LeGarrette Blount brushes off preseason struggles

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Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount has struggled this preseason. Which he says matters not at all.

After carrying five times for 18 yards and losing a fumble on Thursday night against the Bills, Blount said he has never been a big-time preseason player.

“You go back and look at my preseason performance and then go look at my regular-season performances, and you tell me,” Blount said, via Philly.com. “There’s nothing that we’re doubting or that we feel like we’re lacking. I feel like we got all the pieces we need to be a good running team.”

Actually, last year Blount played fairly well in the preseason, with 25 carries for 115 yards and two touchdowns. But Blount is right that he sometimes hasn’t done much in the preseason. In 2015 he averaged just 2.3 yards a carry in the preseason, but then averaged 4.3 yards a carry in the regular season.

Blount acknowledged that fumbling is something he needs to work on. But generally speaking, you can add Blount to the long list of veteran players who think the preseason doesn’t matter.

38 responses to “LeGarrette Blount brushes off preseason struggles

  1. He can do the job, don’t panic, Eagles fans. He does have a tiny fumbling problem, but he’s in traffic a lot.

  2. The play calling hasn’t helped. Peterson insists on running outside the tackles with this guy. Maybe he’s experimenting but Blount is not effective running to the outside as it takes away his power.

  3. The only people who like pre-season games are the coaches (because they love the chance to continuously evaluate talent) and the owners (who love to count all that ill-gotten money from ripping off the paying customers). Everyone else hates preseason games. Remember when they used to call them “exhibition games”? We don’t need four of five lousy exhibitions before the regular season starts. However, the owners love all the money that’s generated through fleecing the fans and offering lousy football featuring second and third stringers. This preseason stuff is a joke, and everyone knows it. Charging full prices to watch marginal football is thievery, but you have to pay it if you want to get season tickets. It’s a lousy way to do business because it rips off the consumers–but the billionaire owners apparently don’t care.

  4. It’s hardly surprising – it’s the ultimate team sport – and so on the Eagles he isn’t going to look as good as he did on the Pats where he had the benefit of that top offense and Belichickian plays designed to maximise his role (which was especially important as he aged). It’s hard to think of a player who did better after leaving Belichick.

  5. If the Pats don’t sign you, you’re no good.


    I wouldn’t say that. They just weren’t willing to pay a premium for a high mileage power back on the wrong side of 30. He’s still got some gas in the tank though.

  6. kurdishpats1 says:
    August 19, 2017 at 8:48 am
    If the Pats don’t sign you, you’re no good.
    Not true. Most times, if you’re looking for a big payday, thats don’t sign you.

  7. I like Blount. Great attitude. Good team player. Fun loving. Likes to play.
    To do well, would benefit from a good run blocking line. Not as strong finding holes.
    In open field does better. Seems to have lost a step.
    …and fumble-itis. Gotta get a grip, my man.

  8. It all depends on how they use him.

    He’s not the 4-5 yards per carry guy he was for the Pats in 2013

    Based on last year’s performance if his OL is halfway decent he should be able to push through for 2 yards on the goal line.

    18 TDs is nothing to sneeze at – that being said, the Pats let him walk – and the best deal he got was a 1 yr $1.25 mil contract – which suggests Belichick wasn’t the only one with concerns

    Give him a go in some real games and cut him if need be – after that he’s a shadow roster backup for the Pats or some other team if the injury bug hits

  9. raymondmac says:
    August 19, 2017 at 10:19 am
    I like Blount. Great attitude. Good team player. Fun loving. Likes to play.
    To do well, would benefit from a good run blocking line. Not as strong finding holes.
    In open field does better. Seems to have lost a step.
    …and fumble-itis. Gotta get a grip, my man.

    This comment hits the nail on the head.

    If he can get into the open field….he is beautiful.
    Way too often, however, it is like watching a one-yard-loss in slow motion.
    It frustrated me to seemingly give away a down so often with him.

    I really like the guy, but I am glad that he is gone.
    I sincerely wish him well.

  10. Pederson is doing to Blount what Kelly did to Murray. Take an inside power runner and make him run speed plays to the outside. Murray never got it going with the Eagles because Chip used him wrong. I hope Pederson doesnt do the same with Blount.

