Packers reverse course, bring back long snapper Brett Goode

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The Packers brought in a new punter and long snapper this offseason, but they’ve reversed course on the snapper front.

The team announced that they have signed Brett Goode to the 90-man roster. Goode joined the team in 2008 and played all but two regular season games for the team through the 2016 season.

Kicker Mason Crosby had a rough practice last weekend with Derek Hart snapping the ball to new punter/holder Justin Vogel and that led some to wonder if they would turn back to Goode, who was not re-signed after becoming a free agent in March. They have not dropped Hart from the roster, so, for now, it appears to be a competition for the job.

Crosby hit one field goal and three extra points without a miss in the Packers’ first preseason outing.

14 responses to “Packers reverse course, bring back long snapper Brett Goode

  1. That’s it then. All the pieces are in place. For what I don’t know, but I’m sure the fans of this team will tell us repeatedly, with spelling errors.

  2. Goode was automatic in long snapping, the holder rarely had to spin the ball for laces out. His downfall was his age, (32) and his ability to cover punts as a tackler.

    Simply, the Packers would rather live with his tackling liability than suffer missing any FG’s or Extra Points. Those can hurt in the big spot as demonstrated by Crosby nailing three kicks from over 50 yards in the playoff game vs Dallas in the last two minutes of that game (ok, one was nullified by a Cowboy timeout but he still made it) vs. the Vikings missing from 27 yards and going home for the season.

  3. filthymcnasty3 says:
    August 13, 2017 at 12:55 pm
    This is an important signing, because Goode teams would never eliminate themselves from the playoffs with a shanked 27 yard field goal.

    I know….but I saw a “Goode” team eliminate themselves from a possible Super Bowl appearance by botching a simple onside kick recovery…

  4. Been around for the masterful playoff chokes so he’s used to it. Can’t wait for this years edition. My only regret is that it won’t be as epic as: 4th and 26th, favre interception v giants, 15-1, kap running wild, Larry fitz, Atlanta, or the best of all: 2014 NFC Choke-ionship game. But one can always be optimistic.

  5. These are the sort of subtle Ted maneuvers that have propelled the Packers further than any NFC North team for the last 7 straight years. It is simply this:

    Better football.

    For better people.

  6. TT had cut Goode for a younger cheaper replacement. TT does not often change his mind when he makes cuts for financial reasons so Goode’s replacement must have been quite awful.

  7. They still say it’ll be a competition, as they are keeping Hart on the roster. If the team really wants Hart, maybe Goode can give him some pointers to be more effective. Then again, the only hiccup from Hart came during the Family Night practice. Crosby has been solid the rest of the camp.

  8. Goode was automatic in long snapping, the holder rarely had to spin the ball for laces out. His downfall was his age, (32) and his ability to cover punts as a tackler.

    Salary was probably as big an issue as age.

    In his 11th year, Goode will make $1 million this season.

    Not that the cap is an issue for the team, but that’s alot of dough for a player on the field 12 plays per game, at most.

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