Goodell urges understanding of anthem protesters


The NFL has no rule requiring players to stand for the national anthem. As a result, the NFL can do nothing to discipline players who chose not to stand.

On Monday, Commissioner Roger Goodell faced questions about the protests during a fan forum organized by the Cardinals.

“We have to understand there are people with different viewpoints,” Goodell said, via Mike Jurecki of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “The national anthem is a special moment to me. It’s a point of pride. That is a really important moment. But we also have to understand the other side. People do have rights and we want to respect those.”

The protests began a year ago, due primarily to former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick‘s concern regarding multiple incidents of police brutality against African-Americans and people of color. Early on, Kaepernick made compelling and persuasive remarks regarding the training and educational requirements for police officers, comparing them to the more stringent mandates of cosmetology licensing. Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, opting to sit for the anthem in the aftermath of the horrific and shameful incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, spoke in much broader terms about his concerns regarding segregation, riots, and oppression.

Whatever the reasons given for the protest, no one has yet to declare that the protests are intended to reflect anti-American, anti-military, or anti-police sentiments. As the events of the past two days have demonstrated, our nation has a shameful past on matters of race and a stunningly checkered present. Football players and other athletes are choosing that moment before a game not to protest what is good about America, but to bring attention to things that aren’t, and that could be and should be improved.

Instead of immediately branding these men as something they’re not, the more prudent approach is to understand why they’re using that platform to give voice to causes that otherwise seem to be ignored or glossed over, possibly because they make people who aren’t the subject of segregation, riots, and oppression uncomfortable.

Whatever the purpose for protesting during the anthem, the players have a right to do it, as Goodell has acknowledged. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that some NFL teams seem to believe they have a right to consider the exercise of those rights as the kind of “distraction” and/or “baggage” that will influence not employing a player whose skills aren’t head and shoulders above his peers. Thus, until players like Colin Kaepernick can protest without worrying that doing so may be the difference between being employed and not employed, Goodell’s assurance “[p]eople do have rights and we want to respect those” will be somewhat hollow and incomplete.

99 responses to “Goodell urges understanding of anthem protesters

  1. I won’t pay money to support them. It’s my money and my money shouldn’t have to “understand” anyone’s disrespectful viewpoint.

  2. By that logic, as long as I “declare” that spitting in my neighbors face has nothing to do with disrespect, he should be just fine with it. Got it.

  3. I agree that players have the right to sit if they choose. But don’t take away the owners rights not to hire them because they don’t agree with them. Everyone has rights but unfortunately exercising them comes at a cost sometimes

  4. When the national anthem is played you stand and pay the respect due to those who have lost their lives and those who continue to fight. Sorry no exceptions!

  5. Everyone has a right to protest. No one has a right to use the position granted to them by their employer to protest without fear of repercussion.

  6. “Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that some NFL teams seem to believe they have a right to consider the exercise of those rights as the kind of “distraction” and/or “baggage” that will influence not employing a player whose skills aren’t head and shoulders above his peers.”

    They “seem to believe” they have that right because they do have that right…much to the chagrin of SJW’s everywhere.

  7. People believe this left wing rhetoric that kneeling for the National Anthem is everybody’s constitutional right. It actually has nothing to do with constitutional rights, those are rights given to all US citizens to protect them from government intervention, this is a work place issue. NFL teams are privately held businesses and the owners have the right to fire and hire as they please. They can tell their players, its your right to kneel as long as you accept my right to fire you without explaining the reason why.

    Don’t believe me, just ask Kaep.

  8. The players have a right to protest and the fans have a right to keep their hard earned money.I will not spend a dime on anything to do with the NFL.

  9. In the end Roger will be gone as viewership declines. This fact the owners won’t tolerate.

    The networks had to refund some commercial revenue last year due to declining ratings.

    Many viewers stated they stopped or decreased watching due to National Anthem protests.

  10. Sorry, but your logic is faulty. Michael Bennet, while a good player, is not heads and shoulders above any one else at his position ….

  11. Goodell is sitting firmly ontop of the fence. He fears the 100,000 petition signers who “side” with Kaepernick, but he knows millions were PO’d and stopped watching games in ’16. He loses either way. Everyone has rights, so fans and owners must be allowed to exercise theirs IF you support letting players exercise theirs during the anthem.

