Blair Walsh makes it a point to show Vikings he’s back

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It wasn’t like the Vikings cut kicker Blair Walsh for no reason last season. They had, after all, trusted him enough to sign him to a four-year, $13 million extension before the season.

But he went 12 for 16 on field goals and missed four extra points, and the Vikings released him after nine games.

He insisted this week he has no ill feelings toward the Vikings, but judging by his reaction after two made field goals Friday night, Walsh was less than honest.

Walsh, now with the Seahawks, taunted his former team after making not one, but two 52-yard field goals in the third quarter. He pointed at the Vikings bench after both field goals, and Richard Sherman ran onto the field after the second to join Walsh in saying a few words to the Minnesota sideline, according to Bob Condotta‏ of the Seattle Times.

Walsh, 27, appears to have corrected whatever was wrong in Minnesota. He went 2-for-2 on field goals in the first preseason game and 6-for-6 on extra points. He did miss a field goal in the first half Friday night, but it was a 53-yard attempt that hit the crossbar.

44 responses to “Blair Walsh makes it a point to show Vikings he’s back

  1. So after shanking a playoff-winning chip shot, he proceeded to stink in 2016. The Vikings had more patience with him than was reasonable and finally released him. Now he’s mad at them for justifiably cutting him, so he’s talking smack after making 2/3 (66.7%) of his FGs in a preseason game? Wow – pretty immature. No wonder he became a lousy kicker – his mental focus is completely off.

  2. What a Bozo he’s going to look like when he goes off the rails, when they matter. But hey, that felt good, right? What’s dignity again?

  3. He can have all the hard feelings he wants about his time in Minnesota, but nobody kicked the ball for him. Minnesota didn’t give him the boot after missing the field goal that cost him the game against the Seahawks…it was him not being able to make extra points on a consistent basis.

  4. You can do that nonsense when you hit a game winner until then just shut up and kick the ball.

  5. The guy missed a chip-shot field goal to win a playoff game. He has no business whatsoever taunting the Vikings sideline.

  6. Good heavens. This guy is a dolt. He missed a 27 yard field goal in a playoff game in the closing seconds. He was also miserable for two consecutive years in general. He cost the Vikings multiple games with his extra point chokes! Sit down, you chump! You’ll always be the guy who missed a 27 yard field goal. Congrats on your preseason redemption! Congrats, Richard Sherman! He’s only going to choke when it counts the most. No team would have stuck with a kicker that was on the path of Blair Walsh.

  7. The Packers went through a similar dry spell with Mason Crosby a few seasons ago — but Coach McCarthy did not get rid of him, he found his range and confidence, and has been reliable since.

  8. When Blair Walsh is “on” he is one of the best kickers in the league. When he is “off” he is one of the worst. You just don’t know from week to week/season to season which way he will be. He was cut when he wasn’t kicking very well. It will happen again. Like it did with the Vikings during the playoffs. Ironically against the Seahawks.

  9. When there is no pressure Blair can make his kicks. Wait until you need that game winner especially in the playoffs and see how he does. That was Blair’s issue. He wasn’t cut after just missing one kick. Once he knew he was on the hot seat because he wasn’t kicking well, he went down hill fast.

  10. What point is he trying to make? He deserved to be cut in Minnesota. That’s the only relevant point. One good game does not make him Justin Tucker.

  11. If he needs that extra motivation, then so be it. It became clear to EVERYONE that he couldn’t kick for the Vikings anymore. Most people believed that he would find success with a new team. He wasn’t exactly “wronged” when he got cut.

  12. That was a preseason game, no pressure situation–the yips only show up when the lights are the brightest, then, and only then can Walsh be said to have fixed his issues.

  13. I can understand the sentiment, showing your former team that you still have what it takes to make in the NFL but pointing at the Viking sideline is generally seen as poor sportsmanship and I can only wonder where he learned that (the Vikings maybe?)

    Blair Walsh will have nothing to worry about, his legacy will always be cemented by this missed 27 yard FG to LOSE a playoff game. That was just the latest chapter in Viking playoff choke jobs and the list is a long and storied one. Blair Walsh could go on to a HOF career but the first thing anybody will recall when his name is mentioned is that missed 27 yard FG, it couldn’t have happened to a more fitting franchise than the Vikings

  14. Tough kicker taunting the bench in a preseason game…..have fun when he loses his confidence Seahawk fans. He will at some point this season and hopefully it’s during a playoff game. We all know how that goes……

  15. You can take the player out of MN but you can’t take the MN out of the player.

    Walsh seems to believe Champions are made in August when we all know they are crowned after New Years Day.

  16. I actually felt sorry for Walsh…until last night. He apparently is classless. The Vikings gave him many opportunities to make up for horrendous choke in the playoff loss and he could not get his head straight which contributed to more losses last year. Good luck in Seattle, not.

  17. No pressure in the pre season snowflake, wait until he has to make a 23 yard chip. Choke!

  18. If you want to call hitting a couple FGs in a meaningless preseason game vindication for missing a chip shot when it mattered….then yes, Walsh is back!!

  19. He’s a kicker, a necessary evil. Nobody is buying his jersey, nobody texted all their friends “dude we signed WALSH!”

    The only people getting worked up about a kicker seem to be MN fans.

  20. He’s back? He hit 3 of 4 FG’s in a preseason game. Show me where those stats are in the record books. Just kick the ball and don’t miss the easy one’s (too late). It’s basically a practice game…..we’re talking about practice. Lets see what happens when the regular season starts….you know, when it counts…..

  21. Everyone knows Blair “Warner” Walsh has a strong leg and can nail 50+ yd fgs, but his problem was, and always will be, consistency.

    Let’s see if he can make it through the entire preseason without missing any XPs or FGs under 50 yds.

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