Rams still like Tavon Austin’s potential, despite injuries

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Tavon Austin hasn’t become the kind of player the Rams thought he would be when they traded up to take him with the eighth overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. But the Rams still think he can be that player.

Rams General Manager Les Snead said on PFT Live that Austin’s wrist and hamstring injuries have been a setback in his ability to learn new coach Sean McVay’s offense, but that doesn’t mean they have lost confidence in him.

“A freakish wrist injury that he actually did doing some clean and jerks during the offseason,” Snead said. “Can you imagine small Tavon doing cleans? Then he comes and has a small hamstring injury during camp.”

Austin has made big plays at times: He has 12 career receiving touchdowns, eight career rushing touchdowns and three career punt return touchdowns. Now the Rams want to see him do it with more consistency.

“We haven’t figured out how much he evolves as a receiver in this offense because he hasn’t had a chance to play,” Snead said. “Plan to see him used very similarly to how he’s been used in the past. By that I mean, he’s scored as a receiver, he’s scored as a running back, he’s scored as a returner. That’s why we like him. He threatens the opposing team in many different ways. We’ve just got to get him healthy.”

If Austin does get healthy, the Rams still believe he has the potential to justify that Top 10 draft pick.

19 responses to “Rams still like Tavon Austin’s potential, despite injuries

  1. I am sure the $14 million that Jeff Fisher guaranteed for Austin for 2017 has nothing to do with this press release. They owe that whether they cut him or keep him so here comes plenty of puff pieces about him.

  2. When they drafted him I was like ‘too small’. When they list you at 5’9″ 175, it means you are really 5’8″ 165, and thats just too small to stay healthy in the league of beasts.

  3. He’s not “too small to stay healthy” he has missed fewer games than guys like Alshon Jeffery or Julio Jones. The biggest problem has been the Rams playcallers during Fisher’s time as head coach have been completely clueless how to use him.

    He shouldn’t have been picked so high in the draft or handed the monster contract extension he got, but cutting him is asinine with his current contract. Once his hamstring is better he’s going to put up the most efficient numbers of his career in this offense. He’ll still be overpaid, but at least he’ll finally be part of a real offense.

  4. Incredible college footballer who hasn’t lived up to the high Draft selection. Tavon is talented but he’s also tiny and quality NFL cornerbacks know how to beat him.

  5. Even outside injuries this guy has never been anything better than a disappointment. These gadget guys need innovative coaches to get them in the best position to succeed – something the Rams haven’t been known for since 2001.

    Dumb extension fueled by the ego’s of guys who can’t admit it when they are wrong.

  6. Well, ya just traded for Sammy Watkins.

    Why are these GMs so awful?

    Buffalo hasn’t made the Playoffs this CENTURY.

    I’m willing to bet Sammy Watkins wasn’t the problem in that scenario.

  7. To all the people on here commenting without ever having watched a Rams game, calm down. I have watched him play since he was drafted. Don’t declare him a bust, or useless. He has not had a QB or O-line, or other receivers to take pressure off of him. And don’t forget he also had an offensively inept coach for his entire career. Lets see how he performs this year with new help all around him, and a new coach. I don’t believe he is #1 WR material, but he can definitely be a weapon when not the focal point.

  8. Tavon Austin has had four quarterbacks (Sam Bradford/Austin Davis/Nick Foles/Case Keenum w/ terrible offensive lines) in his four seasons with that st. louis dumpster fire.

  9. The problem with Austin is the Rams have no idea how to use him. Would like to see what that guy could do playing for Belichick. Actually I’d hate to see it, but it would be interesting.

  10. Austin is that dude you bring in to add that extra spice to an already good offense. Expecting him to be that primary weapon that leads an offense is just misguided.
    Put him in New England/Pittsburgh/Atlanta as that extra thing defenses have to think about and then he looks special.
    Theoretically, with the rams receivers abs new scheme that could happen, but more likely he needs a chance in a new uniform with different expectations.

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