  12. Goodell should understand this:

    As a fan, I have rights too.

    I have a right not to support a team that employs whining, sniveling, ungrateful social justice warriors who spit in the face of the country that made them rich, famous, and successful.

    I have the right not to tune in to any games of that team. I have the right not to buy its merchandise. I have the right to do my part to reduce the revenue of that team, and the NFL.

    I believe a lot of fans share this view, and the owners know it.

    This is NOT about the right to protest or to voice an opinion. It’s all about the opinion itself.

  13. This is making me want the NFL owners to lockout the players, and let their greed eat at themselves with their extravagant life style, and 3 different baby mamas. Let’s see how long it takes for college players to become scabs or a new non soft league to start.

  14. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

  15. I don’t agree with this not standing for the national anthem at all. I do not support any NFL player who disgraces our country or its flag regardless of their personal view points.

  16. If even one person stops supporting the NFL due to this, isn’t it conduct detrimental to the league?

  17. mlhigh says:
    August 14, 2017 at 7:12 pm
    So now everybody is doing it but Kap is still undef the bus?

    These other guys are good at football.

  18. I’m sick and tired of the MSM pushing their agendas on on the people that pay the way……. NFL owners are being bullied for using common sense in not allowing the ilk like Krapernick to play for their team……..

    I refuse to support a team that has a player on it that pulls this kind of behavior….

    That’s my right and the owners know it……..

  19. About the whole cosmetology training versus police training issue, let’s be fair here as well. There are a whole slew of things would be police cadets need to have before they can even enter academy training that I am sure cosmetology students do not need. First of all, they need to have a High School Diploma or GED/2 year or 4 year college degree. They need to have a clean background check and clean driving record. They have to have clearance from the DOJ to carry a firearm. They have to pass a reading/writing test. They have to pass a physical endurance, strength, and agility test. This isn’t PART of the police training, this is what they have to complete before they can even be training.

  20. Not only is the First Anendnent inapplicable as s previous poster pointed out ; Kaep wore socks calling police pigs; Pro Castro T- shirts – sure that would go over well in Miami … and didn’t bother to vote – is he better than guys who have jobs ? Yes; but unless he can improve a team beyond the cap hit and ” baggage cost ” he will be watching

  21. Apparently some of you people are willing to do anything your employer tells you. Exactly how far are you willing to go with that?

    You stay within the law of your company’s by lines….. When your actions cost the company money you get FIRED……

  22. Thank you to these protesters! I watch my Pats at 10am (West Coast) and then go out with family or friends until late Sunday missing all the other games and may be catch the 2nd half of the Sunday night game. They got me going out to spend time with those who matter, while missing 90% of the games to avoid all the protest talk! Weekends are now for college football and family.

  23. @firestarter- You’re not going to stop supporting your team if one of their players kneels.

    You’re not going to stop watching games. Name one game you didn’t watch last year because of Kaepernick. A game that you otherwise were going to watch.

    Spare us the self-piety.

  24. Dallas couldn’t wear memorial decals to honor the cops killed by a racist sniper, but the league is sure supportive of pig socks and anthem protests.

    Makes sense. Oh well, I have better things to spend money and time on come Sundays.

    Remember, the single raindrop never feels responsible for the food. Boycott and stand for something.

  25. crappygovernment says:
    August 14, 2017 at 7:47 pm
    Think of how awesome it will be without the NFL and its mush-brained SJW whiners this fall! They’re 100% unlikable this season anyway!

    37 5 Rate This

    SJW whiners? Is nt SJW altright code? Already back home from your rally in Charlottesville I see. And there you are getting upvoted 37 to 5. Profootballtalk is an interesting place. Especially it’s demographic.

  26. cardinealsfan20 says:
    August 14, 2017 at 7:58 pm
    Apparently some of you people are willing to do anything your employer tells you. Exactly how far are you willing to go with that?

    For me at one point when I was a young man and my employer was Uncle Sam it included going as far as Southeast Asia, where I did things under the terms of my employment I would just as soon no one ever had to do. How about you? Unlike many others I was fortunate enough not to make the trip home in a box so my young bride never rec’d the “thanks of a grateful nation.” Among the many things I learned was just how very equal in importance we all are and that all of us are the same color on the inside. The latter part of that statement becomes self evident when what’s normally on the inside is suddenly and violently exposed to the outside. We all do what we have to in order for us and ours to survive out here on the edge of the Milky Way. It might pay for you to consider that before you pontificate.

