John Harbaugh: Ryan Mallett “doing OK given the circumstances”

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After a mediocre outing for Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallett in the team’s first preseason game, coach John Harbaugh said that Mallett played “winning football” because the Ravens were up 13-0 when he left the game.

Mallett threw two interceptions on Thursday night against the Dolphins and could have had a couple of other passes picked off before he exited for the night. Mallett was 13-of-22 for 113 yards and a touchdown aside from the turnovers and said he thought he played better than he had in the first game.

Harbaugh didn’t seem to disagree and pointed to three missing starters on the offensive line as a big contributing factor to any offensive struggles.

“I thought he did good. He got out of trouble a few times, he made a few throws. I think we’ll just keep working to build off that,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “He was under pressure more than we’d like early on and I thought he handled it well, didn’t make mistakes. He played good, solid football. We’re not totally together up front right now and I think he’s doing OK given the circumstances.”

The Ravens have already announced that Joe Flacco won’t play until the regular season and Harbaugh announced after the game that Flacco isn’t ready to get back on the field yet. That leaves plenty of work for Mallett and the Ravens appear to remain comfortable with him being the man to step in should their plan to have Flacco for Week One fail to come to fruition.

8 responses to “John Harbaugh: Ryan Mallett “doing OK given the circumstances”

  1. No he is notdoing OK given any circumstances! He throws like he has never thrown a ball. He looks stiff and mechanical. Time to give Woodrum a shot with the one’s to see how prepared he is.
    Stop with the excuses for Mallett !
    We can all see, almost every one of his throws are off ! What’s the QB’S coach doing with him? Not showing him how to throw a ball, that’s for sure. Come on Harbs telling us what we are not seeing is getting old and it should cost you your job if we don’t make the playoffs this season.

  2. John Harbaugh: Ryan Mallett “doing OK given the circumstances”

    …you mean, considering he stinks? The dude has zero touch. He either rifles it to the receiver or throws lob balls that get picked off. I’d love to see Woodrum get some time with the first team.

  3. Cue up the “this is fine” dog GIF, and insert Harbaugh’s face.

    Clearly there’s no real concern over Flacco, because if so they would have already brought in another QB. Mallett is not even backup caliber.

  4. Ryan Mallet has a cannon of an arm. Maybe the Ravens should send their fastest receiver straight down the field and have Mallet launch one for the receiver to jump for. Chances are good it would either be a catch of a PI call. This has worked before for the Ravens, even spawned a nickname.

  5. Umm….maybe the article should mention while the Ravens were up 13-0, 10 of the points came from absolute bonehead turnovers from special teams of the Dolphins. So Mallet FAILED. They got nothing against the Dolphins in the 1st Qtr. So, he was literally mediorcre at best against players that will be working at Auto Dealerships in 3 weeks from now.

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