As Michael Bennett sits, two teammates stand with hand on his shoulder


Like five nights ago, Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett sat for the national anthem before a game. Unlike five night ago, he had two teammates with him.

Via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, tackle Justin Britt and cornerback Jeremy Lane stood near Bennett with a hand on his shoulder during the anthem preceding Friday night’s game against the Vikings.

According to Curtis Crabtree of KJR and PFT, defensive ends Cliff Avril and Frank Clark sat with Bennett for the closing seconds of the anthem.

Bennett sits for the anthem in an effort to bring attention to racial injustice in America. Teammates did not know he’d be sitting before the preseason opener against the Chargers.

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  1. Geezus, enough of this already… start using those platforms you are on or some of those multi millions of dollars you earn from the average citizen (white, black,brown etc) when they purchase tickets and gear and form foundations and make a difference. Take the focus off yourself and do something instead of sitting for the national anthem. What in the world does that have to do with injustice of black people???

  2. What a crock! Before Obama, racial harmony in this country was on a fast track. Idiots like this, forcing people to take sides is ultimately setting us all back.

  3. Next Man Up! Whether it’s a player who’s gone done, or our nation’s leaders who have gone AWOL, it’s Next Man Up. Somebody has to step in and take up the slack. Thank you Michael Bennett.

  4. As a fan, I watch to enjoy the game. And I watch the game as a way to relax, unwind and escape the realities of life. When those realities collide with my escape, I want less of that escape.

    I’m not interested in professional sports becoming a political or sociological dialog. I’m watching, and when I attend, expecting to see athletes compete. When the political or sociological statements of athletes become a greater topic than the play on the field or the outcome of the game, then it’s time for me to find a new diversion.

    Enough is enough. When you are on the field play the game. Off the field make your case. If you find as an athlete that you can’t get the audience you want off the field, then maybe you need to think about finding a new way to do it. But hijacking a captive audience isn’t working for me.

  5. Just like us fans can say whatever we want, athletes can as well. Each of us has to take into consideration how our words and actions can affect our employment. Nonetheless I kinda feel like a lot of folks are bitching about freedoms and rights we’re all in agreement with that we value and appreciate.

    If this country was founded and fought over for freedom of speech, why are we judging those who are using their American right?

  6. If this bothers so many of u guys, then why not tune n in and start watching the game after the kickoff. And heres another thought. . . . how about not clicking on these articles and taking even more time to cry about it. You know, since it bothers you so much. Or how about getting all your white friends together and learning how to play football and take over the league so u dont have to see black people doing this?

  7. Just a couple more guys need to sit and boom all of our problems will be on a fast track to Solves-ville.

  8. WOW!! Im glad he did that, I had no idea there was racial injustice in America before tonight!!

    What an American Hero! Those nobodies overseas with guns “putting their lives on the line” for the flag and giving these REAL heroes the right to do this should take note.

    What a true American. I suddenly have found a new sense of purpose.

  9. When I watch football, I expect black people to pretend the president isn’t condoning KKK rallies where American citizens die on US soil, because as a white person, I’ve had a long week and gosh darnit, I deserve to not have to think about things that effect other people!

  10. Well, it’s Seattle folks. If you’ve been there lately you know it’s become an eye sore, like Sanctuary San Fran.

  11. Shout out to Britt and Long, and their black teammates they are supporting. Ignore the cowards. Keep up the great work.

    It never ceases to amaze me how clueless how most of my white brothers are. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  12. Somebody please give an example of another occupation where once the you go to work you are allowed to become a distraction because they want to protest social injustice! America is being held hostage by the PC police.

  13. Let’s protest the murders in Chicago first. That’s a far greater problem than what these players are protesting.

  14. Pretty soon, no one will care whether people sit or stand for the Anthem. Everything that’s cool about it, the flyovers, the giant flags, people standing with their hands over their hearts will be gone. It seems that traditions are going down the drain. Its actually kind of sad really. Oh well.

  15. C’mon man, that is Kaps theme. He has since changed ships providing he can find another ship. Try something different like taking a knee during a field goal attempt or turning your back on kick offs. Let yesterday be bygones and live life for today …

  16. Come on Guys, America has been terrible to Michael Bennett. He’s proof that America keeps the black man down. Who else on on here plays a game for millions of dollars? It’s gotta be tough for him and his big mouth brother.

  17. Not standing up in respect for the national anthem, is an affront to those who sacrifice their lives for our country, so that these clowns can play football and make tons of money. If you don’t want to stand up for the anthem, head to the CFL!

  18. And now we have a MO State Senator calling for the assassination of Trump. Let’s see if there’s equal treatment under the law. We’re watching.

