Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long make a statement of unity during anthem


At a time when many around the nation are talking about a search for some sense of unity, a pair of football players gave us a picture of it Thursday night.

As the national anthem played before the Eagles-Bills game, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist in a silent protest, as he has since last year.

The difference this time was Eagles defensive end Chris Long stood next to him, with his arm around Jenkins’ shoulders.

Jenkins has stood with his fist raised as his way to draw attention to the unfair treatment of minorities by law enforcement. He has remained a passionate spokesman for his cause, and has taken it all the way to Washington to meet with government officials this offseason.

Long, who grew up in Charlottesville, Va. and attended college there, said he was sickened by the racial strife there and the lack of leadership in response, calling it an issue of “right or wrong.”

Seeing them together on the sidelines gave a visual to the words of Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who said the protests against discrimination won’t have as much traction until white players join in.

Long and Jenkins standing side-by-side won’t fix our country’s problems, any more than any tweet or speech will. But it does show an indelible image of the only way we’re going to be able to move forward as a society — together, and on the same side.

67 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long make a statement of unity during anthem

  1. I remember when this sport was a fun diversion instead of front #3,497 in the great SJW whinewars of the 21st century.

  2. So the NFL hasn’t learned a lesson. People are becoming more apathetic than ever. They don’t go to the movies, and they will quit football too if they keep this up Perhaps spend more time with the family considering all the events around us. I put my beloved football team on the back burner last year and this year I’m about to do the same. They really to stop it with the political nonsense on the field. Can they just play football.

  3. No one cares, educated people know these race riots are orchestrated and paid for by higher powers

    So many foolish pawns in this country lapping up the propaganda spewed by the state run media.

    Long & Jenkins are clueless

  4. This is a fine way to send a message while still showing the appropriate respect during the national anthem. You’re asked to stand at attention during it, and Jenkins does that, while doing a clear action that does not impose on the ceremony but still speaks loudly. Good for him, and for Long for supporting him by his side.

  5. The eagle is the official bird of the USA which is a racist hateful country therefore the Eagles mascot is racist that I demand be changed immediately!! Justice for all!

  6. Great to see. A lot of people are sticking their heads in the ground over this one – maybe people should have told Rosa Parks to keep politics out of buses?!

  7. Jenkins has been doing the black power thing for the last year. Folks don’t quite know how to take it because it isn’t outright disrespecting the anthem, or the flag. But we could do without the self-promotion.

  8. Sports and politics don’t mix. Sports are supposed to be fun and politics are a buzz kill. It’s like bring your mother in law along for your honeymoon.

  9. It wouldn’t be a statement if the media didn’t report about it all of the time. 99% of football fans wouldn’t even know it was going on.

    I can’t even remember the last time I even saw the National Anthem before a football game, unless it was for the Super Bowl. I never see them for any other game when I watch on television.

  10. As a retired military officer of 23 years who had seen combat for this country every time I see someone protesting the National Anthem is the same to me as a white player giving the Nazi salute.

  11. I as a military and police veteran applaud players taking a stand on social issues. Many fans want to bury their heads into the sand for a 3 hour game. There are issues in this country that need to be addressed that are far more important than a game.

  12. Anybody who stops watching football because s/he’s offended by a guy making a silent gesture before the game’s even begun has skin thinner than Scott toilet paper.

    And Jenkins isn’t protesting the national anthem. He’s adding a footnote.

  13. Looks like Long is trying to show unity while Jenkins does the black power thing. Imagine if a white guy tried to do the white power salute. Double standard again.

  14. suddenly it already looks like a long season coming up……because of last year’s PC antics i watched less nfl,and more college….so far wasnt planning on it,but i can already tell i’ll be watching even less nfl than i did last year….

  15. I don’t get the problem. Malcolm Jenkins is standing and has always been standing for the national anthem. The only thing he does differently is that he raises one fist into air. He is not sitting down on the bench or taking a knee like Colin Kaepernick, Marshawn Lynch, and Michael Bennett have done. He is not disrespecting the troops, the flag, or the country. In fact plenty of athletes raise fists into the air during the national anthem all the time. This is only news because Malcolm’s explanation is not overt patriotism.

  16. Tell Jenkins to go to Chicago and speak out against black on black violence. Minorities are 100 times greater to be killed by other Blacks than law enforcement. This has become a huge joke.

