Death of Texas “Bathroom Bill” could pave way for 2018 NFL Draft

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The death of a Texas “Bathroom Bill,” which targeted transgender people, puts North Texas back in line to host the 2018 NFL Draft. It marks the second time that North Carolina-style bathroom restrictions have failed to pass in Texas.

The Cowboys long have played the role of favorite for the draft, but the NFL has yet to announce the site, possibly waiting for Texas’ legislative session to end.

Texas Senate Bill 6 would have required people use the restroom that corresponds with the sex on their birth certificate. The NFL warned in February that passing such a bill would be “a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events” such as drafts and Super Bowls.

The Dallas Stars publicly condemned the bill as did corporate heavyweights such as Exxon Mobil. The Cowboys were featured in a $1 million ad buy by the Texas Association of Business that opposed it, though the team never officially took a stance.

18 responses to “Death of Texas “Bathroom Bill” could pave way for 2018 NFL Draft

  1. If they are single use bathrooms, who cares. If we as a society are really trying to say anyone can legally use any group bathroom based on the way they “feel”, this is obviously a problem. If you don’t think it’s a problem then you are also part of the problem.

  2. I mean really people…
    Like what is this world coming to.
    So all the states should pass the law saying you have to use the bathroom assigned to the gender on your birth certificate. Then what? Corporate America will boycott all the states?? Give me a break.

  3. Why don’t they rotate the location of the draft every year just to keep it interesting? Change it year to year and have a lottery to determine the order.

  4. Conservatives: Legislation won’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands!
    Also Conservatives: Legislation will stop criminals from entering womens’ bathrooms!

  5. Liberals: criminals won’t bring firearms into a gun free zone.

    Also liberals: I don’t have a daughter, but if I did I would be perfectly fine with a grown man entering the bathroom while she is using it.

  6. I figure transgender people have been doing this for years already, and I never noticed. So why again do we need a law? I thought we should want smaller government…

  7. atomicwaste: “Legislation won’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands!”

    You just figured that out?

    “Legislation will stop criminals from entering womens’ bathrooms!”

    Wanna bet?

    In any case, my thanks for your thinking of us.

  8. As I’ve said before, this bill and others like it is just another futile attempt from the losers on the right to drum up support from their knuckle dragging, mouth breathing base. They lost the war on same-sex marriage so they go after an even smaller group of people to persecute to distract from their failed policies. Good for Texas.

  9. How about cities ban teams/organizations that employ woman beaters. Puts things in perspective now doesn’t it.

  10. atomicwaste says:
    August 16, 2017 at 3:41 pm
    Conservatives: Legislation won’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands!
    Also Conservatives: Legislation will stop criminals from entering womens’ bathrooms!

    100% correct on the hypocrisy. The crazy thing is transgenders have been around for years and using bathrooms for years. Why now are these politicians even concern with what they’ve been doing all these years. Also 99.9% of people never even thought a second about this until politicians decided to play a certain percentage like a violin and made this into a wedge issue……And it all started because those same politicians lost their other wedge issue on gay marriage. Is it a coincident that this exploded around the time gay marriage was legalized and a majority of the US population according to polls now accept gay marriage? Stop letting politicians play you.

  11. It isn’t just bathrooms. It is bathrooms, dressing rooms and showers that little girls use at schools, public swimming pools, etc. So, let’s celebrate that a person “feels” like a woman can enter them!!!!

  12. Transgenders who identify as female are far more likely to be assaulted in a men’s room, than they are likely to commit assault against a female in a women’s room. Use common sense people. And really, I find it stunning that republicans, who constantly whine about gun laws because they punish the law abider and not the criminal (which I agree with you on that, btw), fail to see the hypocrisy in restricting the rights of transgendered people due to the remote possibility of a non transgendered person impersonating a transgendered person in order to assault women.

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