Anquan Boldin leaves Bills camp, says he’s retiring


The Bills were hoping they could get away with a wide receivers room lacking “divas” by virtue of having at least one veteran presence among them.

But that guy walked out the door Sunday.

According to Jim Trotter of ESPN, wide receiver Anquan Boldin has left Bills camp today, and has informed the team he’s retiring.

The 36-year-old Boldin had signed with the Bills earlier this month, just before they traded Sammy Watkins to the Rams, and they were hoping he’d lend stability to a depth chart lacking firepower.

They’ll now have to rely on trade acquisition Jordan Matthews (once he’s healthy), rookie Zay Jones and former Raider Andre Holmes, among the inevitable newcomers.

If Boldin is indeed finished, he’s walking away from the NFL with an incredible resume already. He has 1,076 receptions (ninth on the league’s all-time list) for 13,779 yards (14th) and 82 touchdowns (23rd).

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  1. Loved Q in Baltimore. That’s gotta be deflating for Buffalo, seeing a veteran with a good amount left in the tank rather retire than stick around with them for the season. Good indication of bad things to happen this season.

  2. I remember when he took the NFL and the fantasy football world by storm. Great career. And yeah we understand. It’s only the Bills.

  3. Yikes.

    He looked way too slow to be playing on the outside like Buffalo tried to use him Thursday. Wonder if he just realized he doesn’t have the physical abilities anymore. Or if he just wanted out of Buffalo after the Watkins trade…

  4. Unfortunately I am not surprised. I am concerned that he realized that he walked into a dumpster fire. Concerned because I don’t think having bad teams in the league is good for the NFL. I don’t care who you root for, competition is good and his retiring tells me we have one more team not to look forward to watching this year. We don’t need anymore of those.

  5. Boldin was a beast! I remember him having multiple broken bones in his face after taking a huge hit. He strapped up and played like 2 weeks later(?). Or one week? Either way i was impressed. Just a professional at what he did.

  6. HECK of a career. Used to love watching him from the student section at Doak.

    He even played a little QB when Rix got hurt.

    Hats off to you sir. Hope it’s enough for Canton.

  7. This is a combo reason – Anquan has looked really slow this year, even slower than last year. He also sees the Bills going nowhere and doesn’t want to be remembered as an over the hill guy on a bad team. Jerry Rice did the same thing with the Seahawks

  8. Probably looked into the stands and saw one of those Bills mafia makeout sessions where the toupee slides from one bald head to the other.

  9. He just wants to go out a champion. He’s HOF bound anyway, but he’d love to see balls comin’ his way from TB12. C’mon, you know I’m right…:)

  10. In a man’s league this guy was a MAN…single handedly kept 49ers in games with his clutch catches, made a lot of QB’S look better than they were..if it was in the area he caught it…a tough, tough man who always earned his pay….a pro’s pro.

  11. omeimontis says:
    August 20, 2017 at 9:14 pm
    It would be a travesty if Boldin does not get into the HOF, sincee Kurt Warner is in.

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    no way he is a hall of famer

    nice career, consistent,but art monk took like 15 years to get in

    boldin is not a hall of famer. he also was not a good postseason player

  12. Such a great player. Such a professional. Every time he became available, I rooted for my team to sign him. Didn’t work out that way. The NFL will miss Anquan Boldin and needs more players like him. Best wishes to him going forward.

  13. So the Bills have 3 all new starting receivers, 4 all new starting defensive backs and a new starting right tackle not to mention new kicker.

    Yeah…Super Bowl here we come.

  14. motleytrap says:
    August 20, 2017 at 8:37 pm
    One of my favorite WRs ever.

    HOF worthy career.

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    considering you are probably 25 years old and have no clue
    what it was like in the pre-goodell era with less focus on offense; that
    is not saying much

  15. “considering you are probably 25 years old and have no clue
    what it was like in the pre-goodell era with less focus on offense; that
    is not saying much”

    Considering you’re a yippy Chihuahua on a message board, Boldin’s career likely went over your head.

  16. He did not want to sign with Buffalo, but didn’t receive any other offers. Detroit was going to give him another year, but their mid round rookie receiver looks like a stud – so they told AB no thanks. He has told his friends that the Buffalo QB’s are not in Stafford’s league, and he wasn’t going to put himself through the pain with no real chance to win games. He will be spending his time on Humanitarian issues – he did spend time in DC this off season, so it actually makes sense. He will follow his heart, which is no longer in football…

  17. Poor Boldin woke up screaming thinking he was having a nightmare that he was playing in Buffalo, Then he was sadly reminded it was no dream where he proceed to continue Sobbing.