    I have no issue with those whose conscience compels them to act according to what they perceive as a greater good but I do have a serious issue with dilettantes that play at it. Mr Pig Socks & Castro Shirt is a clown with a message of hate not healing. I gladly recognize and applaud the conviction of the Stills, Miller and McCourty types when they do what they believe is right even if I do not care for their method but I can’t abide a fraud like Kaep or Lynch.

  27. Those of us who understand that political demonstrations have no place in the work place also understand why employers don’t hire job applicants who show up for interviews unkempt with piercings and tattoos all over their faces and bodies.
    It’s about being smart enough to know that you have an obligation to your employer to present yourself in a certain way and not cause distractions with your personal views. Like it or not, you are trying to sell yourself when you apply for a job, just like college players are trying to sell themselves to NFL teams at the Combine. If you can’t even make yourself look presentable for that, who in their right mind would want you as their employee?
    There are rules for people to follow in everything we do. Those who follow them and respect them have no problems. It’s those who think they are above rules and march to their own drummer who have problems, caused by themselves. Both Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch fit that to a tee. They think they are above the rules and can do and say what they want with no regard to the negative reactions they cause their teams. They are selfish and disruptive, too.
    I would not want either of them on my team if I were an owner, GM, or head coach. I don’t care how much talent they have.
    As for Goodell — he’s wrong. Protesting or demonstrating to vent your personal and political views on an NFL field is not a “right”. There is a time and place for everything, and on the field is not that time or place.
    I wish some white NFL player from the deep south would pull out a small Confederate flag while the National Anthem is being played, just to see the reaction after he did it. The same people who are defending Kaepernick’s “right” to do what he’s doing would attack the player with the Confederate flag with both barrels blazing. You see, they are hypocrites who defend only those who agree with their agenda.
    I would blast the player for doing it too, but it would be worth seeing him doing it just to prove a point.

  28. cardinealsfan20 says:
    August 14, 2017 at 7:58 pm
    Apparently some of you people are willing to do anything your employer tells you. Exactly how far are you willing to go with that?

    At Google a guy wrote an internal memo questioning their diversity policies. He was fired and Google had every right to do so. Why should the NFL be different?

  29. Once you remember that Football is a child’s game and realize that pro football players are overpaid entertainers playing a child’s game, you can see why some are ultra liberal, unpatriotic and arrogant. The truth is politics and religion need to stay out of all business endeavors, including sports. If no one buys the ticket, buys the jersey and buys the products they sell between every few plays. There is no NFL. The truth is the owners could care less about you, me, the players or this country as long as they make their money. THis country has problems, some of it is based around identity politics. Some comes from true social injustice but most comes from minorities feeling they were somehow cheated by the white majority. Their own excuses for failure create this disrespectful attitude they dramatize by Giving the Castro lover’s knee to the national anthem. I am tired of it. Stay in the locker room until its over!

  30. So is it just any generic protest that makes a players “viewpoint” worthy? Godell is trying to throw some generic diversity PC spin BS against the wall to see if it sticks. Some protests are better than others? It’s all entertainment. If the people performing don’t want to be trained seals, don’t be a seal. No dancing elwphants, no circus.

  31. From the Washington Post’s Police Fatalities database:

    From Jan 1, 2015 to June 16, 2017:

    Whites Killed: 1,139
    Blacks Killed: 593
    Hispanices Killed: 401
    Asians Killed: 37

    It’s hard to understand exactly what their beef is.

  32. Tell Goodell I understand the protesters are disrespectful jackasses. If they don’t like our country enough to stand for the anthem, they can take one of the many planes that leave our country every day. They our country enough to stay here and make six and seven figures annually. Hypocrites.

  33. I am so over the NFL…..Diva Players, Greedy Owners, A League that makes up rules as it goes…..Protest Away and enjoy your 15 mins because once you are finished playing nobody will remember you or your cause

  34. Why do people feel the need to tell the world you won’t watch football over this? Nobody cares move on. Truth is you are likely a bunch of keyboard warriors who complain about someone sitting when your fat ass is probably stuffing your face with hot wings and never did a thing to help veterans affairs. You make me sick.