  17. Why does everyone care so much about athletes speaking out? I don’t get it, they have just as much right as you do to speak there mind, they just happen to have a platform for people to care, whether they agree or disagree. All of you complaining just have this anonymous forum to speak up and hardly anybody is listening. Why do Southerners get to say “Stars and Bars” means different things to different people but if anybody interprets “Stars and Stripes” in a way that you don’t agree with it becomes a problem? I get that it is a military symbol, but history has shown that it is also a symbol of protest to many Americans which to me, is about as American as it gets. Boycott the NFL if you don’t agree with it, nobody will really miss you though.

  18. First off he does it to protest WHAT HE SEES as the unfair treatment of minorities by law enforcement.

    Secondly, why isn’t the statement made by the other players equally important? These arent the only two players who did something during the anthem. Isn’t not joining their ‘unity of two’ also a statement about the same issue?

  19. When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
    But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
    Let us realize that a change can only come
    When we stand together as one

    We are the World…

  20. Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long were simply announcing that they are now engaged to be married. The ceremony and physical consummation of their marriage will be held during halftime of the Super Bowl and viewed by millions of liberals.

  21. Those are grown men silently protesting or making gesture expressing how they feel, they shouldn’t give a damn how you feel about their gesture. So don’t watch nobody give a damn about your threats of not watching. Some of you shouldn’t be watching anyways with the fact of the matter 70% of the NFL is BLACK, and most of you racist. So stop talking about it and just don’t watch football, stop trying to use your BS white supremacy as a threat to shut others up.

  22. As a white man, I always find it quite hilarious when white dudes get spun up when a black man protests regarding how law enforcement treats blacks in this country. A bunch of clueless white guys either living under a rock, or damn racist themselves.

    Go Chris Go!

  23. To me, football is an escape, something to take my mind off of everything I’ve got to deal with all week. It’s impossible to turn on the TV without being blasted by politics nowadays, so again, I seek out escapes from it.

    There is a time and a place for everything. Politics in football? Wrong time, wrong place.

    I’m all for people excercising their right to protest, but do it on your own damn time. Leave the game of football out of it

  24. Hillary Clinton’s mentor was Robert Byrd. She praised praised how great of a man he was. Obama performed his eulogy. He was a grand Cyclops klan member. All these these protests ring hollow until people like Hillary are held responsible for her actions.

  25. Oh well I guess it’s time to kick the Detroit Lions out of the NFL then. The Ford family donated lots of money to the rise of the NSDAP….

  26. It’s obvious the U.S. education system has failed us tremendously. People seemed to think they can “get away” from politics by watching sports or some other activity. Politics are in everything we do in life so there’s no “getting away” from anything! If you are doing anything that is dealing with people (pol), then you are engaging in politics! Everyone is a politician whether they know it or not!

  27. I don’t get what the big deal is?
    I’ve seen white players show ‘unity’ with black players every time Ive gone to game over the years.
    The media is just creating a story because of Bennett talking about white players.

    Come on, don’t act like before tonight every anthem was 20 white guys lined up on one part of the sideline and 33 black guys in a separate sideline area.

    Sports teams are one of the most unified things in America, thats part of what makes sports great

  28. The NFL made roughly 11b last year. Some of you claiming you won’t watch because of political displays are silly. You aren’t hurting anybody but yourself and the nfl certainly isn’t missing you. Plus half of you text on your phones or use the bathroom while the anthem is playing anyway.

  29. The only people who can truly “get away from politics” are those protected by privilege…white “christian” males and the very wealthy. Every one else lives some kind of political issue Every. Damn. Day. Stop complaining about politics interfering with your sports and be grateful it doesn’t interfere with your life!

    Or better yet, if you don’t want to hear/read about it anymore, get involved and help these issues go away!

  30. cylondetector says:
    August 17, 2017 at 7:50 pm
    Great to see. A lot of people are sticking their heads in the ground over this one – maybe people should have told Rosa Parks to keep politics out of buses?!

    I don’t want to mess up your comment with facts but please, read motr about Rosa Parks and don’t just run with the headline that you think explains that entire situation. Much more to that story than the story you think you know. Parks was a lifelong activist, not some random woman who just decided not to move one day. Parks viewed the power of speaking back in the face of racism and oppression as fundamental — and saw that denying that right was key to the functioning of white power. Strangely enough, we now have groups that want to deny that same right to others. Now, before you jump to conclusions, I’m talking about Bernie Sanders.
    But as we saw in Framegate, no one thinks they are coming for you until it’s too late. So someone please explain, where is the line where you deny someone their freedom of speech? Then ask yourself how long before you fall victim to the thought police. I have no love or support of Nazis but last I checked the constitution does not have a checklist for who does and doesn’t get 1st amendment rights.

  31. Pre-season football was so terrible yesterday that pushing Alt-left divisive politics in the fans faces might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. That or the thought of seeing the Jags play again might drive me away for good.

