John Fox compares hype around Mitch Trubisky to Tim Tebow

Getty Images

In Chicago, the hype surrounding Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has reached a fever pitch after his strong performance in Thursday’s preseason opener. Bears coach John Fox has seen this before.

Fox said the excitement fans have for Trubisky reminds him of what he experienced as the coach of the Broncos when Tebowmania hit in 2011.

“The first time we threw Tim Tebow out there in Denver it was pretty similar,” Fox said. “That brought quite a bit of attention.”

Fox confirmed that Mike Glennon, not Trubisky, is still the starting quarterback. But he said Trubisky did everything the Bears wanted him to do in his preseason debut.

“There’s a reason why we drafted him with the second pick of the draft,” Fox said. “I think for the first time people got to see that in a Bears uniform, which I think is exciting.”

The excitement around Trubisky hasn’t quite reached Tebow-in-Denver levels yet. But if Trubisky keeps playing the way he did on Thursday, it might.