe which is speculation. This bar didn’t go out of business it was full not getting in touch with 2 people doesn’t end you from getting the truth they didn’t want the truth to be a lead story to keep falsely damaging Ezekiel Elliott’s image or perception of character

  9. “Did the league ever look into Zeke being seen openly buying drugs in Seattle just a few hours before his Cowboys preseasoner there last year?”

    No, they didn’t, because he didn’t purchase anything. Do you really think if an NFL player was seen in a head shop, purchasing anything at all it wouldn’t have been reported? C’mon man!

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