Roberto Aguayo says he was “unlucky” on missed extra point


Beleaguered Buccaneers kicker Roberto Aguayo missed an extra point on Friday night, then missed a 47-yard field goal later in the game. But he said he felt like he was kicking the ball well.

“Honestly, the [extra point] felt good,’’ Aguayo told the Tampa Bay Times. “When I caught it, I knew I pushed it a little bit and I was like, ‘hopefully it will stay in,’ but it hit the upright. Unlucky. And the last one, I was trying to get a good hit on it. I hit it good and it just started to fade. Not what you want. Not what I wanted. Obviously, not up to the standards that I want. You just have to keep your head up and move onto the next day. You wanted to come out and be perfect. I did some good things. I hit some good kickoffs. I had a field goal in there but at the end of the day, it wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve just got to put it in the past. It’s a new day.’’

Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter sounded after the game like he’s tired of seeing his kicker miss.

“You know, I keep saying it, I can’t say it anymore. If you’re a kicker, you’ve got to make your kicks,” Koetter said.

Tampa Bay’s other kicker, Nick Folk, made his only kick of the night, a 45-yard field goal. A year after the Bucs traded up in the second round of the draft to select Aguayo, he now looks like an extreme long shot to make the roster.

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  1. As millennials replaced the men who used to play this sport there will be more and more of this.

  2. “Unlucky” is a term soccer players/coaches use when something doesn’t go your way. Kickers are really soccer players that weren’t good enough to play soccer, guess he was “unlucky.”

  3. Trading up for this guy may be the worst move this team has made in years. Even though he’s blowing it I still feel bad for him somehow, I hope he can turn it around.

  4. @somethinsbruin just remember you are one of the people that raised these millennials or raised someone that raised a millennial so think about that.

  5. Aguayo reminds me of Randy Bullock. Both seemed to be excellent collegiate place kickers who won the Lou Groza award yet for whatever reason both have struggled with inconsistency as pros.

  6. missing FG or extra points is terrible.. this guy has a knack to do both. too bad, but roberto will get cut.. unless ownership decides to give him ANOTHER chance.. coach is absolutely right. bye bye roberto

  7. “I hit it good and it just started to fade.”

    Newsflash. If you had “hit it good” it wouldn’t have “faded”

  8. The only thing lucky for Roberto is that he’s still on the squad. And I see that luck running out very soon unless he owns his failures and more importantly, fixes them. Nick Folk might seem old at 32, but kickers have a way extending that another ten years!

  9. Maybe the Buc’s need to take a page from the Bears and Kevin White. Sit Mr. Missed It in a room and let him watch his draft profile and old college highlight reel.

    Remember Yipps Aguayo you are strong enough, accurate enough, and doggone it ball likes you.

  10. Maybe he needs some therapy, can’t be the best kicker in college and suddenly become the worst in pros, it is all between his ears.

  11. He wasn’t good in college…or I should say, by NFL standards he wasn’t a good college kicker.

    He was the most accurate, but most of that was short yardage kicks. His NFL range is terrible, and a never ending case of the yips.

    Hope he gets cut, has some time to refocus and grow his body, and then go to camp next year to compete for a job.

  12. If you are saying “hopefully it stays in” about extra points then you are clearly not an NFL kicker.

    Plus I don’t care if this guy was the next janikowski, if I were the owner I’d be tempted to fire every single person that had anything to do with drafting a kicker in the second round. For a team that has otherwise been trending up it just blows my mind they thought that was a good idea.

  13. Heck with the missed kicks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they took a kicker in the second round! Please tell me someone lost their job over that move.

  14. He’ll get cut and somehow wind up having a Hall of Fame season in New England. We’ve seen a lot of that down here. However in all seriousness, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if after he gets cut he goes to another team and performs well. This is because the pressure of being the 2nd round pick will be off of him.

  15. A good scouting department can find kickers late in the draft or as rookie free agents. 6 of the top 10 most accurate kickers in NFL history were undrafted, including the top 2 Justin Tucker (who drilled a 59 yarder two nights ago) and Dan Bailey. Gostkowski is the only one in the top 10 selected somewhat highly (4th round). I feel bad for Aguayo because he didn’t ask for the pressure of being drafted so highly but it was an awful pick at that point in the draft, especially considering they traded up as well for him.

  16. I will concede that ithe one you missed was unlucky Roberto, if you will concede that all the ones you’ve made were lucky.

  17. Professional kickers understand that a well struck kick is likely to fade a bit and they therefore aim appropriately. Same goes for a soccer player taking a free kick. So if this kicker hits the upright from short range it is not “unlucky” it is poor pre-kick mental preparation.

  18. My advice to kicker who struggles with ball fading, move the holder over six inches and you’ll likely feel more comfortable with how you are approaching the ball prior to striking it. Now which way the holder is moved should be very easy to sort out in practice–not like the snapper, holder and kicker
    are doing all that much in practice anyway.

  19. wick0926 says:
    August 12, 2017 at 9:15 am
    @somethinsbruin just remember you are one of the people that raised these millennials or raised someone that raised a millennial so think about that.
    raising a millennial has more challeges than other generations, the Liberal society has made low hanging fruit easy for these kids to grasp. And parents telling them nothing is free and they have to earn it rings empty tones, when they see the opposite happening!

  20. upnorthvikesfan says:
    August 12, 2017 at 10:27 am
    Heck with the missed kicks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they took a kicker in the second round! Please tell me someone lost their job over that move.


    Rule #1 – if you wouldn’t do it in a fantasy draft, don’t do it in a real one.

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