ESPN apologizes for fantasy football auction

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ESPN’s recent effort to take full advantage of the fantasy football phenomenon included a staged player auction segment that looked a little too much like a slave auction. ESPN has now apologized for the segment.

“Auction drafts are a common part of fantasy football, and ESPN’s segments replicated an auction draft with a diverse slate of top professional football players,” ESPN said in a statement issued to “Without that context, we understand the optics could be portrayed as offensive, and we apologize.”

This will surely cause some to claim that “MSESPN” is simply letting its supposed liberal bias show, and that it’s bowing to a vocal minority who objected to the similarities between bidding on football players and bidding on slaves. But if ESPN was as liberal as many accuse it of being, ESPN wouldn’t have produced that segment in the first place, right?

The optics were awkward at best, ESPN should have known it before airing it, but ESPN did the right thing by acknowledging it and apologizing for it. Especially in light of the domestic mess that has unfolded in only four days.

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  1. ”…is simply letting its supposed liberal bias show…”


    There’s nothing “supposed” about it.

    ESPN is part of the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

  2. Can’t even do an fantasy football auction without bringing race/racism into it. I’m so sick of the media. Seriously getting old.

  3. ” But if ESPN was as liberal as many accuse it of being, ESPN wouldn’t have produced that segment in the first place, right?”

    Incorrect Florio, ESPN is just that liberal, the issue is that no one can keep up with what offends the left, it changes daily. Case in point they want to tear down a teddy Roosevelt statue in new York now.

  4. I didn’t see the segment, but if it was nothing more than a fantasy auction, it certainly couldn’t have been intentionally offensive. If you don’t understand these kinds of auctions, why are you watching a fantasy football show? Sounds like people are looking for something to be offended by.

  5. Meanwhile black students at the University of San Francisco are holding black only student orientations without any backlash and they cry about this? Hilarious who the real racists are

  6. I hate ESPN but what does it say about people that an auction is equated to slaves? That’s race baiting to the nth degree. What a weak nation. Isn’t it up to everyone to put things in proper perspective? Guess not. Be offended about everything.

  7. Newsflash: African Americans are better at football than Caucasians. They are 13% of the population, but about 70% of the NFL. They are 100% of CBs, about 85% of elite DEs, nearly 100% of featured running backs. So yeah, an auction of their top players would prominently feature African Americans.

  8. The reason it became an issue is because there are people out there who are so stupid that they actually believe everything has a racial bias or ulterior motive. Because they are stupid, they have no problem shouting about it and actually want people to hear them. They are by no means smart enough to see how ridiculous they look to normal, rational people. Saying ESPN does not lean left or have a liberal agenda is denying reality. They put the segment on because not all liberal leaning people are stupid. They saw it for what it was. Then the morons came out with their pitchforks. ESPN was left with a choice…either argue with their brethren and be labled as racists or apologize and let it go. They picked the most profitable option. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Anytime ESPN wants to apologize for that “program” they put on at 6PM with Smith and Hill I’ll listen to their apology. If ever I wished to be blind and deaf it would come at 6PM weeknights.

  10. Have to love watching SJWs eat their own. This is what happens when you take serious any complaint, no matter how obviously absurd. It feeds into a ludicrous social justice culture where one can now get their name known not because they accomplished something, but because they lodged some complaint that forced somebody else to acknowledge them.

    The people who complained will probably have this complaint and ESPN apology listed on their resume as a career achievement and the crazy part is that in the social justice world, it is.

    This has now gotten so bad that you now have liberal college professors writing about how they are afraid to say anything to their own classes for fear they may say something that somebody twists into an offense and gets them fired.

  11. Nice, I searched all over the net looking for the next thing I am supposed to be offended about today and finally found it on profootballtalk. This will tide me over for a couple hours

  12. Newsflash: African Americans are better at football than Caucasians. They are 13% of the population, but about 70% of the NFL. They are 100% of CBs, about 85% of elite DEs, nearly 100% of featured running backs. So yeah, an auction of their top players would prominently feature African Americans.


    And about 6% percent of QB’s. In fact the least black QB is the only one with a ring while the other is to busy dabbing. Also why bring up CB, and DE seeing as most leagues you draft a whole defense.

  13. Crazy… the auction fantasy football draft “looked like” a slave auction. But who cares… because it wasn’t a slave auction. It was a fantasy football draft which not racist at all. There are auction drafts for baseball, golf, nascar, and even NCAA bracket formats… none of them are racist because they are just a game that people play to stay interested and entertain themselves. Only snowflake liberals who live life to be offended care about the optics. And I love when liberal media has to then curl up and apologize to the monster they have created in regards to something that is completely innocent and not racist.

  14. 250dollarnflowner says:
    “I just wasn’t made for these times.”


    I have been listening to that Beach Boys song from the Pet Sounds album a lot lately. I just wasn’t made for these times either. I can relate to that.

    I have also been avoiding all media and sports over the past few month or so, and just watching old tv shows instead. I need a break from all of the constant drumbeat of politics, negativity, etc. There is a fine line between being informed and inundated.

    I barely come here to read anything anymore, because it has become so hate filled with constant bickering back and forth over politics etc.. I get it, that people get really amped up into it. But I just get tired of watching, reading, listening to it.

    Plus, my Chargers moved. Part of my childhood and early adulthood have now changed. I have lost all interest in football. So, there is that.

  15. Oh to switch to the fairer race for a day. Get to complain about not having it good enough. To only see pain inflicted and oppression doled out by “my granddaddy” as that’s old and dead. I’d wake up to “fox and friends” every morning. Get offended by kneeling. Shake my head as I pass the home depot parking lot. Desperately wish for coal mining to comeback in spades. Maybe I’m only talking about the south and rustbelt. But that would be an interesting day…

  16. The liberals will eventually kill the game of football. It is only a matter of time . It will be a slow death by regions of the country first. You can guess what part of the country will lead the way. Enjoy the game while you can.

  17. My generation was taught too look past race…this generation injects race into anything it cani and sites like this celebrate it instead of condemning. Canceling espn now

  18. autumnwind999 says:
    August 15, 2017 at 6:55 pm
    How does anyone tolerate these people who complain about anything and everything. No patience for it anymore.


    Quite agree, just look at all the angry right whingers on this thread. It’s almost like they have nothing better to do than lurk in forums waiting for someone to point out threads to comment on…..

  19. I wish ESPN wasn’t so spineless. They should have seized the opportunity to turn the tables. Whoever saw a Fantasy Football auction as being similar to slave trading needs to be called out because THOSE are the people that have racial bias. It didn’t occur to ESPN that the “optics” were bad because , guess what, they weren’t. IT WAS A FRICKIN FANTASY FOOTBALL GAME !! I don’t like ESPN and am all for bashing them whenever possible but they are the victims here.

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