  32. All the people who wrote that football isn’t “”fun” for them anymore because two men, black & white raised their fist in unity do us a favor and do what you say you will. Don’t watch football, be with your family and stop being hypocrites.

  33. Nothing wrong with a fist up during the anthem. Honestly, just as patriotic as a hand over the heart because of the occasions in which it has been held up. Jenkins is still showing respect by standing, but expressing his grievance in a meaningful way. Kneeling or sitting are still outright disrespectful, but I don’t see why a fist is a problem.

  34. New NFL rule…anyone who is not at their seat and standing with their hands over their heart and tears in their eyes will have their tickets torn up and immediately escorted from the stadium. Anyone with a smart TV will be monitored during the anthem as well. Same rules apply or your cable/satellite subscriptions shall be canceled. USA USA USA!!! LOL! You faux patriots can get over yourselves anytime….please? The only ones bringing politics into football are you whiny babies.

  35. get rid of all these clowns so we can watch football again.
    Chris Long is an average to below average player trying to suck up to the black players so the eagles won’t cut him. He’s a punk and so are all these black guys trying to convince America there is some racist agenda against them.

  36. How come PFT isn’t as concerned with Johnny Manziel being blackballed by the NFL as they are with Colin Kaepernick? Just asking.

    And don’t get me wrong, I hope Johnny Manziel never gets signed by an NFL team, either.

    As for Chris Long, if he gets any more tattoos, he’ll look blacker than Jenkins.

  37. I don’t know where to stand on this. I agree we need as a country to wake up and embrace diversity of individuals, thought, and let the freedom of speech reign. On the other hand many of these NFL “self proclaimed” thought leaders who are pushing their agenda is ruining the NFL for me. Freedom of speech is for outside the workplace. The NFL as an employer can mitigate this through code of conduct rules. If the “cause”, though worthy, is that important to the entertainer/player, they are well within their right to pontificate outside of football.
    Pro sports are entertainment to help those that have real jobs forget the rat race and world issues.
    Might just have to watch college football since those players just play.

  38. barrywhererufrom says:
    August 17, 2017 at 11:01 pm
    Tell Jenkins to go to Chicago and speak out against black on black violence. Minorities are 100 times greater to be killed by other Blacks than law enforcement. This has become a huge joke.

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________Amen !!! They don’t do that, because the liberal Media won’t cover it. !

  39. wewantmoretebowandfavrearticles says:
    August 18, 2017 at 7:07 am
    Nothing wrong with a fist up during the anthem. Honestly, just as patriotic as a hand over the heart because of the occasions in which it has been held up. Jenkins is still showing respect by standing, but expressing his grievance in a meaningful way. Kneeling or sitting are still outright disrespectful, but I don’t see why a fist is a problem.


