Spring League to conduct tryouts in multiple cities this fall

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Mac and Dennis (and Sweet Dee) could be getting another chance to make it in pro football. But they’ll have to leave Philadelphia to get there.

The Spring League will launch a tryout circuit later this year, with auditions in New York (October 1), Cincinnati (October 8), Memphis (October 22), Dallas (November 5), Atlanta (November 19), Tampa (February 18), and L.A. (February 25).

A second season is slated for April, with another six games (not six weeks, six total games) to be played among four teams in April, with the draft approaching.

At a time when the NFL has no developmental league, the Spring League is the closest thing to an apples-to-apples opportunity for players to get game reps. It’s starting small, but that could be the smartest way to go, given the lack of a national appetite for any type of professional football that doesn’t occur under the auspices of Big Shield.

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  1. Just bring back a revised international conference of the most popular World League teams (London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Montreal) plus US teams for San Diego, St Louis, maybe one or two others. 14 regular games, play once every two weeks (to allow for travel) from late Aug to Nov, semis and final in Dec. Winner then faces off against would-be weakest NFL wildcard for their spot. If they ever won it they’d be on the road in the US. And if they started winning maybe replace the “International Series” games with actual interconference games against these international clubs. This would create a sort-of feeder league in the shorter term but with the possibility of expanding meaningful NFL games in the future.

  2. ^oops. My above timings meant to say from July, not Aug, to end in Dec (and it’d mean we’d have proper games to watch thru Aug instead of this preseason rubbish).

  3. I think they would have to address player safety issues for those that play in the spring league and then get picked up by a regular NFL team. Assuming they played, that would leave no time for bodies to heal.

  4. USFL had the right season. I stopped watching baseball in 94 when they went on strike, so I would enjoy some Spring games. An eight game, April- June would be perfect. International, Yes. Make it NFL friendly, so players could get to training camp if they have the ability.

  5. The NFL desperately needs some kind of developmental type league. As more and more talented but raw underclassmen declare for the draft with nearly 30% of those who declared in 2017 going undrafted, these kids have a hard time staying relevant to prospective NFL teams and often don’t have the option to simply pick up where they left off at their respective schools. Between the diamonds in the rough that don’t even get dug up, the lack of a real alternative league and the dearth of quality QB play in the NFL, it makes sense for all those involved to have another farm system where young players can hone their skills in real time game situations. Plus I’m sure a well thought out model with strategically placed teams can be financially successful and help expand the NFL brand into more cities and towns just like minor league baseball.

  6. Players need to be REALLY careful of these types of leagues and their “try-outs” and the fee they charge. This league in the report might be the most legit of them all.

  7. Being a soccer fan also, the simplest thing to do would be to have loaner agreements with the CFL. So for example a North American based MLS soccer player can be loaned to an English club in the MLS off season during which England continues to play. So Landon Donovan got great experience at Everton in the UK during two different LA Galaxy off seasons. Similarly the CFl starts pre-season on in June and plays half its games up to the final NFL cut the day before labor day. An NFL player can be loaned to a CFL team for the first half of the CFL season and be brought back for Labor day or left up there till the CFL teams last game playoff or otherwise is over and come back for the last 4-8 games. CFL teams would receive some sort of compensation as its salaries are no where as high. Perhaps te NFL pays the difference between its salary level and what an average CFL player would get.

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