Ronald Darby “very impressive” in first Eagles outing

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Cornerback Ronald Darby spent a lot of time this summer guarding Bills wide receivers in practice and he was back in that position on Thursday night.

The big difference was that Darby was now wearing an Eagles uniform after last week’s trade that sent him to Philly in exchange for wide receiver Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick and that Bills coach Sean McDermott couldn’t just blow a play dead if Darby stifled the offense. That meant Darby got to weave through the Bills for 48 yards after picking off a pass Tyrod Taylor threw under pressure from his new teammates.

After the game, Eagles coach Doug Pederson expressed his happiness with how Darby played after less than a week after he joined the team.

“Yeah, it’s very impressive,” Pederson said in comments distributed by the team. “Very exciting. Encouraging, obviously. He’s definitely going to help us there in the back end. You kind of credit some of the throws, too, to our defensive line. The pass rush was there tonight and disrupting some of the timing offensively.”

Darby got a game ball from his new teammates after the game and there will likely be more in his future if he continues to turn around what was shaping up to be a major trouble spot for the Eagles before last week’s trade.

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  1. I was thinking there must be more to this story. I’m still waiting to hear about a failed drug test that’s going to lead to a suspension. I’m waiting to hear about an old injury that’s going to pop up, that the Eagles weren’t aware of. It’s baffling. Teams just don’t give away elite young CB’s. They’re too hard to get. WR’s are a dime a dozen.

  2. Darby is not an elite young CB. Yes he is good but not elite and you will see that this season.
    Credit to your D-line for a good rush last next. Btw it is preseason lets try not to overreact.

  3. Once you put on the uniform of the Dream team you’re instantly better. He should start bragging right now.

  4. Bills defense has not been stable for a number of years due to changes in coaches and philosophies—-I expect Darby and Stephon Gilmore to excell now that they are in more stable programs. Not a good move by the Bills to release Darby especially after losing Gilmore—young and talented DB’s are hard to find.

  5. This is why your trade was stupid Buffalo fans. You never trade known commodities still with years left on their deal for a crapshoot like a second or third round pick. No great football personnel mind ever does that because the name of the game is accumulating talent, and unless you haven’t noticed from your 17 year going on 18 year playoff drought, that’s not easy to do. You had one of the hardest positions in football, and you gave it away for nothing.

  6. Nice to see an eagle CB doing good things, instead of getting toasted crispy burnt… seems like a decade or more, since the curse of Nmandi at least!
    Excited to see Darby and Jones on the field for years to come once Sidney is healthy!
    Good work HOWIE 2.0!

  7. You can tell this dude knows he can burn. He’s stays in his backpeddle for as long as possible which allows him to drive on short routes. If a WR gets past him he knows he can turn and catch up quickly. Guy is gonna be a solid CB in Schwartz’s system which favors man to man. The biggest weakness with Darby are his hands.

  8. He’s not the one struggling, it’s our offensive line.
    then again I don’t think all five starters have played together yet this preseason.

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