  18. Eagles fan here – Watched him Thursday vs the Eagles and one thing that stood out was how slow he looked in and out of his breaks and getting up to speed, i know he was never a burner but at 36 years old he wasn’t getting any faster. Obviously he has strong hands evidenced by his 67 catch campaign last year, but it only produced 8.7 YPC and i don’t think it would have changed much this season.
    Always thought Boldin was super tough and enjoyed watching him play, all the best 81.

  19. Loved him with the Cardinals.
    Old man Bidwill was still in charge and had just given Fitz a new contract and was too cheap to do the same for Q.
    Would have been a hell of a pair of receivers for Warner.

  20. What a career. HOF worthy, possibly even first ballot. The numbers are legit, he has his ring, was an awesome teammate everywhere he played, and always a pillar of the community. Best of luck in the future Q!

  21. Big fan of Q since FSU. One of the toughest WRs in NFL history. Tore his ACL his junior year (back when tearing your ACL was a big deal) and slipped in the draft, but set the league on fire as a rookie. In September 2008 Q broke his face. He had 40 screws and 7 plates put in his forehead and missed just two games. He had the fight of Steve Smith and the size of Terrell Owens. 9th all-time in receptions (27 rec from 4th place), 14th in yards (567 yds from 10th place). 27-567 was achievable this season for sure. Gonna miss watching him bully DBs on Sundays.

    Thanks for the memories 81. Can’t wait to see you in Canton.

  22. I ran a hotel out by the Cardinals training camp when Q got drafted. He stayed and always had his family and friends stay also. The guy was always great to my staff and would conduct some of his business right in my lobby, Mind you this was a limited service property not a 4 star site. Funny thing we would always tease him as he always showed up with a different car all the time. Quality person and one of the toughest players ( exp. when his face got jacked in the Jets game scoring a TD and still came back and played in 2 weeks). They don’t make many players like Q and don’t know if Canton would even consider him but he’s in in my book.

  23. I think that they were probably going to cut him anyway. He had just slowed down too much otherwise the Lions would have kept him. I think that a few years back Bidwell and Graves totally mismanaged the roster that went to the Superbowl against the Steelers. Warner retired and they let Boldin amongst others walk. Boldin and Fitzy were key pieces to that puzzle and together they wouldnt have allowed the Cards to deteriorate to the point where they had to have a regime change.Boldin continued to produce both in Baltimore and San Fran and somewhat with the loins but only because of Staffor.

  24. Hall of fame player. Hall of fame person…… Best of luck Q. Sad day for the NFL. Not many guys are out there that do it all right these days.

  25. 2 selfish memories i have of anquan. his rookie year nobody was good on his team at WR and i was like “one of these guys will have to have a solid year” and I lucked myself into drafting him and he was an absolute beast his rookie year.

    2nd memory: I lost in the playoffs to a team that had kurt warner and I had anquan. It was ruled that warner threw a TD to anquan and I lost by 3 points. 3 Days later i find out it was overturned and it was a lateral to anquan and instead I get put in the playoffs and ultimately win my league.

    whatever dumb stories

  26. Hey, he helped Bills win their latest offseason victory – so he retires a champ – just a shame he had to go to Canada to do it… But on a more serious note, hey totalfooldrool, Brady’s Pats record outside the AFCE is higher than inside it, so tell us which is your team’s div and we’ll compare and all laugh back at ya!

  27. He will be in the HOF, no question. He did it well enough, long enough. He was never a stats guy, yet he still got them. He played in 2 super bowls, he fought for every ball. Anyone saying he doesn’t merit a bust in Canton is some sorta weapons-grade idiot.

  28. He has 2 more yards receiving than Henry Ellard. When Ellard retired he was 3rd all time in receiving yards (and he was a kick returner his first couple of years). Ellard belongs in the HOF.

  29. As a long time Bills fan, it amazes me that we keep being in the news for the wrong reasons….
    Oh well…maybe the Sabres will make the playoffs…but I doubt it…

  30. I wonder if he’ll retire as a Cardinal or Raven? Reached the Super Bowl with both, but only won with Baltimore. He left Arizona disgruntled (Bidwell couldn’t afford Quan and Fitz) via trade and ended up in Baltimore. Baltimore and Q were the perfect match, until they weren’t, and Q was traded to San Francisco.