  11. raymondmac | Aug 19, 2017, 10:19 AM EDT
    I like Blount. Great attitude. Good team player. Fun loving. Likes to play.
    To do well, would benefit from a good run blocking line. Not as strong finding holes.
    In open field does better. Seems to have lost a step.
    …and fumble-itis. Gotta get a grip, my man.

    Good team player?.. you mean the one who quit on the Steelers in the middle of a game. Hate to see your idea of a bad teammate. Tough to have just a short term homer memory.

  12. The yardage is a complete and total non-issue. If you take a back who has a 100 yard day on 20 carries, I guarantee you he didn’t get five yards every time he touched the ball. He is going to have a least a few no-gains or even losses in those 20 carries. It often takes back a while to get in a groove as well as for the O-line to establish itself against the defense. When you’re only getting around 5 carries in a game, you shouldn’t expect much.

    But, yeah, the fumbles need to stop.

  13. bvolke says:
    August 19, 2017 at 11:43 am

    Makes a big difference when you don’t get nickel and dime packages to run against every play because Tom Brady is ykur QB.


    Not accurate. MCDaniels’s main flay is subbing the backs, tipping the kind of play.

    It’s why Blount’s YPC average dropped 4 straight years in a row.

    Blount performs best against mediocre or weak Ds, where in this league with so many teams in cap hell, there’s a lot of em.

    And, he’s best in the second half vs a tired D and when not subbed on and off by McDaniels.

    The only real effective way to use him is to have patience, get him going, and then get to playaction before halftime, because when you do sub him on for 3rd and 2, you can use playaction with him, which means it keeps the D on its heels for when he is out there.

    He’s a traditional power back in every sense of the word, so he was a bit of a fish out of water for the Pats style of offense.

    It’s why they went out and got Gillislee and Burkhead.

  14. As a Pats fan I love LG. Never saw a moment he didn’t have a smile on his face, and was always a positive team player. Never heard his side of the Steelers episode- always wondered. But the Steelers are a great franchise so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there.

    That being said- LG is an average to slightly below average back, and his stats from last year were definitely misleading.

    He has great top speed, but is very slow starting out. By the time he hits the line any holes are closing up and he gets stuffed too much on those 3rd and 1 or 2 plays.

    He is a big,tall back- but he runs too upright for a guy his size. When he hits the line they will tackle/hit him above the waist and that upright running style causes him to be too easy to topple back for no gain with a light push/hit.

    He does have great top speed. When he gets through the line he is very hard to catch, especially from behind. That usually means a safety or corner needs to come up and make the tackle, and by then he is a top speed and with his size is very tough to tackle. That’s when you see those spectacular runs of his where he just keeps moving a bunch of guys backwards- but that is what deceives a lot of people into thinking he is better than he is.

    Anyway- that’s the way I see it.

  15. Blount is what he is – he’s decent between the tackles and has surprising burst to break it outside if the D loses containment on the edge. When he gets his shoulders square and gets to the second level he’s a real load to bring down. He’s good near the goal line. He needs a good sized hole at the point of attack, or he will just run into the back of his offensive line. Most of the time, if a play is blocked for 4 yards, he’ll get you the 4, but seldom generates extra yards on his own unless he gets in to the second level. On a scale of 1-10, I think he’s about a 6.

  16. the only preseason struggles he should be having should be occuring in a jail sell. ppl forget this guy is a drug smoking bum who sets a bad example for the youth of our nation. lock him up and throw away the key.

  17. See you back in New England in December for the playoff run, LG! Will never forget you on the SB51 tape. “We need some TOUCHdowns…..!”

  18. He has never been a dancer, but will get you seven yards when you really need them even if there are six Steelers on his back.

  19. Funny to read comments about the pats never releasing “good” players. I remember asante having about 4 or 5 pro bowl caliber seasons for the eagles. So. . . . .

  20. so now he went to the other PA team, got paid and stunk it up? he gonna get released like last time, end up back where he belongs? for a mil a year. lol. bet on it.

  21. Nobody should get too worried about an established veteran’s preseason performance. Like Jim Mora said, you don’t know what’s going on out there. You THINK you know, but you…..just……don’t……..know.

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