  35. It’s really pretty simple. Whenever I see a player not respecting the National Anthem I turn the game off and do something else. Same when I hear the announcers even talking about it. Or a sports show talking about it. I turn it off. Sports is my escape from reality. That’s why I can’t watch ESPN or most sports shows these days. It’s about everything but sports and competition. Too bad. I’ve been a die-hard football fan since the 1970s. But I can live without it. Disappointing though. I watched less football last season than I have since… forever.

  36. Valentino8100 says:
    August 14, 2017 at 6:40 pm
    By that logic, as long as I “declare” that spitting in my neighbors face has nothing to do with disrespect, he should be just fine with it. Got it.
    Spitting in someone’s face is assault and obviously against the law. Other than that small tidbit, perfect analogy dude

  37. They can choose to protest in the manner they see fit. If their bosses doubt like it that is their choice. My choice is too not watch those games.

  38. Not surprising coming from somebody who can’t move enough games out of the country. You want to make a statement on the field, make a tough tackle, catch or throw a great pass, make a great block.

  39. Crazy how racist NFL fans are…let the league die if this is what fascist racists believe. Everyone has the right to free speech, but from the posts above…yes you are almost all racist! Why would you even watch a sport dominated by black Americans. Most of you pseudo-neo-nazis don’t even know the history of the national anthem, a pro-slavery song…Why would any black man or women stand to salute slavery, and anti-black rhetoric.

  40. Lots of big talk about what you all think youre owed as fans. Since none of you are outraged enough to boycott the nfl your talk is pretty cheap.

  41. Kapernick, Bennett and Lynch have a few things in common, but mainly they are loud mouth, uneducated Punks. Have u ever listened to them speak? These guys went to College? They are too dumb to understand a rational argument.

  42. Don’t have a problem with not standing for the anthem. Not taking part in forced patriotism is NOT protesting. However, wearing pig socks and Castro shirts on the job is a different story. For doing that, Kaep has reaped what he sowed.

  43. All you whiners cancel your subscriptions and have fun missing the season, just like kap taking a knee you don’t matter so get over yourselves, the sun is gonna come up tomorrow and life is going to continue on no matter what you say feel or think .

  44. Wow…These comments. The fact you are all so appalled and disgraced that someone would kneel to bring exposure to the underlying issues of race that still exist in this country, in a peaceful, and yes respectful manner- AND Yet you anti-Kaep commenters make no mention of being appalled by the hatred and bigotry on display this weekend by the white nationalists…They stand for the anthem. So they are the good guys? I would rather kneel next to Kaep every chance I got, rather than stand next to those bigots. Unfortunately, the fact NONE of you commenters said that, so I wonder what is in your hearts. You commenters just can’t see, or rather choose not to see, that your comments illustrate perfectly and exactly what the kneeling protesting is for and why it is needed. Well said Florio. God bless Kaep, Bennette, Lynch, any other kneeler, and the team that will soon realize Kaep is worth signing as someone who would add value to the team in a true and meaningful way.

  45. Until I start hearing these pro athletes admit to problems in black communities themselves, and the FACT that those areas are where black people are under the most oppression (see Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, etc), I refuse to “understand” their argument…especially when they themselves are out there making more in 1 silly game than most people make in multiple years of work combined. Look up how many people were killed in Chicago this weekend…why don’t their lives matter? Why don’t they get national anthem protests? You and the media can continue to ignore these FACTS, but those of us with common sense aren’t fooled by your propaganda machine.

  46. pheloniusphish says:
    August 14, 2017 at 8:17 pm
    They don’t have a right to protest at their place of work.

    They do as long as their EMPLOYER doesn’t object. It doesn’t matter what you think about it.

  47. And fans have the right to stop watching and put their money elsewhere until they take the politics out of the game.

  48. They need to make sure they explain what they are protesting and give sincere respect to those that have died or risked their lives protecting all Americans.

    I think that is the issue: these guys in the article are protesting racism in their heads. Many see disrespect for the US which is also extremely intolerable.

    What are we left with? People that don’t understand eachother and don’t care to learn about the other because it’s too easy to just make an uneducated lazy emotional decision – that cuts both ways.

