Blake Bortles says arm is fine


Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles was pulled from Sunday’s practice after throwing a pair of interceptions because, per coach Doug Marrone, it looked like he had a tired arm.

Bortles has been back to a full workload the last two days and said on Tuesday that he has taken more reps this summer than in any other year, but that his arm feels fine despite that workload. While the work hasn’t left him feeling worn down, it also hasn’t resulted in the kind of consistency that the Jaguars would love to see from their quarterback.

Bortles didn’t throw any interceptions during the joint practice with the Buccaneers, but missed several throws including one that elicited a negative response from wide receiver Allen Robinson. Bortles said there are things he’d like to improve, something Marrone agreed with while noting the inconsistent play he’s seen at practice.

“There are some throws that I’ll think, ‘Hey, that’s a good throw,’ and then I’ll be like, ‘That’s a horse-s— throw,'” Marrone said, via the Florida Times-Union. “At the end of the day, I’m just trying to get more and get better. So we rested him the other day. I thought he came back and really had no issues for these two days. That was the goal was to get him out here and get him all that work. I think he’s gotten good work, and I think that him along with the rest of the guys on offense, I want those guys to get better.”

There comes a point where you have to wonder if flaws in a player are a feature that will be there forever or a bug that can be erased to make for a smoother run. For Bortles, this season is shaping up as his final chance to convince the Jaguars of the latter and the summer hasn’t provided much evidence that things will turn out that way.

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  1. Bortles has the talent. I don’t know that he’s getting the coaching he needs. He’s good between the 20’s. It’s the red zone decisions that I’d try to help him with. His issues aren’t physical.

  2. And his preseason performance last year made you think he was going to come in this past year and be Big Ben Part 2. Let’s just see how he plays when it counts…

  3. All we ever hear from Bortles is talk about how he is working to improve but it’s just that. Talk. He hasn’t improved one bit from since he came into the league. This year is put up or shut up for him but he probably doesn’t realize that. He is probably just happy to cash his paycheck and is probably comfortable with his big fat option year salary. But, if he doesn’t get his head out of his backside, he’ll be looking for a contract for backup money after this year.

  4. Bortles isn’t long for the NFL. He has a very long, slow throwing motion and is probably the least accurate thrower in the league. I’m amazed the Jags decided to stick with this failed project for this season.

  5. The Jaguars have a good young team with good young players but they let the draft and free agency go by without addressing the QB position. He will hold them back from being a playoff team.

  6. His long, slow throwing motion prevents him from making quick, accurate passes. When the team is down, corners tend to play off a bit, which minimizes his problems, and allows for him to showcase the skills that he does have. Which is why if you owned him in fantasy, you’ll notice he consistently starts the first half with negative points, but then eventually has a mediocre to respectable number of points by the end of the second half. As a fantasy owner, that’s maddening. It must be even worse for the actual front office and coaching staff of the Jaguars to have to deal with on a weekly basis.

  7. a casual fan has noticed that he shot-puts the ball from his tip-toes.

    A-Rob is losing major potential income because of him.

    maybe bortles just needs a change of scenery.

  8. Slow the hate train. Bortles is a guy who is clearly struggling but turning your back on him isn’t the answer. He has talked candidly about some goofy hitch he has developed in his throwing motion. He has the skills. It’s just like a golfer who gets the yips, or the pulls. It can be fixed.

    IF they invest the time in him to get him back on track they’ll never regret it. If anything you can get him much cheaper if he has some troubles again this year. Be smart Jags, learn to run the ball and give Bortles some nice manageable throws. Maybe bombing it down the field every 4 plays isn’t the answer…

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