Brandon Beane doesn’t want to hear that the Bills are tanking


The Bills have made a series of trades that leave them in great shape in the 2018 NFL draft, but unlikely to contend this year. But don’t tell G.M. Brandon Beane that he’s tanking.

Beane said on PFT Live that he doesn’t believe in tanking and wants his team to win this year while also building for the future.

“I was very annoyed,” Beane said of first hearing talk that the Bills are tanking. “We would not have tried to get Anquan Boldin on our team if we were tanking. We would not have tried to get Jordan Matthews — who if you look at his numbers in his first three years, they’re pretty good. We would not have tried to get E.J. Gaines. We would have just tried to get more draft capital if we weren’t worried about 2017. We’re going to compete our tails off for 2017.”

Beane said he believes that there’s nothing more valuable to building a team than draft picks, and he wants to keep acquiring as many picks as he can. But that’s not an indication that he doesn’t want to win in 2017. He absolutely does.

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  1. As a Lions fan I feel bad for bills fans but atleast they’ve been to 4 Super Bowls. We’re over here just looking for a playoff win. But with that said, they didn’t do so hot with Sammy Watkins and now that he’s gone it’s hard for me to believe they are going to fall apart without him.

  2. Anquan Boldin? You’re going with that move? Much respect for Boldin, but he is waaaay past his freshness date. Of course, the team that is in the tank can never admit – it unless you are a drug-addled idiot like Irsay.

  3. If by “compete our tails off” you mean that the Bills will field a complete team for all sixteen regular season games, that’s probably true. If you mean that the Bills will still be relevant in November…that’s just silly.

  4. Beane doesn’t want to hear it. LOL

    Get used to it Brandon, and next year’s draft had better be a grand-slam or you can start looking for your next job.

    Nothin’ like stockin’ the team with slot-receivers to be competitive. What’s he shooting for this season, the lowest YPR in the league. Maybe the most 3-and-outs.

    I’d bet the farm too that Zay Jones is a huge bust, which would taint expectations for next year’s encore of a draft. History has absolutely nothing to offer suggesting that Jones will have even moderate much less “high 2nd-round” success in the NFL.

  5. They got better at WR, stayed the same at DB, and got a bunch of draft picks, too. In what universe is that tanking? They’re better now than they were a week ago. They’re still not a great team but they’re improving.

  6. Bills brass decided it was more important to build for the future then end the playoff drought in 2017. Three years from now we’ll see how well they did.

  7. What a cakewalk division for the Patriots.


    Nothin’ on Brady, I actually like him and I’m not a Pats fan. But it’s been that way since he started playing in the AFCE. He’s played well overall obviously otherwise, but clearly that’s helped them to several additional wins every season compared to teams in every other division.

    Here’s a list of the QBs on the Jets, Fins, and Bills during that same stretch:

    Testeverde (at 38), Pennington, Bolling, Favre (at 39), Sanchez, Smith (Geno), Fitzpatrick, Fiedler, Frerotte, Harrington, Lemon, Henne, Moore, Tannehill, Van Pelt, Bledsoe, Holcomb, Losman, Edwards, Manuel, Orton, Taylor.

    At least two of those QBs played on more then one of those three teams. Fitzpatrick and Pennington.

  8. The guy contradicted himself a dozen times in that single interview. How are fans and players supposed “trust the process” when the message and direction isn’t clear at all. New everything in 3 years and no playoffs.

  9. in 2017, the draft was secondary heavy. There are tons of qb’s in the NFL that have to prove themselves this year. You will see 6 qb’s taken in the first round of next years draft. It’s going to be crazy.

  10. The 2017 results are pretty irrelevant. Before this trade, I thought the Bills absolute ceiling this year if everything went right and they stayed healthy was to win 10 games and lose in the wild card round. After the trade, I don’t think that has changed. Much more likely is they win 7-8 games again. If they use these picks to find a QB and build the core of the team, then the trade is a massive success, and if they don’t it’s a failure. The 2017 results are not a factor, because they weren’t exactly competing for a championship either way.

  11. TheDPR says:

    August 15, 2017 at 9:05 am

    They got better at WR, stayed the same at DB, and got a bunch of draft picks, too. In what universe is that tanking? They’re better now than they were a week ago. They’re still not a great team but they’re improving.

    They let Gilmore walk, and traded their other starter Darby. In what universe is that “stayed the same at db”?

  12. I mean, they won 8 games last year with Sammy on the bench for most of the year, and they’ve got a new defensive scheme, a first-round ready-to-play corner, and a pretty good front 7. It’s hard to imagine their defense being worse than last year, even with the turnover. I’m not predicting the playoffs, but it’s still not out of the question in my mind.

  13. Let’s hope they have a 5 year(or less) master plan, not like that Whaley character who scammed his way with the Pegula’s for a few years.

  14. When you work for Terry “The Tank” Pegula, you do what the boss says. Just look at the Buffalo Sabres……

  15. Like some others, I don’t see how the trades make them appreciably worse. Letting Gilmore go was a big blow; that did take them down a win or two. But before the trades, I guessed they’d probably win 7 games. I still think they will do that, and they have extra high-round picks. I think they did OK. Of course we’ll see how they do in the next draft, but I think they’re in decent shape.

  16. You guys talking about 10 winss for this team, have you looked at their schedule?

    Seriously, I don’t know that they can win 4 games this year.

  17. @eagleswoot

    Darby and Gilmore were about as valuable as burnt toast last season. Darby was benched on MNF and Gilmore was torched by Chris Hogan. The Bills were near the top of the league in allowing big passing plays. Tre White is an immediate upgrade over Darby, and wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up better than Gilmore by the end of the season. Kevon Seymour is coming on and Gaines is also starter caliber. Similar to the WR corps, the ceiling may not be quite as high, but their is no discernible difference at this time. I cannot wait for the Bills to beat these teams whose fans are banging the “tank” drum.

  18. The least competitive division in football for nearly two decades somehow gets less competitive this year. Wow.

    And Patriots fans will tell you how their winning percentages blah blah blah. Just look at how many playoff wins the Dolphins, Jets and Bills have won since 2002. It is a joke. The Patriots basically get 6 extra full-dress scrimmages each season, where they can rest their starters more and try out new things, and if they happen to drop one to one of these lowly teams, it is usually at the end of the season when they already have a 3 or 4 game lead in their division and HFA wrapped up.

  19. “I cannot wait for the Bills to beat these teams whose fans are banging the “tank” drum.”

    They can’t wait either…so next spring when their team is drafting ahead of the Bills, while the Bills are drafting 7 spots behind them thanks to their impressive 6 win season, they’ll be wondering why nobody wants to trade for all their draft capital? You see, those tank teams would rather have that same stud QB you’re after than your draft picks. But not to worry, we’ll still have the fond memories of that wonderful 6 win season that ol’ Beanie Boy was too proud to sacrifice!

  20. When Josh “Tank” McCown is your QB, you might as well break out your draft plans because you know you will be picking high in the draft. Thanks, by the way, for Jameis Winston.

  21. It’s laughable that Beane is touting the Boldin signing.

    Boldin is tough as nails and was a very good player, but his ypc has declined for 5 years in a row to under 9 in 2016.

    Its more of the same in Buffalo. Going with Baltimore’s old backup for a 3rd year in a row, trading what few draft picks hits they did have for more picks and another new regime taking over.

  22. kamthechancellor says:
    aj66shanghai says
    blah blah blah

    Seahawks fans have no place talking about another division. The NFCW was the worst division in football once again last year and has the fewest wins over the last 10.

    Those little bro’s are still mad. lmao

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