Janoris Jenkins shrugs off being posterized by Odell Beckham Jr.


Though it was lost in the hype about Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s latest greatest catch of all time, there’s also the small matter that cornerback Janoris Jenkins had what would have been really good coverage against a mortal wideout.

But as many cornerbacks have learned over the years, sometimes even great coverage against Beckham can leave you as a prop in his poster or viral video.

“If you know football, you know coverage, it was great coverage,’’ Jenkins said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “It was a fantastic catch by Odell. He made the impossible possible.’’

On the recent practice drill which earned millions of eyeballs, Jenkins was step-for-step with Beckham, who reached over him at the last second with one hand (the backhand, at that) to grab the ball.

“I saw him jump early so I was like, ‘He can’t be jumping for the ball,’ ’’ Jenkins said. “But he was coming down, he happened to get his index and thumb on it. . . . I was in great position, I made him make a great play, I can live with that. That’s my teammate. He’s getting better, I’m getting better. You know how it goes. I made him make a play . . . an impossible play. Me and him, we cool, we laugh and we just talk about it. That’s that. Great catch, fantastic catch, helluva throw.

“After he made it I was like, ‘Hell no.’ We joked about it after practice. I was like, ‘What can I do different?’ He said he just made a great catch and I was like, ‘Yeah, basically nothing else I can do.’ ’’

It could have been worse for Jenkins. He could have been like then-Cowboys corner Brandon Carr, who’s memorialized by Beckham’s three-fingered grab in 2014. So for Jenkins, he just has to take comfort in the fact he’s getting work against one of the best, and won’t ever have to face Beckham in a game situation.

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  1. Another one of the growing irritations with this sport is the seemingly constant desire to label actions as the “greatest of all time”. There’s simply no valid comparison between the way the game was played decades ago and today. One guy making a circus catch with gecko gloves doesn’t make him the GOAT and never will.

  2. The Giants are the most overrated team in the NFC East and before all the giants fans want to comment, The Eagles have owned the giants the last 4 years. Eli Manning is getting older, they have no O-line what so ever and No running game. Paul Perkins, please, nobody knows who that guy is!!! The Eagles will EASILY win the NFC East in 2017 with 12 wins!

  3. Jenkins knows it’s just another one-handed highlight that comes with 99 more mediocre plays and a diva attitude to boot.

  4. Maybe you guys haven’t played football, but hand size means more when it comes to making a catch then gloves. If football’s stuck to gloves nobody would ever drop a pass.

  5. Back in 2011, Hakeem Nicks reeled in a one-hander over Charles Woodson to score a TD for the Giants, answering a score form the Packers. Woodson was draped on Nicks much like Rodney Harrison on David Tyree in SB42, but Nicks made a great catch. What did Woodson do? Before Nicks could get back to his teammates to celebrate, Woodson gave Nicks a fist-bump, as if to say “Did all I could – nice catch, man.” The best CBs get it – an exceptional catch will happen, and they’ll tip their helmet to the WR.

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