  49. Ok, so a player has the right to sit or kneel while the Anthem plays. Then I assume he has the right to give the finger to the flag while the Anthem plays, or bend over with his backside facing the flag (he might as well, it’s basically saying the same thing). Or, bring a little flag to the stadium with him and burn it on the field while the Anthem plays… or, he could spit on it and grind it into the ground with his cleats. Silly? Well, then you tell me where this juvenile, misdirected, misguided nonsense ends. Because if you think it’s going to stop with simply kneeling or sitting, you’re delusional. Someone’s going to push the envelope a little further. Then a little further. No, you can’t mandate patriotism. But an employer can sure as heck demand that personal protests be done on the individual’s own time, and steer clear of those who don’t comply.

  50. I urge Goodell to understand why I won’t want to spend money supporting players who don’t respect the country I love. They have the right to sit, and I have the right to not buy tickets, merchandise, etc.

  51. I remember when I was in elementary school there was a boy who never stood for the pledge of allegiance. His name was Walter. I became friends with him. In doing so I found out he was johavaswitness. Which I thought was a good enough reason for me because it was against his religion to pledge the flag. Point being sometimes the reasoning for someone doing something disrespectful to you like pledging the flag or standing for the anthem comes second to why they aren’t. We are all individuals and need to show empathy for each other instead of always putting our feelings before others.

  52. You could solve the problem quite easily by having the player sit in the lockerrooms and have the fans do the National Anthem. Though it doesn’t matter as I have decided to walk away from the whole game and not spend one more dollar or waste one more minute watching the game. I think the NFL apathy movement will be gaining more momentum each day.

  53. Goodell is more than a little late to the game on this. The sports media has been doing exactly what he’s suggesting since these anthem protests began. If even a few players continue these protests, the league’s brand will continue to suffer, as it did last year. NFL players need to appreciate the opportunity they have been blest with, to play a sports professionally that few people will ever have the skillset to play. Dissing the nation that gives them this opportunity makes these players look like ungrateful, spoiled malcontents. If Goodell doesn’t understand that, he needs to find another career.

  54. I find it amazing that we need tolerance for rights yet I just watched the rally protesters get outed and lose their jobs just for being there. So do people have rights or don’t they?

  55. Football players and other athletes are choosing that moment before a game not to protest what is good about America, but to bring attention to things that aren’t, and that could be and should be improved.

    There’s a lot that can be improved. Sadly the kneelers and sitters are doing exactly, well, nothing. The metaphor of sitting should not be overlooked. It’s a “big time” move. Went for the low hanging fruit they did. They could have done something positive for which they would have our praise. Rather they chose the easy path. Well except for one guy.

  56. If the NFL can’t control its brain damaged morons….then I won’t watch….the product is getting worse each year anyway….

  57. I’m not watching till the NFL cracks down on these millionaires protesting against the system that pays them the millions….won’t really miss this crap league either….titans vs jaguars anyone?

  58. Yes the players have their rights and us as fans have our rights to spend our money and time accordingly. Its a shame that only the first stanza is sung which adds to our misunderstandingof the meaning of the anthem.

    I quote the fourth and final stanza of our national anthem

    Stanza 4

    ” O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation.
    Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust;”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! ”

    Perhaps we as Americans are not taught the history of our national anthem. I was fortunate enough to at one point have a history teacher who as a former military man taught us well.

    Mr. Goodell works for the owners of the NFL teams. To me he has made more nonsensical statements than any that ring with truth and common sense. However his job is to take the heat for the owners who although very wealthy may not be the best harbingers of common sense. He is paid very well to take the heat off the owners and play the buffoon. Most of us can agree that he does this very well.

  59. So let the NFL give them the opportunity to disrespect the men and women who died and sacrificed for their right to free speech and protest.

    Maybe you should kneel and cuddle with them Rodger to make the world a better place for millionaire athletes

  60. I understand why some of you are so upset and feel like you have been disrespected because you have!Some have used something that you are so proud of and honored to be a part of and basically just said we don’t feel the same way you do about it! and it bothers you to point that you hate them or at least you want something seriously to be done to them by the league?

    Your basic thought,if you don’t feel the same way we do about it then get out or go back to Africa or where ever you think is better? Some have said it,some think it but don’t say it,others may feel a bit stronger about it and wish bodily harm or death.