    For the 100th time — political demonstrations do not belong on an NFL field before, during, or after a game.
    And — it is disrespectful to do anything but what you’re supposed to do when the National Anthem is played.
    How hard is it to understand that disrespecting the National Anthem and our flag offends millions of people? And how hard is it to understand that when you offend millions of people, you are not helping your cause, you are hurting it?
    Suppose you happened to visit another country and you were at an event and they played their National Anthem, and you stayed seated and showed disrespect for their Anthem and flag. How well do you think you’d be received doing that?
    A black fist raised in the air with head bowed was first done at a sporting event by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. It was their way of promoting “black power” (their words, not mine). It was NOT done to promote harmony between the races, it was done to disrespect the Anthem and the flag, and anger white Americans. And it did precisely all of those things.
    Now in 2016 / 2017, we have these guys doing similar things to achieve the same result and it’s also working. It is dividing the races even more than they already were, which is precisely what is wrong with it.
    And worse — it’s sending a horrible message to black kids who already have little or no respect for police and white people to begin with. And what is it based on? It’s based on false hysteria and a very small number of incidents involving cops and blacks.
    What is missing here are the facts, but they don’t matter. The facts show that black on black crime is higher than it has ever been and that blacks commit more crimes than any other ethnic group in this country. The facts also show that cops are murdered by blacks and whites — every year with little or no attention given to them. I have yet to see any NFL player do anything on the field to symbolize their disgust for cops being murdered.
    Don’t forget — cops are not all white, and they are not all male. They are from every ethnic and religious segment of our population, and are female, too. They all have a very difficult job which we ask them to do. Yes, there have been incidents when they have done bad things. No one is arguing that. But the great percentage of them do the job they are asked to do each and every day as they risk their lives. To throw them all under a bus for the actions of a few is just wrong. But that’s what these guys are doing.
    I would respect these black players and Chris Long if they would go on the streets and see for themselves what cops deal with each and every day and night. But they are reacting to sensationalized incidents and not the whole picture.
    There are two things I wish would happen so we can get these guys off the sports and news pages. First — stop playing our National Anthem at sporting events. It sickens me to see Americans disrespect the Anthem and our flag. I’m not just talking about the players — I’m talking about the fans, too. But it’s been going on forever and it really annoys me. The only place I see the Anthem and our flag treated with respect anymore is when I go to West Point to see the parade of cadets or a sporting event. And it’s played there. Last year my grandson and I went to the Army/Air Force game at West Point and an elderly couple from Denmark sat next to us. When the Army band came on the field and played the National Anthem, even they stood and placed their hands over their hearts to show their respect for our Anthem and our flag.
    The second thing I wish would happen is for the media to stop covering these guys doing this at sporting events. They can cover it when they do what ever they want to do some place else, but stop covering it at sporting events. But the media won’t because they love feeding the fires of controversy.
    Just yesterday, another NFL player (the Raiders Sean Smith) was arrested for allegedly beating up his sister’s boyfriend back in July. I have no idea if he is guilty, or if it’s a case of mistaken identity, or if it’s just a total lie. So we wait to see how it shakes out. But the point is, how many NFL players have been arrested over the last year? And how many have been arrested over the last 5 years? And how many of them are black? Were all the black ones arrested for no reason or were they arrested because there was just cause to arrest them? We know that Lucky Whitehead was arrested because another black guy stole his identity and pretended to be him. That was not a case of the police going after Whitehead because he was black. They had every reason to believe the other guy was Whitehead.
    The NFL has a serious image problem with all the arrests and suspensions. They know it and they are worried about it. It’s troubling that while that is going on they have to deal with this controversy, which they neither caused nor condoned.
    The head of the NFLPA said yesterday a strike in 2021 is almost a certainty. It was the best news I have heard about the NFL all off season. I hope they do strike and I hope it last for a whole season and more. I want these guys to get a taste of reality of how fortunate they are to be making their livings playing football. I never thought I would ever say this, but I am really getting sick of these NFL players and the game itself. More and more, I am finding other things to do than watch football games. I refuse to go to them in person and I refuse to spend money on NFL merchandise. The next step for me will be to stop watching the NFL altogether.

  40. The Press loves this because it allows them a chance to bring politics into sports, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of sports fans just want to watch their sports and not have to indulge these SJW’s hallow actions.

    For those complaining that sports and politics don’t mix, you have to look at this from the prospective of the media decision makers, they already know that but nothing is more important to them than forwarding their own political agenda (Kaep anyone?)

  41. how soon until you see black statues getting removed. I never liked how rg3 played maybe some no job having sjw will remove it for me

  42. The rhetoric isn’t divisive, this statement is about unity and if you have a problem with athletes using their platforms to make a statement the country needs to hear, then turn off the TV, because the boys you want to keep in line aren’t just here to run and jump for your pleasure.

  43. Hey Malcolm, do Innocent black kids being murdered by black Gang Members matter?
    I didn’t think so. The truth hurts, that’s why so many people find it hard to speak.

    Jenkins little act as pathetic as the old Television Evangelists crying for money and praying, then living high on the hog.

    Put ur money where your mouth is. Walk away from the sport and devote your life to what you
    Believe. Then people will take u seriously. Better yet….walk away and find out why the black inner city community is so rotted and decayed. Might be another reason than white police officers.

    Must be nice to make millions, and have an employer who will let you make your political views known on live tv.

  44. @cassep1 athletes speak out against black-on-black violence in communities everyday and are actually in those communities offering help. Your claims have no feet to stand on, and you sound like a fool. You don’t have to walk away from the sport to have an active role in politics, people can walk and chew gum at the same time buddy.

  45. What humors me on this is how so many people want to talk about how this is a bad time to bring politics/issues into a form of entertainment where people typically are seeking refuge from day to day stuff….. I didn’t hear that after 9/11, heck we don’t hear that about July 4th, which is literally a time where the United States wasn’t even a documented country, it was a literal DECELERATION of defiance against what was going on this soil…. AMERICA IS BASED ON RESISTANCE IN THE FACE OF INJUSTICE, or am I missing something?????…. Black and Brown people in this country have come to understand that even when the protest’ which DEFINE this country’s history pertains to them it will be balked at because you are not viewed as Americans. The only time minorities are considered American is when non-hyphenated Americans want to take on a foreign “threat” and need additional troops, at that moment, “We Are All All Americans”.

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