Greg Olsen’s not sweating whether he’s next for extension


Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis broke the seal on contract extensions this week, which would seem to be good news for teammate Greg Olsen.

But after failed attempts to get a raise this summer which included hints that he might hold out of training camp (though that was never likely), Olsen has taken a measured approach to recent developments.

Via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Olsen said he hasn’t spoken with interim General Manager Marty Hurney about his status.

I haven’t talked to Marty about it or anybody about it,” Olsen said. “ If something gets done, great. But we’ve got a lot going on now with training camp and preseason and whatnot. So it hasn’t been really something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.

“But we’ll see over these next couple of weeks what happens.”

Since Olsen had two years left on his deal, and former G.M. Dave Gettleman wasn’t in a rush to tear that deal up, a new contract didn’t seem likely before. But Hurney was the G.M. who traded for Olsen in 2011, and has been regarded as easier to deal with by players and agents alike.

The fact Olsen’s coming off three straight 1,000-yard seasons (the first tight end in league history to pull that off) on a team not overburdened with downfield receiving threats helps his case more than a change in administration. But even if it doesn’t happen, Olsen said his focus won’t be different.

“The goal is to go out and be highly productive, be consistent and that’s been my approach,” he said. “And that will never change.”

Biding his time is likely the right move for Olsen now, after overplaying his hand this summer. With Davis getting his reward this week, they’re at least in the mindset of paying their producers, and Olsen’s value to Hurney was established years ago.

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  1. I gotta say, this team is not going anywhere. These veterans who ended up in Carolina, have a strong sense of entitlement and infalted egos off their SB debacle from 2 years ago.

    They’re old and now they have a dumb GM who has returned to set them back even more.

    You can’t pay for past performance and let players control the cap position.

    Do fans of these teams want to see a SB or not?

  2. I think he currently is being paid as a producer…this year his base salary ranks #3 in the NFL for TE’s @ 6,500.000 with a cap number of 10,350,000. How quickly we forget the 12 million signing bonus and the 250K workout bonus.

    Sounds like he is good with this cause the evil GM is gone…whaaa he doesn’t hold players hands wwhen he releases them…whaaa

  3. Jerry Richardson is forgetting this is a business with a salary cap and you don’t pay for past production. Thomas Davis has been a great player and member of the community but there was no reason to give him an extension. At his age there’s a great chance of a major decline in talent but now they’re stuck with him through 2018 at a fairly large salary. If he stays healthy and plays well he almost certainly would have accepted that deal after the season. Greg Olsen is certainly underpaid but he’s signed for 2 more years and will be 34 when his contract is up. There aren’t a lot of tight ends that are still productive at that age.

  4. He should just take a knee until his issue is addressed…..oh wait
    that didn’t work for the other guy
    Maybe he will just do it right and get paid

  5. Is Dave Gettleman posting on here under a dozen different screen names? All of these comments are the same – “these guys are ancient and demanding top dollar for past performance.”

    This is why DG got fired. He looked at their birth dates and concluded they will both be little more than garbage bags at the end of the year. If they weren’t CURRENT Pro Bowl players, I’d buy the theory. They aren’t has-beens that are demanding new contracts based on good years in 2003. They are at the top of their game RIGHT NOW. Davis earned his extra year and Olsen has earned the right to be the top-paid TE.

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