    The last 8 years certainly changed this country.

  19. Poor-rich black ball players. They have suffered so much. When will they get their justice?
    Shame on all you white people that own slaves, let them free. Make American Black and Brown and get rid of all evil white people.

  20. they don’t worry about all the blacks killing blacks in chicago. Maybe if they got a job instead of robbing people with guns they wouldn’t get killed. When a armed criminal encounters a police officer the officer shoots to kill not wound.

  21. 6 police officers shot last night and this is how you

    get on a band wagon.Britt says my dad served in the army.Great let him

    stand in the jungle with your friends dying around you,THEN TELL ME

    you have done something. SPEND your money on streets You don’t want

    to honor America,remember people listen to you now,say something important

  22. I find it amazing all the love Tebow got by being politically what ‘America wants’ compared with the hate for players who identify with what ‘America is’.

  23. The NFL is a joke..this is the NFL’s platform not the players. If not I hope that other players come out for say theirsupport of police or the military. Then we will watch the NFL stop all protests and show of support during the games. Then we can get back to the game and leave that other crap where it belongs off the field.

  24. Any of this made any difference in our daily lives whatsoever? Did Kaepernick change society for the better in anyway whatsoever? No, it’s just divisive grandstanding

  25. Lame. Very anti-American. Its not American to protest America. WOW! The only country in the world where diversity thrives. Not only that, these people are making millions playing a sport. Not contributing to society, playing a sport that takes from millions of families that dont make millions. This guy has the character of a rapist pedophile traitor. Its Seattle tho, Im surprised the whole stadium isnt sitting during the National Anthem.

  26. Next will be Pete Carrol changing their diapers since he doesn’t have the guts to control his team. The season hasn’t even started and this crap is getting old fast !!! Good thing the college football season is closing in fast !!!

  27. For me the games starts at 1:05 or 4:20 …I usually tune in to watch s game, after pre game TV BS, this is no different, I wanna watch a game…

  28. Michael Bennett and Kaepernick have made me think. I think Trump is causing more positive change than Obama. At its core, racial injustice did not change much under Obama. In fact, regardless of your beliefs about Trump, his actions, good or bad, have prompted the falling of statues honoring people who fought to enslave humans – that is good and better than what happened under Obama. Why weren’t these guys kneeling when Obama was President? Is this really about racial injustice or some statement about Trump? Obama could have dealt with issues like statues, police force, support for inner cities. He never spoke up about Chicago violence. I think Trump causes more conversation and change than Obama did and that is progress. One may not like his manners – but maybe we needed someone like him to put a mirror to ourselves and a magnifying glass to our lies.

  29. Just because the protesters get all of the positive media coverage doesn’t mean that the vast majority of us are on the other side. Because we are, you ain’t fooling anyone.

  30. I would like to see these athletes spend the same amount of energy and time addressing the issue of the amount of black families where there is no father figure and multiple children by multiple fathers…..fact.

  31. I would like to see guys like Michael Bennett spend a summer evening/overnight walking the streets in a city like, say, Chicago, and see how much of a difference he can make. He may want to wear a vest and pack some heat tho.

  32. guys get penalties when they celebrate their td’s in the NFL. I suggest teams get penalties for their showboating during the anthem. seems a logical way to handle this NONSENSE..

  33. “The only country in the world where diversity thrives.

    All that statement shows is you know very little about the rest of the world. There sre plenty of otger pkaces
    where diversity thrives and there is pkenty of opportunity in life

  34. Bob Lee was a traitor. He rebelled against the United States. He should have been hanged.

    At least his plantation was taken by the Unites States and his front yard became Arlington National Cemetery so that the dead could be buried at Lee’s front door.

    William Tecumseh Sherman didn’t complete his job

    My favorite Civil War era monuments are the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

  35. The more I think about this, the more I think this is great because it will hurt ratings, give the union some leverage, and get Goodell fired once and for all.

  36. Bennett has some stats, no doubt; but there is a reason Tampa let him go. He is not a team player. He is a selfish player. But Bennett is just one of the problems. Russell Wilson with his bizarre feuds with his wife’s ex and his own prima donna attitude. Now, they’ve got Walsh running his mouth at the Vikings. Last night, a good guy rips his ACL and is out for the year. And that is the third place story behind Bennett getting a back rub from his buddies while he sits on the bench during the National Anthem, and Walsh showing his ass. This is why Seattle will fail this year. Distractions from players for selfish reasons.

  37. Turned the game on last night. No more than two minutes later they were showing some interview with Bennett talking about not standing. Turned the game off.

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