Browns ready to see DeShone Kizer under bright lights

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The Browns are going to find out if the lights are too bright for DeShone Kizer. They expect the rookie quarterback to perform well in the Aug. 21 game on Monday Night Football, but they also know they’ll find out a lot more about Kizer after that game against the Giants.

“He’s a lot better than he was in the spring, but he’s still not there, guys,” quarterbacks coach Davis Lee said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He knows it. There’s so doggone much and right when he has good practices, then [bad] things happen in a game.

“That’s why this one Monday night is so good for him. That’s what we need. Put him in real lights, a national television game, and see if he can carry these fundamentals that we’re harping on him over and over and over to the game.”

Kizer played in the second half in the preseason opener Thursday night, following Brock Osweiler and Cody Kessler. He completed 11 of 18 passes for 184 yards and a touchdown for a 114.1 passer rating.

The Browns, though, want to see Kizer against better competition. To that end, Kizer likely moves up to starter or No. 2 against the Giants so he plays during the first half.

“Has he got it mastered? Not yet,” Lee said. “We’ve got to know he can do all of it before we put him out there full time. So he’s not ready for that yet.”

Head coach Hue Jackson said something similar two days ago, stressing the Browns will stick to their plan and not succumb to pressure to pressure to play the rookie before he’s ready. But Kizer is showing he is getting closer to being ready to take the reins.

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  1. “Browns ready to see DeShone Kizer under bright lights”. Yea… ok… like playing Alabama 2 year in a row isn’t bright enough lights. Oh wait. He’s in Houston because my Browns are stupid and could have had him and just gave him away. Watson is a stud and you let him walk away.My Browns are pathetic. Just… lost…. I guess… send help.

  2. A QB isn’t a savior. Plenty of teams have won rings without the best QB in the game (yes I am calling you out Namath, and some much later than Namath) but none have won without a team. While I would like the Browns to solve their Franchise QB problem, I am much more excited about seeing a defense that swarms, an O-Line that can block, and receivers that can catch. This is the makings of a good team and I for one, fan aside, am glad to see this for the NFL. It isn’t good for the NFL to have 4-5 good teams competing year on year and everyone else just taking the field week after week.

  3. I love how they are approaching it. There is a lot to be excited about, but he did operate completely out of the gun and played against many guys who won’t land special teams roster spots. The bottom of the Browns roster was definitely better than the bottom of the Saints, but the top of the roster is a different story.

    Let the kid develop. He has the tools. He needs the time.

  4. Basically they’re saying “We gave him the training wheels playbook during the game so he wouldn’t look bad”. Obviously Brock Osweiler didn’t get that one.

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