Jason Witten: Ezekiel Elliott can grow from this


Cowboys tight end Jason Witten admits this situation is awkward for him.

As someone who grew up with an abusive father and has advocated for women and children impacted by domestic violence, he likely feels a certain away about the allegations against teammate Ezekiel Elliott which led to a six-game suspension.

But Witten also has a role as a teammate and a leader in the Cowboys locker room, and he said he doesn’t have all the facts he needs to speak in an informed manner.

“I’m not privy to all the information that’s gone on over the last year,” Witten said, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’d say this: there’s no place for a man to put his hand on a woman. Most of you know that that’s a situation that’s affected my family as a younger kid, so I put a lot of work and attention and have a platform to step out and speak on stopping domestic violence.

“Having said that, Zeke continues to work through it. He’s talked about it. How many games and all that stuff? That’s not what you really deal with. He’s a teammate and just need to work through it with him and have this opportunity to grow from it. I think that’s what his purpose is right now.”

Elliott has defended his innocence, while apologizing to the team for creating the dreaded distraction. And so while Witten may have conflicted feelings about the situation, he also feels an obligation to his team and his teammate.

“Certainly these situations are never easy,” Witten said. “But Zeke’s been a teammate of mine for the last year and I’ve enjoyed having that relationship with him. Not only as a tremendous football player, but the opportunity to be able to have a relationship with him and mentor him. . . . I’m certain that he’ll work through it and be better and grow from it.

“Quite frankly, it’s uncomfortable even having the conversation right now, but you go through it, and [you’re] in a position to be a leader, and you continue to show the way and allow guys to grow, and I know that’s been a tough year on him. I think that his mindset has been such what he’s said, what he’s already released, I think that that’s a pretty good perspective on what he’s trying to do moving forward.”

Because of his status in the organization and around the league, having Witten offer even conditional support for Elliott will be significant for him when he returns to the field. But he also gives Witten a chance to raise awareness to a situation that’s extremely personal to him.

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  1. I hate it for Zeke that the nfl is using his status and star power against him and trotting him out in public as an examaple of the league being tough on DV. What a bunch of crock, it is come time for 345 to be humbled and Goodell to take a seat.

  2. Whether he did it or not, he needs to learn from this situation. Try not to put yourself in situations where your integrity intelligence or dignity will be questioned. There are plenty of examples of upstanding players in the league.. pick a mentor a go with it. You can enjoy life being a millionaire and superstar without all the drama.

  3. Sure he can learn but I doubt that he does. Star in HS, star in college and now a star again but the incidents keep occurring.

    Dude has a problem and when yo have a problem bad things follow you around.

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    tylawspick6 says:
    August 13, 2017 at 2:14 pm
    goodell is not to be trusted

    this is retaliation and image control..it is “more probable than not” that
    goodell has lied again

    Just another pissed off homer. If a player on the team I root for hits a woman I would have no problem seeing him get a suspension. Same if a player on the team I root for cheats I would not have a problem seeing him get a suspension.

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  5. No, Jason, the Bearded Woman Beater cannot change – he has a pattern of disgusting treatment of women and that will not become a decreasing instance in his life; this is proved by his doing something overtly disgusting in public while he was under investigation for beating up a woman. That fact shows he is either mentally ill or is so arrogant that he will do what he wants to women because it gives him a thrill.

    Mark my words, this Bearded fool will only become more violent and aggressive with women.

    The hope is that he doesn’t kill his next victim so there is no one to rat on him.

  6. I doubt he learned anything since he doesn’t think he did anything wrong in the first place.

  7. if I were Zeke i would try to emulate everything that Jason Witten does on and off the field as Jason is a classy human being and a first ballot hall of famer.

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