    This is your Country and the only way you are giving it up is by death.

  61. Wonder how many folks opened up new accounts just so that they could log on and comment on how patriotic that they are? Ever notice how the like/dislike numbers skyrocket when it comes to anthem protest stories?

  62. My son is a Marine and these guys don’t want to stand for him during the anthem. I am seriously done with the NFL I wont pay for another hat jersey tshirt and I surely wont pay to go to a game. I like college ball better anyway.

  63. Roger, I understand. I understand that if you sit for the anthem you should be deported. I understand that by sitting for the anthem you disrespect the millions of people who have fought for our freedoms. What is there about this issues which YOU don’t understand?

  64. Here’s my take, The NFL is my get away. I’ve been a fan since the 70s, I pay for cable so I can get the NFL and Espn channels. I pay extra for the Nfl package so I can watch “My Team” Kaepernick and whoever have every right to talk and protest. I just don’t want these over paid players beliefs shoved down my throat. (Sherman,Baldwin, Lynch and especially Kaepernick and Bennets!!) I pay my money to get away, relax (guess its not so relaxing when my team is losing 😆) to hear news about my team, They all can protest I just think if its that important to them they need to pool their money together with the NFL or whoever win join and start their own channel talking about and showing these guys that make more money in one year than I will make in my life trying to get me to join their cause for free on my channel. I’m sure someone would watch just not me!!! I use to watch ESPN first take, I haven’t watched it in a year. I want to hear about my team not get very upset listening to some stuff I don’t believe in, then being pissed off all day. Be honest, My point is if one of the above listed players called me to do work at their house and before I started if I wore a Trump,Hitler,Castro whoever shirt, and Pig socks, and spouted of my beliefs about black,white, blue or green live matters they would probably kick me out fire me on the spot and they definitely would not tell their friends to hire me.These over paid players and hollyweird actors all think they can fo what they want when they want and I need to go along with it. I don’t think theres anyplace in the MFL for making me watch and listen to their political beliefs.

  65. You pay your money to get away, and these players use their platforms to help shed light on things them and their families can’t get away from. Just say you don’t understand and your American experience differs from that of a black man.

  66. To call athletes spoiled for standing up for basic human rights is rather preposterous. Also, no one cares if you’re not spending your money with the NFL this year, the NFL is still going to make a boatload of money and viewership is still going to be rather high. The national anthem means different things to different groups of people. Case in point, the three flags prominently displayed by Neo-Nazi’s at the rally: an American, Confederate and Nazi flag. If you expect people of color to ignore that, then you my friend are the problem.

  67. I’ve been a lifelong Raider fan, for a decade longer than Lynch has been alive. I was looking forward to this season. Now? Not so much. I find that I’ve been losing interest ever since this political bs started last year.
    It’s not bad enough that he was sitting, but he was wearing a hat AND eating a banana. There are players on the team who did not like his “statement”. GUARANTEED. That’s all you need to divide a locker room. Nice work, jackass.
    I kinda get the feeling that this is part of the reason he wanted to be back in the NFL. He could not wait to sit during the anthem. You sure showed them, Lynch. I guarantee that all the police brutality will stop now. 🙄

  68. By urging understanding of protesters he really means please keep the ratings up and buying tickets and merchandise.

  69. NFL ratings will continue to drop… I’ll play fantasy but really could care less.

  70. The players have the right to sit or stand or whatever they want to do.

    The gum-chewing public, (that’s us) the people who buy the tickets and the shirts and the hats and pay ridiculous prices for the food and the drinks and for the privilege to park 30 minutes and a mile from the stadium and stand in line when the beer has done what it does (figure it out) and let me put it like this: I go to Church Sunday Morning to hear some preaching. I go to the games that afternoon to be ENTERTAINED, and the two do NOT mix.

  71. I stopped watching any teams with political activists exploiting their positions to make self-serving and not necessarily righteous statements! I am dissatisfied with and view those players as I do the criminal Antifa anarchists!

  72. If players don’t want to participate in the playing of our anthem fine, just have those who refuse to honor our flag wait in the tunnel until the Ceremony is over. It will be cutains for the NFL in my house if I see a player taking a knee during the anthem Goodell. There is no understanding as far as I’m concerned for players being un-patriotic when it comes to this Vietnam Veteran.

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