Chargers providing free tattoos on Tuesday

If you’re willing to permanently alter your flesh with the colors and logos of the L.A. Chargers, the L.A. Chargers are willing to pay for it. For a 12-hour window on Tuesday.

Via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the Chargers will pay for anyone who chooses one of various available Chargers tattoos (hopefully not the initial L.A. logo) at the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood, from 1:00 p.m. PT to 1:00 a.m. PT.

It’s the latest front in the “Fight for L.A.,” which the Chargers intend on the surface to mean “fight on behalf of L.A.” but that in reality is a battle with the Rams (and Raiders) for the hearts, minds, wallets, and (for 12 hours on Tuesday) bodily real estate of Angelinos.

The effort comes two days after, via the Orange County Register, the Chargers drew only 21,054 fans to their temporary home in Carson, which holds 27,000. As noted by the Register, plenty of Seahawks fans were in attendance.

20 responses to “Chargers providing free tattoos on Tuesday

  1. sorry Chargers , One Nation, Raider Nation…just wait until Raiders play Rams/Chargers in LA- another home game for raiders.

  2. HAHAHAAHAHA Man they look so desperate now. Did they really think LA would rally around them? They should have paid for a crappy stadium in San Diego where at least they would sell out a high school sized stadium. No one in LA want’s them there. Great Job Dean!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  3. thats like getting a tattoo when dating and you need it removed later.

    They wont be in Los Angeles long with sharing Kroenke world and will be begging for a new home eventually due to poor ticket sales. Get those tarps ready! And those LA Charger tattoo’s will look really stupid, as if they dont already anyway because Nobody wants them their in the first place! 55 years of memories for San Diego down the drain! Boo Spanos!! Boo!!!!

  4. Pathetic team, with a pathetic owner in a pathetic town. SD 4 life I hope you lose every game for the rest of eternity. Sorry Philip.

  5. Only mental patients turn out for this. Again they’ll be embarrassed by low numbers.

    First you build a winner that people love, THEN they’re willing to get the tattoo.

    Should’ve given out free TACOS, then they’d have record numbers.

  6. If these morons get the tattoo it should be posted on their forehead saying “dumb a..”

  7. I can’t believe this! Free tatoos? Who thought that one up? Rediculous! That follows Carson’s sponsorship of Venice Gay Pride Days, the “Run to the Dump” and back, the sponsoring of Costa Mesa’s high school North South Game. These were all flops! These gimmics like hiring LT to be a Carson spokesman are pathetic. They’ll build no fan base in L-a-L-a-Land. 47 to 17 even in a pre-season game? Sad.

  8. During the regular season, without the Seahawk fans, they may draw a lot fewer fans. Even the Raiders had trouble drawing fans in LA, because there is so much to do around town.

  9. If they keep on having low attendance after the new stadium is built, they may move again, and then those fans who had the free tattoos will have to pay to get rid of them. As the mechanic in one oil filter commercial said, you can pay me now or pay me later.

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