Brock Osweiler to start again on Monday night


The Browns may be excited to see how rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer looks under the bright lights against the Giants on Monday Night Football, but he won’t be the first quarterback in the game.

For the second straight game, the Browns will start Brock Osweiler at quarterback. Coach Hue Jackson made the announcement on Wednesday and said that Kizer would be the second quarterback in the game (and will play in the first half) with Cody Kessler getting the third slot. That’s a switch from the first preseason game, which saw Kessler relieve Osweiler in the second quarter.

The lack of a change at the top of the order suggests that left tackle Joe Thomas is on to something with his prediction that Osweiler will be the team’s starter in the first week of the regular season.

Jackson didn’t say if that was the case and said that the player who starts the third preseason game has a good chance to be the starter against the Steelers in September. Based on the way things are trending, it would seem that Kizer would be the other choice and Browns quarterbacks coach David Lee said this week that the rookie is “still not there.”

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  1. I think Hue is trying to go with Kessler and then Kiser as the week one starter as a preference. He is playing Brock to take the edge off of Kiser playing against a first team defense while getting him more playing time during preseason. Starters don’t typically play that much except for the third preseason game. If they do well then Hue will give them a shot with the first team during the third week. Brock and Kessler are the default guys to start the first regular season games. He could also raise Brocks stock value if he plays well. Smart move either way. We already know Kessler can play if called upon. Brock, who knows, but he is a veteran. Kiser is theirs for a few years so they have time to bring him in when he is ready to be successful. The Browns need to win some games this year.

  2. Must be killing to tens of thousands of experts, both pro and amateur, that Osweiler is on schedule to be the #1 QB, now and against the Steelers. I am among the few who have always thought that was part of the original plan.

  3. I can understand why Jackson is hesitant to start Kizer too early. You don’t want to destroy his confidence and push him into bad habits by starting him before he’s ready. It’s interesting he chose B.O. over Kessler, who knows what his reasons are.

    None of this changes the fact that I would be shocked if Osweiler ever started and won an NFL football game again.

  4. Hue just doesn’t think much of Cody, period. If you can’t push it way down field, you won’t be Hue’s guy. That it’s Brock doesn’t surprise me one little bit. I said it weeks ago… Brock will likely start a good portion of the early season. And who know, a good line, a decent run game and rising defense and very low expectations might just do him some good. They’ll play Kizer in time. They have to before next year’s draft.

  5. stew48 says:
    August 16, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Must be killing to tens of thousands of experts, both pro and amateur, that Osweiler is on schedule to be the #1 QB, now and against the Steelers. I am among the few who have always thought that was part of the original plan.

    I doubt that very many people outside, and maybe even inside, of Cleveland give a rat’s goodell who starts for the Browns, other than for the sheer amusement of it all.

  6. That first week Brock was playing the Legion of Boom. Can’t blame him for not looking good; the legion has even given Tom Brady issues before.

    I think this 2nd game they will be looking for how he looks against a different defense.

    I think if he looks like crap, and if Kizer continues to do well against the 2nd string, 3rd game Kizer will get the start and they’ll see what they think they have.

  7. Seems to me this is trade bait advertising at its finest. Let’s get some film of Brock “starting” so when another team’s QB goes down, Brock seems like a viable trade option and the Browns’ front office looks pretty darn smart, flipping Brock for even more draft capital. If only they could draft well as well as they accumulate draft picks…

  8. Joe Thomas not starting due to longevity in regular season.
    Now LG, Joel Bitonio, not starting due to injury.
    Brock has quite a bit going against him ASIDE from whatever’s going on between the ears.
    But HEY, we get to see Njoku for the first time. Glass half. . . aww we suck.

  9. I don’t care what Osweiler has done in camp- here’s his career numbers:
    QB rating: 77
    26 Tds/22 INTs
    Yards-per-game: 141.2

    With numbers like that, how the hell is this guy starting anywhere? I’ll tell you why. Because people are stupid and all they see is that he played some games on a team that had an excellent defense and went to the Super Bowl. All the usimpletons hear is “Brock Osweiler was in a Super Bowl” and they think he’s good. Hell no, he was carried by a really great team… just as another mediocre-at-best QB named Trent Dilfer once did. People need to look at his career numbers because they tell the overall story. And that story is that Brock Osweiler is a garbage QB.

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