    I’m thinking Baltimore.

  31. jjfootball says:
    August 21, 2017 at 12:27 am
    He waited all that time to find a team that would sign him, and then he retires?
    Tried to finishcamp and decided he had enough. Happens all the time.

  32. Word in western ny was they were shocked how slow he was lined up outside however they brought him in weeks previously and seemed ok with him. watkins getting traded doomed this deal.

  33. So many times I hear something to the effect of “this town deserves a winner”, “Lord knows, we deserve a winner”, etc. I hear it in Jacksonville all the time. If anybody “deserves” a winner, it’s Buffalo (with a strong nod to the great fans in Detroit and Cleveland). Their fans have supported them through everything from 1960…from Super Bowl losses to inept management and coaching.

    As a Patriot fan, I’d love to see them (and Miami but not the Jets, sorry) rise and make the AFC East competitive again.

  34. A great player who simply got old. He struck fear into defenses in his prime. I would think he is a HOF candidate.

  35. goldrush36 says:
    August 20, 2017 at 11:12 pm
    Hall of fame player. Hall of fame person…… Best of luck Q. Sad day for the NFL. Not many guys are out there that do it all right these days.

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    Not a Hall of Famer. Stop trying to water down the HOF. Bettis and Dungy are bad enouugh, considering how many other truly great players aren’t even in there.

    Boldin has the rep of being a stat-padder and someone who had zero impact in postseasons.

  36. I think it was his time to step a side. He is not even close to the player he once was. Very slow off the snap in practice and his game speed has slowed down as well. Good luck.

  37. Anquan Boldin has a had a great career, but assessing Buffalo’s chances this year, likely didn’t want to play this season with possibly limited opportunity to make the playoffs. The Bills will probably be very good sooner than later, but maybe not this year yet.
    As for the Bills dearth of talent and experience at WR, the Steelers look to be in a position to have a surplus there. Maybe a trade?

  38. “I’m interested to know what the impetus was that made him go from signing with the team to declaring his retirement.”

    Probably seeing two starters get traded off a team claiming they’re trying to make the playoffs. It was pretty unlikely the Bills were going to be a winning team with those guys, but if there was any chance of it, it would have required a huge year from Watkins. Once he left, so did any hope of finishing above .500. If you’re Boldin, do you really want to be a part of a rebuilding team?

  39. Boldin has the rep of being a stat-padder and someone who had zero impact in postseasons.

    Post-season career:
    15 games, 70 receptions, 1000 yards, 8 tds

    2011 alone:
    22 rec, 380 yards, 4 tds… 100 receiving yards and a td in the Super Bowl.

    Shut your yap.

  40. tylawspick6 says:
    August 20, 2017 at 9:30 pm


    no way he is a hall of famer

    nice career, consistent,but art monk took like 15 years to get in

    boldin is not a hall of famer. he also was not a good postseason player

    This is the dumbest comment ever. If Terrell Davis and Bettis is in the Hall of Fame, is a shoe in. He definitely deserves over Davis. If his postseason numbers are in question all you need to do is do some simple research. Btw, his post season numbers are excellent.

  41. Some clown said the following:
    aarons444 says:
    August 21, 2017 at 11:16 am
    Boldin has the rep of being a stat-padder and someone who had zero impact in postseasons.

    — First off what exactly is a stat padder? So is someone considered a stat padder who catches a 5 yard pass, and rather than go down after getting a first down, and breaks a tackle and gets 30 more yards? Dude, Boldin is a beast, who has had a quiet yet stellar career. He played with horrible QB’s early in his career and still performed. Think if he played with McNabb, Brady, Breeze, Rodgers, or even Romo! He would have been a beast. He may not have been that explosive game changer like Moss or even TO, but he was consistent and a hard worker on the field!

  42. I’ve always thought highly of Boldin. Was really hoping he’d end up in Washington last year. He was outstanding in Arizona and Baltimore, and still looked like an excellent receiver in San Francisco. His production was starting to fall off but as a solid veteran in the locker room, he appears to be an excellent #2, #3 guy to keep on a roster. I hope he isn’t retiring. There’s plenty of room for him in the league.

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