Report: Chargers eye October for Mike Williams’ return


Chargers rookie wide receiver Mike Williams ran on a field last week for the first time since suffering a back injury in May that led the team to announce he would be on the sideline for most or all of training camp and invited speculation about whether he’d be able to play at all this season.

The Chargers reportedly believe he will be able to play. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team is eyeing an October return for their first-round pick in this year’s draft.

Williams was placed on the physically unable to perform list at the start of camp, so he could remain on the list into the regular season. That would leave him ineligible to play for the first six weeks and Rapoport reports that no decision has been made about that at this point.

If he does come off the PUP list, Williams will be able to practice with the team while working toward a pro debut that’s going to take a little longer than expected.

11 responses to “Report: Chargers eye October for Mike Williams’ return

  1. Did I miss something? Did the start of the season get pushed back into October? I ask because this guy can’t stop yapping that he won’t miss any time and will be ready for Week #1.

  2. Good potential for a good offense. What I saw Sunday night was this:
    1. A sparse crowd at a small venue. Carson was hoping for an opening splash in L-a-L-a-Land.
    2. Very little team depth.
    3. A troubled looking rookie head coach not very active on the sidelines.
    4. Many Seattle fans which doesn’t auger well for the prediction that tickets have already been “sold out” to opposing team fans.
    5. Rivers doing great with a formidable offense.
    6 A questionable “D” under Gus Bradley with no depth.

  3. All this negativity after a preseason game. All i know Clemens need not be on this team after that performance. Anything can be worked out before the start of the season

  4. @dliver420
    (1) All this negativity after a preseason game.
    (2) All i know Clemens need not be on this team after that performance.


    (1) It is Spanos blow back. Chargers fans should not support team Spanos. If you support the team, you support Spanos. Plain and simple.
    (2) Cardale Jones is not the answer. He was aiming for the receivers feet, and the ball would sail 10 feet above the receivers head.
    (3) Spanos could not even sell out a 27,000 seat stadium. Pathetic.

  5. I cant wait for the medical community to discover a CTE test to confirm CTE without patients needing to be deceased.

    That will be the end of the NFL and its punishment for the greed that has gone out of control. The NFL allowing the chargers to leave after 56 years is an unreal embarrassment that I hope bites them big time.

    I cant wait to defecate on dean spanos grave one day.

  6. I sure hope so because by that time Allen,Benjamin,Hunter and Gordon will all be out!

  7. Waaaaaa the Chargers pissed in my cheerios.
    signed – all the haters with their stupid comments above.

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