Mike Glennon doesn’t want to put too much pressure on next game

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Bears coach John Fox said that there won’t be a change to the depth chart at quarterback because Mitchell Trubisky had a good game against the Broncos after starter Mike Glennon struggled in his first outing with the team.

Would there be a change if things played out the same way against the Cardinals in Arizona next Saturday?

Glennon would surely prefer that the question doesn’t get asked because he played well enough to avoid thoughts of that nature, but he said Sunday that he doesn’t want to make too much of the next game.

“It’s bigger than the first, but not as big as the third,” Glennon said, via Zach Zaidman of the Bears radio network. “Obviously want to go out and play well, but don’t want to make too big of a deal and put too much pressure on a preseason game.”

There was always going to be chatter about when Trubisky will be inserted into the first team because that’s the way it goes when a team trades up to take a quarterback with the second overall pick. Going 18-of-25 for 166 yards and a touchdown is only going to increase that chatter, something coach John Fox noted at his press conference.

“First time we threw Tim Tebow out in Denver was pretty similar,” Fox said.

The Bears will hope that Trubisky proves to have more staying power while Glennon will be looking for more power in general this week.

19 responses to “Mike Glennon doesn’t want to put too much pressure on next game

  1. Dude is in a tough spot. Bears sign him to be QB. Bears then move up to draft a QB. Glennon stinks it up in preseason game. Backup QB impresses. Lots of pressure.

  2. I can’t picture Fox, Pace, and Glennon doing a dance to “We didn’t start the fire” as they’re all being let go in the off-season.

  3. This reminds me of qhen my Raiders signed Flynn and drafted Carr. Flynn was penciled in (and payed) to start until Carrs big game vs SEA in game 4 of pre season. Sometimes you just got to play the better guy regardless of how hes payed. Good luck Bears fans. Its been a LONG time since you had a QB. I hope Trub is the real deal.

  4. Glennon has roughly 9 million in the bank from the guaranteed money the Bears paid him after taxes and agent’s fees. If he’s smart with that he’ll never have to work another day in his life nor will his wife and kids, even if he was benched now and never throws another pass in the NFL again.

    He should use that security blanket as something to think about and take the pressure off him.

  5. Uhh Foxy, I think Tebow went on to replace Kyle Orton after a 1-4 start and reel off 6 wins in a row, after they traded his top receiver Brandon Lloyd with DeMaryius Thomas and Eric Decker both injured. Then Tim took that crappy Broncos team to the playoffs and beat the Steelers. As I recall.

  6. Hey, John Fox: please don’t compare Trubisky to Tebow. Tebow, while a great college QB, didn’t have the skills or ability to be an NFL QB. Trubisky does. He can even throw a spiral, which Tebow can’t do. If Trubisky isn’t on the field by mid-season, Fox will be probably be on the way to the unemployment line.

  7. The Bears haven’t been to the big dance in over 30 years…heaven forbid they should feel any “pressure.” Yikes

  8. I read an article where they talked about this guys arm strength as a good thing. What the hell are people talking about? When we played Glennon two years ago the guy threw more ducks than Brad Johnson. Of course, nothing can top Christian Ponder throwing a hail mary at the end of the game and it landed at the 15 yard line.

  9. The best players should play. Period. That is the only way for Fox to survive and he knows it. It has to be that way unless you want to loose the rest of the players on that team.
    OK, lets go out and bust our butts and get beat because of pride? No, I don’t think a measly 15 million in today’s NfL is worth loosing.

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